Traditional Music in the Cottage Kitchen

Aug 2011 Permaculture Cottage 008A special visitor to Bealtaine Cottage today, Gian Castello, dropped by and played some haunting airs and a lively Hornpipe in the cottage kitchen…what an absolute delight!

December 2011 permaculture cottage 002 Gian and his partner, Kitia, will be playing music and recitations around the magical gardens as the season of Lughnasadh progresses towards Samhain.

August 2011 permaculture cottage 010Each one will be recorded for the Bealtaine Cottage YouTube channel.

With special thanks to Lynne who helped it happen!

6 thoughts on “Traditional Music in the Cottage Kitchen

  1. Dear Collette Thankyou so much for that beautiful music as I listened to it with tears running down my cheeks it took me back to a happier times when I was a child in Scotland we always ended up having a sing song and it was the Irish songs I grew up with we were encourage to sing together even if you couldn’t sing,my grandmother had the most beautiful voice . It may have something to do with with me being 5th generation Irish Now I am in my mid seventies those memories sustain me God Bless you Annette Feeney

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