Celtic Mysticism, the Goddess and Permaculture…

Perlagonium continues to flower.

The nights are drawing in.

Autumn harvests the land of leaves and green as Winter waits in the wings…

Bealtaine Cottage PermacultureThe culture of the West and its reliance on centralized government has lost its way regarding Nature, seeing her only as a resource!

Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture, broken mirrorPolitically, governments have aligned themselves and us with the world of big business, economic growth and finite energy sources…and all to create more and more wealth for a very few, including themselves.

This smallholding of 3 acres continues to give up her harvest.

This is the result of beginning to clear the tunnel.

It is incredible to think that gardening and growing food as we know it today has only been operative since World War One and the use of chemicals on the land.

Bealtaine Cottage hensRarely is Nature now regarded as sacred, valuable in itself and in any way seriously considered.

This has happened in less than three generations.

Bealtaine Cottage water barrel

The heart of the Celtic understanding of Nature is to regard the female, the Goddess and the Divine in all living things.

 The king, or ruler is assumed to marry the land in the persona of the sovereign Goddess.

Thus they become partners.

Marriage was regarded in this culture as a joining of equals…

What would Earth look like today if we regarded the environment as our partner instead of our servant?

Permaculture is about working hand in hand with Nature and recognising her sovereignty in all that lives.

For many, this brings a remarkable sense of the Divine and the sacred nature of Gaia.

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