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Voices in the Mist

3 Jan


The day has changed in a matter of hours.

Sunshine and mist blankets cover the mountain opposite Bealtaine Cottage.


Then the mist grew in huge swathes, quickly covering the mountain.

The valley became still and silent…so silent that small noises and voices began to travel in echoes.


I darted in and out of the cottage clutching my camera.

The mist was moving fast. DSC00558

I never really thought about a planting scheme here at Bealtaine, other than an urgency to plant trees, but it now seems that some sub-conscious force was at work, for there appears to be a plan…


This garden has a magnificent backdrop, now framed by the trees I planted.


Especially on a day like today.

The mist has moved quickly.

There is a very cold night ahead according to the weather.

I have chopped wood and filled the basket in the kitchen and one by the back door.


The mountain has now disappeared.


As it disappears, I walk around the side of the cottage and notice the increased colour in the hedgerow.


The colour is rising in the humble Fuschia, grown from cuttings stuck into the ground.


This reminds me to take lots of cuttings and continue this guerilla gardening in other parts of the land and out onto the roadway.

 I should love to see this beautiful shrub growing as it does here in the west of Ireland…wild!


I see the Birch trees are hanging onto their decorations…DSC00594

and behind me, voices are calling in the mist.

With Love

1 Jan 003

The hands of the clock move forward, inexorably towards the first day of the New year. 009

I sit in the quiet, listening to the low singing of the kettle on the range, looking forward to toasting this New Year with a cup of tea.

Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture

Few people admit to being quietly on their own.

Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture

It seems that the flurry of activity around this celebration is something of a competition.

The cities of the world attempting to out do one another in firework displays.

Sales of alcohol being added into the GDP figures…and on and on!

The fact is that there are many more people like myself than any of the media would care to admit…this year especially!

Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture

Many people are suffering financial hardship and simply cannot afford to go out so soon after the Christmas festivities.

Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture

So, in this time of tranquillity here at Bealtaine Cottage, let me take the opportunity to thank all of you wonderful souls who have visited this sacred little piece of Mother Earth, sent letters, posted presents, made donations, took the time to write some truly beautiful comments and stayed on this journey with me through 2014.

Bealtaine Cottage permaculture kitchen

I feel so blessed by you all and in return you have my heartfelt blessings.

May the days ahead be filled with joy and love, peace and compassion, for each and every one of you.

With love and deep gratitude from Colette at Bealtaine Cottage, West Ireland.

A Year at Bealtaine…part 2

1 Jan

Lime tree walk at Bealtaine Cottage

Nine years of planting trees into barren, north-facing land has now awoken a magical earth, with paths that lead forever among dappled shade.

Permaculture Gardens of Bealtaine CottageAnd every now and then open up into a secret garden…

Plant Sanctuary, Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland…or two…

Permaculture Gardens of Bealtaine CottageSome paths get overgrown fast as Nature’s abundance keeps giving.

Permaculture Gardens of Bealtaine CottageThe thousands of plants all jostle for space…

A Cherry seed grows by an Oak tree at Bealtaine Cottageand are now self-seeding, like this little Cherry tree growing next to an Oak!

Willow arch into the Fairy woodland at Bealtaine CottageWillow arches that lead into the Fairy Wood at Midsummer.

Blossom on a Rowan tree planted in the Fairy Wood at Bealtaine CottageThe delicate blossom on the Mountain Ash, also known as the Rowan Tree.

Permaculture Paradise at Bealtaine CottageA place for tea in the garden on long summer days.

Pond at bealtaine cottageThe standing stone by the lower pond in the Bog Garden.

willow archway at Bealtaine Cottage permaculture gardensWillow…

willow arches, dogwood and beechWillow…

crossing the pondAnd more Willow!

bog garden of bealtainePaths…

permaculture gardens of bealtaine cottagePaths…

permaculture gardens of bealtaine cottageAnd more paths!

Manifesting the Divine FeminineThe lane-way in Summer, walking down to collect…

The postbox at Bealtaine Cottagethe post!

Water garden in permaculture at Bealtaine CottageThe plants take over as Summer holds sway…

Roses at bealtaine cottageAnd roses outside on the veranda go completely crazy!

Gosh…there’s lots more to share for 2013, so a “Part 3″ will be needed!

Happy New Year from Bealtaine XXX


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