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You had best sit down with a cup of tea, for the truth is quite shocking!

You may not agree with what I have to say.

You may even still be in denial about what is obviously happening and what indeed lies ahead!

Most of those I have spoken with on this life and death scenario have blatantly told me they do not want to know!

In some ways, I don’t blame them…for it is easier to continue life with one’s head in a realm of make-believe and “happy ever afters”, where one has not got to take responsibility for one’s life.

The reality is far too disconcerting to have to look at!

The elephant in the room is, of course, Climate Change.

Politicians, negotiators and big corporations have all been talking the talk about our future.

Let me say that again…Our Future…NOT the future of Mother Earth, for she will go on!

Our children and grandchildren are in danger!

Yet, some of the biggest fights at COP 21, in Paris, are over who pays for climate change…We know who will pay the piper!

Governments are not prepared to jeopardize economic growth to save humanity.

It will be the persistent, unrelenting, driving force of materialism, which will be our downfall.

This may also be recognised as greed.

That has been the death knell for all preceding civilizations and empires.

PosterThis time it affects us all, for this time, everything is connected, as we are to Mother Earth.

Most of humanity appear to have morphed into ostriches…and we all know what they do!


  1. What to do? Live lightly and morally, teach our kids compassion,sign petitions,prepare for the worst. Our U.S. Politicians are all mercenaries and don’t listen to the voters. Every man for himself as our boat goes down. Happy New Year.

    • it is the same all over the western world and yet another sign of decline of empires. Humanity lived through this before. For my part, I live with my consciousness and growing awareness of my relationship with Mother Earth…for she is the constant reality in my life. Reading the Fall of the Roman Empire…only the names have changed! A new age is being birthed…and the labour is hard! Blessings to you and your family X

  2. Colette – I just love you! I smiled when I saw this title and ran upstairs to get my cup of coffee. This subject (truth & lies) is the number one theme I ruminate on daily. especially in regards to my family & friends (and sometimes myself). Example: first thought this morning upon opening my eyes “I know too much”.

    Economic growth is already jeopardized as a function of the laws of physics and ecology. How that plays out in a long descent could be ugly. I can take some comfort in knowing I’m not alone in my ‘knowing’ and for that I have immense gratitude.
    Thank you!

    • Once we know, we can resume life on a more realistic, calm and connected way…at least that was the result of my “awakening”…I feel released from the confusing matrix and much more “earthy”…grounded if you like. It is liberating!

  3. Absolutely agree with so much that is being said here. So easy to feel like you’re the only person trying to live lightly in a sea of frantic consumerism, especially at this time of the year. I take a lot of heart from people like you and an excellent article by David Holmgren called Crash on Demand…/CrashOnDemandSimplicityInstitute13c.pdf

  4. Resilience .. the changes before us will force those of us who have not already chosen to change our life styles, to adapt to a less materially oriented life style. We will be resilient like the Earth.. we will evolve… and that will be a beautiful thing.. revolutions come and go, history repeats the same mistakes.. but to evolve is to never be able to return to ones prior lesser state.. the butterfly can’t return to the cocoon .. it moves onward and upward.. and so will we, either through compassion and love of each other and our Mother Earth, or through tragedy.. We will be resilient. The changes will come from the grass roots up… world leaders will find that the rest of the world has taken a higher road.. and then they will follow us… stumbling to catch up and will probably claim it was their idea all along… lol Colette your blog is a beacon of hope.. and I have faith that humanity will rise to the occasion.

  5. I can’t believe how many people are denying that the climate is in serious trouble! It’s maddening. I try to do what I can but… we need more people to sequester carbon in their soil, support clean energies, recycle etc. I make a little bitty dent.

    • Let all tread their journey…it is a sacred journey of life and blessings upon them. Those who have worked out the problem are best placed to create the solutions, albeit small and multifarious…but we grow in number and strength. Blessings on us all XXX

  6. For a long time I’ve focused on all the things that are “wrong” in this world including pollution, politicians, greed, war etc. Lately I’ve realized that it is all mind control designed to flood my body and mind with anguish and illness. Yes all these things exist and it serves some dark force very well for all of us to focus on all the evil in the world, wringing our hands, feeling anxious, depressed, sad about all the terrible things happening. Living like you do Colette is the best revenge and best solution to the demented consumer lifestyle. Everyone can take steps to drop out of the insanity. There are so very many other people like yourself that are doing their best to live in kindness with the earth and these people are helping to heal not harm. This is a valid as any news about the latest environmental disaster. Notice how everywhere in both mainstream and alternative news 99% of the focus is on the gloom n doom, how “bad” humanity is. Something wants us to deeply believe that humans are bad, that we’re reaching the point of no return environmentally etc, it wants us to feel both helpless and hopeless, some call this force evil or Satanic or alien, whatever it is I’m not feeding it anymore. Better to focus on what I can do to help the planet and others than what is being done in the opposite direction. That is empowering and that is freedom of thought.

    • Thank you so much for articulating your sentiments…they are powerful and motivational. Each one of us is a magnificent force for good and Mother Earth will help us to help her…that is what I have encountered here at Bealtaine Cottage over the past 11 years. I will tend her with love until I am put back into her womb in the earth…under a tree!

    • C Wells, I believe you are on the right track. I have a hard time staying there, especially as I watch Cop 21 and the candidates, with one exception, vying to be our next president of the United States. But as one who has worked for social and environmental justice in one small way after another most of my adult life, I am increasingly convinced that our best hope now is to vision a healthy, vibrant world in which humans live in peace and harmony with each other and with the Earth. So I do my best to vision, to share the vision, and to help create this good world in some small way each day.

      Thank you for feeding the vision with your comments. Thank you, too, to the woman who publishes this web site, which is often a healing and comforting place for me to visit when I feel despair.

      • Keeping a vision of a better world, being mindful of goodness and being kind, most certainly creates a better world in the space one occupies and ripples out to others…in fact it is quite powerful, vis-a-vis the “butterfly effect”…with many on this creative and compassionate path, the world will indeed become a better place!

  7. Here in WNY spring flowers are trying to bloom again and the bluebirds have reappeared and are trying to nest… mid December! All of creation is confused.

  8. I am ever so grateful that I don’t have grandchildren. I knew many years ago that we were heading in a direction that can not be sustained. We have not honored our mother. China has such bad pollution it’s people cannot breathe. I left Los Angeles when the air tasted of metal. There will be no where left o run. Water will be undrinkable and our food is already poisoned. Yet the powers that be cave to the money changers. I pray but have no hope. We as individuals do what we can but are outnumbered by deep pockets.

  9. bmabrennan, It is true that the climate on Earth has consistently changed through time. The difference now is that the temperatures are rising on an exact line with the amount of CO2 we are emitting into the atmosphere. Two days ago, I saw a bank of daffodils in full bloom. I see these Daffodils every year, usually in February. Something very wrong indeed.

    • Be observant. Question all the information. Use the internet to search out answers you ask. Shrink problems to a level you understand…for example, when my mother was born there were about one Billion people on Earth, When she died there were over 7 Billion….so I asked myself how this math would impact on my cottage and land. One of me as opposed to seven of me…and all the implications on resources etc. This may be a crude example, but it gives you an idea of what I mean…

  10. You’re so right, yet the message falls mostly on deaf ears. Politicians only want vote-winning policies, or things that make them or their buddies richer. People (most) seem only to care that petrol is cheap, food is cheap and beer is cheap. Talk to them about having less or paying more and they hate you.

    Not sure if this link will work, but I watched this yesterday – very good interview by Amy Goodman (Democracy Now) with Kevin Anderson of the Tyndall Centre. He says scientists are self-censoring their work, because the truth and what WE ALL need to do are not compatible with the current economic structure.

    Thank you for spreading the message. All we can do is our best. <3

  11. The climate on earth has always changed. In the 70s scientists said that we were entering a new Ice Age. That didn’t happen – we had something called ‘global warming’ instead. Then the earth started cooling down so it became ‘climate change’. See a pattern here? Politicians are all in favour of this because they can tax you some more to ‘cure’ it. How arrogant to think it is all down to our actions.
    Plants require carbon dioxide to conduct photosynthesis. Carbon dioxide (chemical formula CO2) is a colorless and odorless gas vital to life on Earth so why demonise it?

    Interesting that politicians don’t want to stop polluting the water supplies of Ireland, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand with fluoride. That is sometime they could easily control but needless to say there will be no political summit on fluoridation. They would rather distract you with ‘climate change’. Doesn’t matter that clean drinking water is a basic human right.

    Sorry Colette I admire your achievements hugely but can’t toe the line on this one.

    • I am well able to toe my own line on what I believe and hold to be true. I care not for stats…but keep a garden diary, as I have for most of my 60 years, and I can assure you that we are in trouble with the weather and thus the climate. I have never, nor will ever, rely upon political leadership, religion or scientific studies come to that…for I know what I experience. I recall the floods of 2009 and being told over and over by all media, and people I met, that this was a “once in 100 years event”. Bullshit, I said…and bullshit it certainly was! I wish I was wrong…I truly wish that! But… We are at the tipping point.

  12. You are quite right, the earth will abide forever, mankind was asked to tace care of the earth and all the animals. What a mess has been made by mankind in general, theterrible cruelty to all people of our earth, by one government or another, cruelty to the animals we are supposed to look after and the cruelty shown to earth by mans greed.

  13. I agree, but what is the answer? most of us consume stuff. most of us can’t do without mobile phones or computers. I do my bit, I could do more I am sure but I have no idea how we can stop what is happening because the majority of humans just don’t care.

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