Audio of “In Search of the Goddess Rising”.


In Search of the Goddess Rising

This is the second book in the Goddess Permaculture series from Colette O’Neill at Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland. In this book I explore the ancient landscape, mythology, literature and life around Bealtaine Cottage… in search of the Great Goddess. The price of the book includes all postage and packing to wherever you live in the world! Bealtaine Books and Maps are printed in Ireland and posted from Ireland to support the people of Ireland.


A manifestation within the 13 stone circle, a place dedicated to the Divine Feminine and the Great Goddess here at Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland.

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  1. Wonderful capture! I’m kind of sad because my wife and my daughter used to come visit almost daily. Then about a year ago I told them I was going to be alright and they could pass on. I have had no “visits” since then.

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