Country Cottage Journal ~ A Christmas Eve Message from Bealtaine Cottage

Vintage Bealtaine Cottage and thoughts for the coming days…

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland


The cottage is quiet.

Outside the remains of the storm huff and puff it’s remaining fury.

Inside the thick stone walls it’s Christmas Eve.

There will be a full moon on Christmas night, the first one since 1977.

But, this morning, the rays of the Midwinter sun illuminate the grey morning and all is quiet.

Quiet is a welcome word after a night of howling wind and relentless rain.

DSC07785My blessed thanks to those of you who sent me good wishes and gifts.

I am heartily grateful to receive the appreciation of friends.

DSC07784Friends like Heather, who made me this beautiful brooch, stitched with love.

I have pinned it to the lapel of my jacket…it is a thing of beauty indeed!

It is the little notes, gifts and donations that bring a sense of being appreciated.

I am indeed blessed to live my life in the service of Mother Earth…

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2 thoughts on “Country Cottage Journal ~ A Christmas Eve Message from Bealtaine Cottage

  1. I was thinking of you in Ireland today and hope you and your delicious fur family are all doing great! I don’t want to sound like a stalker Colette but I have missed your presence on the websites and look forward to your posts. I do hope you are well and send my blessing. Heather ❤ ps….. I didn't really know where to write my note so I hope it finds you…..


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