A Cottage and Three Acres…The Book


This is a brief post to give a link to buying the book, “A Cottage and Three Acres“, the first book from Bealtaine Cottage,

The cost of the book is 21.00 euros, plus 5.50 P&P for addresses in Ireland, 6.50 P&P the rest of the world.

Thus books posted to Ireland, total cost 26.50 euros

All other countries worldwide, total cost 27.50 euros

To order and pay, use this button…


  1. I have just finished this book and enjoyed every single page. It is a beautiful story and a great overview manual on how to take some virgin land and create Eden. I wish it had taken me longer so i could have enjoyed it more. Thank you for sharing this story Collette xx

    • Because I published the book myself, I was limited, very limited, financially, so had to keep to a limited number of pages. Eventually I hope to be taken up by a publisher who will give me carte blanche to pound the keyboard with wild abandon! Blessings X Colette

  2. I just ordered your book and can’t wait to receive it. I have just under an acre and am so inspired at what you have accomplished in your garden and want to replicate some of the ideas you have given me. I especially look forward to your videos. You are an excellent elocutionist on behalf of our Mother Earth. Your videos are magical and call forth the unbridled spirit we all have inside to create, nurture, and protect this beautiful planet. Many blessings to you for putting your journey to words.

  3. Hello Colette, received your book last week just before going to Cornwall to visit my sister. Started to read it on the coach going down there and could not put it down. I was reading in bed each night and finished it on Friday .(I’m reading it now for the second time ). Oh my you are such a natural writer. I got totally lost in your beautiful garden, your life and all the wonderful information you gave . Thank you so much, you are one truly amazing lady . Blessings xxxx

  4. Just received your lovely book end of last week. Oh what I would give for a quiet afternoon just to read it in one sitting, but life has other plans so I’ve been reading it in the moments I can .. enjoying it to the fullest.. so much enjoy the history, the culture, the story of Bealtaine and the detail information about the variety of trees planted there.. your story of healing was reciprocal.. it reminds me of those bumper stickers with a paw print that says who recused who… the land has healed you all the while you were healing the land.. the oneness of divinity in full manifestation. John Muir was another soul who understood that Nature was true spirituality. Will be ordering more copies as stock permits.. don’t want to deny any of your first buyers a copy… Blessings Always..

  5. My mom LOVES her birthday gift of your book! We are moving so I will order a copy after we’re packed, unpacked and settled into the new location. Thank you so much for creating the gardens and documenting the journey. Love and continued blessings, Laura

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