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The Shining Ones

20 Feb

To understand Celtic Spirituality we must suspend the normal way of looking at the world and ‘sense’ the other worlds around us.”
– Donald McKinney, Celtic Spirituality for the 21st Century


Looking North East towards Slieve Anieirin Mountain…

Slieve Anierin, known as the Iron Mountain, is a magical landscape, where iron age people once mined Iron Ore.


Bealtaine Cottage is surrounded by landscape where traces of ancient peoples are to be found with ease. 

The Tuatha de Danaan were one of these ancient races and were also known as the Shining Ones.


This was the Tribe that became the Sídhe…the Fairy Folk.

This path at Bealtaine leads down into the Fairy Wood.


There is much written about the 

Sídhe, pronounced “shee”, and a lot of the writings are contradictory, much like the 

Sídhe themselves! 


Living amongst the remnants of ancient tribes, as I do, here in the West of Ireland, watching skies with stars so bright, they illuminate the night, it is easy to believe in the

Sídhe…even revere them at times.


There comes a shift in perception, when one’s closest allies are the invisible forces of Nature.

Take for example the pictures I snapped today, especially the one above…where does reality begin and end?

What is actual and what is reflection?

Much of it is coloured by perception. 


This was something debated by the Romantic Poets, as they often explored the world around them, using reflections, as they held up mirrors to gaze into Nature.


There are many tales relating the emergence of Fairies in Irish Folklore.

Many legends recall how once  great Queens, Kings and Warriors became


upon death.


In turn, these mortals went on to  establish new kingdoms in the ancient mounds and hills of the landscape we know today.


It is easy to regard these ancient sites with reverence and understanding, for even though there are millenia of time that separate us from them, they are part of our ancestral being.


The true origin of the legendary Tuatha De Danaan lies somewhere between the worlds of reality and perception of reality.

The name means literally “the folk of the god whose mother is Dana.”  

Bealtaine Cottage 006

It is merely recorded that they appeared from the clouds on top of the mountain of Slieve Anierin, on the day of Bealtaine, the first day of May…Summer.


 If you choose to support Bealtaine Cottage, I thank you indeed…with blessings.


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