Climate Collapse

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

This has been difficult to write.

I expect to lose many subscribers.

Truth-tellers in an age of illusion are not welcome, in any circles!

However, truth be told, I have never sought the high opinion of others, so I am prepared to speak the truth, as I see it!

Some of you, maybe even many of you, will decide to unsubscribe to this blog.

Be that as it may…I must press on!

Climate Change has turned the corner…the one that faces into uncertainty and fear.

Yes, I am fearful for what lies ahead for my children and grandchildren.

DSC02199I am fearful for what I have come to shape my entire being around…Mother Earth.

The violence and uncertainty that lies ahead.

I am not going to put an excess of climate information in this writing.

Step outside and tell me what you experience.

That is all you need to know…FEEL what…

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14 thoughts on “Climate Collapse

  1. “You must be the change you would to see in the world”- Mahatma Ghandi. You Colette are that change, and your example will be followed for thousands, i believe. That change will happen someday, (is a matter of time), when people understand that power money gives is false, is unhappiness. I’m with you, with your way of living, and thoughts…….and gardening too. Maria.🌺🌺🌺🌺

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  2. Dearest Colette,
    You won’t lose anyone unless they aren’t worth having.
    I used to make my living as a bus driver and saw the countryside in all seasons. There was a hill on which I was in a slow moving queue most mornings. There was woodland on one side and I would look into this woodland and enter another world. I always believed in fairies, elves, sprites, whatever name you have for them. One morning I looked into the wood and realised they weren’t there and were losing the battle for survival. We need to provide a habitat for them. Bless you, for that is what you have created.
    We cannot help what others do, but we can nurture own own spaces, even small ones.
    In Iceland, there is still a healthy respect for the elves. Planning permission has often been refused because of disturbing rocks where elves reside.

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    • 12 years ago I was rather sceptical about other worlds and lives unseen…but my journey through the Bealtaine Project has changed me fundamentally as a being on this incredible sacred journey…that all sentient beings and life forces are untied on with the Great Mother Earth…and so we journey in awe and joy! Blessings XXX

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  3. My Dear, you’ll never lose me and yes I am aware and feel it in my bones. An Irish girl in the wilds of the western USA, growing trees and watching the full moon rise. My own family from County Mayo, the O’Tierneys, so far away now from the land of the Irish Oak. I’ve been repairing these sad old window casings and reading about the History of Irish windows and how the Brits taxed them for awhile. Seems we are all ‘taxed’ now. I can check your list off and say yes, so far so good. My mother is on the board of Farm Sanctuary in Upstate NY and no meat is eaten. We had a tough day today with the weather and talked about our own (pc) Design for climate change, it’s getting hotter…but I am after all, a fighter, for my plants, my animals and Mother Earth, so onward…
    You’re not alone in the sensing, we are in this together and damn good company I might mention. We’re on the margins and the edges, but the edges are where the action is. I turned to Willow’s Web today for some solace and find another fighter too.
    Good thing I have a wicked sense of humor – had to stop writing this comment at 11pm and run outside with my partner and wrestle with the sail cloth we use for shade – the wind came up so hard it picked it up off the deck (we had already taken it down) and nearly ripped it from its stanchions smashing the cleats against the windows! Soon the night sky will turn brown with the open dirt the dry wheat farmers all around us insist on leaving after harvest. One day this area will be even less populated as the economic and environmental forces come to bear on all that we have created. In the mean time we’ll watch it unfold. So glad you’ve shared your thoughts and I’m still able to read them!

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  4. Hi Colette .. way over there in Ireland!! I hadn’t blogged for a year!! And today I was out in my garden, feeling all the magical positivity and decided that I would go inside (make yet another mug of Yorkshire Tea!!) fetch my tablet and do a blog. as I am feeling so very very happy. And so as I was waiting for the water to boil, I turned on the computer (to find my forgotten password for “mylifeisreallyinthegarden” blog) and saw your sad note from today. Please do not despair. For all the harm being done .. there are countless individuals like yourself who struggle onwards. All ages. I am sending you some huge comfy hugs from Victoria, BC to try and take your sadness away. Please don’t despair.

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  5. Hi Colette! your text has confirmed me even deeply in my vegan way of life! I shared it on my facebook page and translated a few words for my french speaking family and friends. Would it reach one soul only, it would be great! Thank you for speaking outloud Colette! Reading you makes me feel less alone in that effort to sensibilise people. It is never easy! Never easy!


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