***The Age of Aquarius*** Bealtaine Cottage Ireland

30 Jun

All is change.

The Age of Ecology.

What was has almost destroyed our world.


Economic growth in a finite world?

Living real.

How many shoes, handbags, cars etc., does one person need?

Economic growth?

MORE pollution, consumerism, ill-health, war, alienation, depression…

To live a better life, with fewer products.

To leave some of the raw materials in the Earth.

To stop taking and grabbing and wanting…

To consider the people yet to live.

Realising our present path is leading our precious Earth to TOTAL Ecological Collapse.

There has never been this amount of consumer goods on our planet.

There has never been this amount of sickness, despair, depression and anxiety.

Conscious living.

Being fully aware of what we do, buy, eat, share, give and…think.

The new age…

The Age of Aquarius.

Bealtaine Cottage is also on YouTube…with over 85 videos about Permaculture, planting, growing and living.

Visitors to Bealtaine Cottage are welcomed free.

Donations are always welcome.

Thank you.

One Response to “***The Age of Aquarius*** Bealtaine Cottage Ireland”

  1. diana June 30, 2011 at 9:02 am #

    Hi there Colette, Was good to actually meet you the other Friday. (wasn’t Jerry’s book good?
    Was just wondering is it OK to send this blog onto a few friends? I thought it was so true and have like minded friends and sons who would like it too. Diana xx

    Still enjoying Gerry Boland’s Poetry…better than anticipated!

    I keep the blog and indeed the smallholding open for all, at all times…so send it on by all means!

    Blessings, Colettex


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