100 Day Juice Fast…A Private Journal

I have searched online for an honest, Ad-free, no hype, no-nonsense Juice Fast Story and have been disappointed.

In response, I am creating my own.

Although this is a Juice Fast primarily for health, I’m expecting to shed rather a lot of unwanted weight.

My research has informed me to expect a weight loss of around one pound per day.

I am currently carrying quite an amount of extra weight …so my plan is to reduce by quite a large amount.

I am happy to share my journey, in daily diary form, together with photos.

However, as this is very personal and includes a daily pic of myself, I am not posting it on this website.

My idea is to share this daily report/blog/photos/recipes/advice diary with those people  who would like to receive this via a daily email.

Each diary entry can be printed out and turned into your own, personal book, if you so wish.

I will include all the tips, ideas for positive thinking and a daily task to encourage a forward looking mindset.

In order to link in with only those who are genuinely interested, there will be a charge of 25e for the 100 days email diary entries you will receive, (this works out at 25 cents per day).

In return, I promise a commitment to this challenge and a full and honest daily report, including  honest photos and weight readings, delivered directly to your email box.

I cannot answer personal emails, but will address any issues that arise as the plan progresses.

100 Day Juice Fast at bealtainecottage.com (1)

Those joining later, will be emailed all material from the beginning.

This is exciting and possibly life-changing…so why not join me?




100 Day Juice Fast…A Private Journal


7 thoughts on “100 Day Juice Fast…A Private Journal

  1. Colette, I’ve many pounds lose and also want to have more energy!
    I love fruit and veggies so looking forward to starting my juice fast today (hopefully). Please email me what I’ve missed or let me know how to access it. In gratitude for your inspiration to love the land, our home, Nancy
    (Love your country and have visited many times. We live in western North Carolina, USA)


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