1. Thank you for your podcast. I listened to this a few months ago when it came out.
    Could you tell us who you read, watch, listen to as sources of inspiration for you positions and actions to mitigate the impact the unraveling capitalist economy is having on your life, the climate, and society?

  2. Wonderful post, Colette. I love the podcast and am so delighted to listen to you speaking of these things. I am looking forward to more!

    As many are becoming aware, the collapse of the West is being orchestrated by certain forces that are running the planet. Among other nefarious operations, these forces – these people – are working to monopolize the food supply, drive the farmers off the land, and starve the people into enslavement in their global control system. It is a traditional move in the playbook of tyrants. So yes, food security is at the top of the list; and self-reliance. And, despite that gloomy forecast, there is still hope, and joy in our connection to the land, in keeping an independent spirit, and in fellowship, as there are a lot of us! People ask “what can I do?” I think that anything we can do, one by one, to build our food security and self-reliance and to share our knowledge with others, is much more powerful than we might think.

    It is interesting that you speak of the loss of knowledge in one generation. I am keenly aware of this in America. Everything I have learned in the nearly thirty years I have been on the land I have had to learn mostly from books or harsh experience – things my grandparents knew! Even among the Amish, who have a long agricultural tradition, many of the young men have shifted to industrial trades and don’t know how to farm anymore. As you so correctly point out, it will be a long road back once the wisdom and skills of generations are lost. So among other things, we can be gathering books, in print, to preserve the wisdom of our forefathers that is our birthright.

    I so appreciate your nurturing and guardianship of your own lands, and all that you share with so many of us. You are a great blessing in this world. Thank you.

  3. Such a thought provoking and sobering podcast Colette. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight and for the lessons contained.
    I too find the turmoil, unpredictability and relative speed in which these changes are taking place shocking.
    Your pertinent question about food production and why we are relying on other countries to provide food I find particularly interesting. And hugely worrying.
    Thank you. I look forward to your next instalment and in the meantime strive for independence. Kate x

      • I don’t think they overlook it I think they intentionally side step it because they know that the powers that be are intentionally creating all of this in order to control us. If Bill Gates and his fellows have their way they would depopulate the work by half or more with only the very wealthy and their slaves essentially. So they are slowly buying up all the farmland(Bill Gates) and another Eco Farming billionaire group here in the USA. And creating shortages for instance causing four times the number of graineries to catch fire this year. And I fully believe the pandemic was created toward more control over people. We know it was planned, Fauci himself said Trump has a surprise pandemic coming. Um,how else would you know lest you had planned it????
        The powers that be are only wealthy people. That’s all they are. They own stuff. A lot of stuff. But that’s all they are. They have no God given right over others. They simply create what they want for themselves. The Rockefellers brought an iceberg to their home are compound from the antarctic to have pure water for themselves. Towed it all the way. Water that was created before any industrial revolution, before any mass pollution in the world. Yet there are millions of people on many continents who have no clean well water to drink. The Rockefellers themselves could eliminate that problem but how would that serve them ?
        Sorry for the long rant guess I’m just really not happy about it all.

  4. Thank you for your thought provoking podcast. I was born in India at the same time as the end of that empire and see many examples of your premise. But I think the distance from the 5th Century makes the breakdown of the Roman civilisation much easier to see. I look forward to more insights from you!

  5. I’ve been watching your YT channel for a long time and I was glad when I discovered your posts on WordPress and followed them.

    You have created something wonderful in your home and garden and you are an inspiration for me in more than one way.

    I am glad you are talking about what’s happening in our world, too. I am not religious but it feels like we are in some sort of end times, some kind of big ending of something.
    Maybe not the end of the world altogether but the end of our world as we know it, some kind of a big shift for humanity.

    It’ll be interesting to hear your thoughts about it in future podcasts.

  6. Greetings from Ardara, Donegal
    Agreed, food supply should be first in everyone’s agenda.
    Governments should work first and foremost to help people be good independent.
    The over reaching governments who outsource or food supply are antithetical to culture.

    Would enjoy getting my hands dirty and my mind cleaned in your garden one day!
    Stay blessed

    • I would dearly love to open my woodland sanctuary to visitors, but the insurance is a burden and unaffordable…then there is the constant anxiety that accompanies this, ie: what happens if? I had a bad experience with a visitor a few years back that cost me 1,100 euros, from my meagre savings!

      • Colette, not good that you had a bad experience with a visitor …and that’s understandably not one to be put aside lightly. That said if at any point you might have a change of heart then it seems to me that there are enough Dane and supportive people following your vital work that would help crowd fund towards any insurance premiums.
        But I’m the now … totally respect your sense of obvious guardianship for the work embedded in Beltaine Cottage and it’s environ. I look forward, as always, to your words.

  7. Dear Colette
    Thanks very much for your podcast,very enlightening, looking forward to the next one.
    Greetings from Jenny in Australia 🌴🌴🌳🍀

  8. Thank you for a wonderful podcast Collette, your voice always has a calming affect on me and even more so today. I have been very aware of the events happening around the world but felt isolated in my thoughts, and I had found fear creeping into my life. Hearing you today reaffirmed my beliefs and has helped set me on the right path once again. Thank you.

  9. Totally agree with all you are saying. I have been calling this a ‘transition time’. Like you comparing it to the collapse of some of the great empires. Working on food security for myself and my family. Lots of planting, seed saving, studing different ways of preserving food. I do a lot of canning and freezing things, but these rely heavily on electricity. I do worry about the children. Times are changing. Time for us to be resilient. Thank you, Colette, for you insights.

  10. Thank you so much for this wonderful observation and information that you have shared with us Colette.
    I have been following you for a few years now and feel such an affinity and a reassurance knowing that you are holding strong in your little corner of the world.
    I sit in my very wee garden( I’m in rented accommodation in Canada) listening to you and feeling the connection through Mother Earth. Sending you many blessings

  11. Thank you Colette for gently stating where we are headed. So much uncommonsense from our countries and leaders of the world one can only believe it is all by design.

  12. Colette, this was brilliant! Wonderful to listen to. You explained it all very well. I’m 64 and I do feel fear myself at times, but listening to your words gave me a calmness and the reminder that I will be ok. I know how to forage sustainably and have a small vegetable garden where I can grow enough to feed my husband and I.

    I’m in Australia and our country should be self sufficient. But lots of our produce is sent overseas. I really look forward to your future ponderings on this. You are so inspiring! Thank you

  13. I find your words hitting home so many time when I have listened to you. Today is no exception you are so correct on everything you have spoken, I also know so many of the people who follow you as a friend know just what message you are sending and the support & agree the time is here to take charge our our own environment, And not be brainwashed by the trivial tripe that is swamping the media

  14. I was waiting for for you yo say blessings to you all on the podcast😂 Then I saw you had written it!
    I enjoyed listening to podcqst… I think population explosion plays its part here… more mouths to feed.

  15. Many blessings to you. Your pictures that you share give me so much peace. Thank you.

  16. Thank you once again, Colette for your Wise Words! I too, have felt similar for a very longtime. I am really focusing on my food sources and preservation. Blessings to you!!

  17. I follow two astrologers, one Aus (Tasmania) & one American (Austin), who say so much the same! Gordon (the Aussie) does permaculture as well. He compares now to the end of British empire. I too have been a critic of globalization for 25 yrs & knew instinctively it only benefitted those at top. Bless you! Decentralization & self-sufficiency are the future – to protect the Earth and us! Bless you!

  18. Hi, Colette. There’s something about growing up economically challenged that gives one a sort of fearlessness about potential troubles. The hardest part for me is imparting difficult information to my young adult children, whom I tell to be aware, but not afraid. I’ve been gardening for a few years, although this year has been a rough one, weather- and health-wise. I do stock our pantry with extra non-perishables for simple, healthy meals and give away a lot, as I am seeing more people in need. Thank you for your pertinent thoughts. I like the podcast format with the lovely photos.

  19. Thank you. I have the same thoughts and agree that food security is very important. I have been working on food security in my garden and my community. We are in late stage capitalism and are in the great decline. It is time to reinvent how we want our societies to continue. From the ground up.

  20. I wholeheartedly agree, Colette, that there is a collapsing of what is now called the previous society as we know it. I see it here in the US. Some aspects are disheartening (Roe-V-Wade) as man is seemingly trying, once again, to control woman. As far as food—isn’t it funny how only some countries supply the world with grain? The planet can produce food easily in most places. My Uncle in England is growing mangos! I live in a hot place and I can grow artichokes! Food growing is possible everywhere. We must be self reliant. Bright blessings ♥️

  21. Clarity – that’s what I hear and feel from you Colette. Everything circles/cycles round and round until we see it, release it, and free ourselves. Yes freedom comes from each individual. One by one people are finding clarity in their own way and with the guidance of the Goddess/Spirit.

  22. Thank you so much for this Colette. It came during a personal waterfall, and lifted me from my gloom. You are amazing, and l appreciate you hugely. I have a wee gift for you which l think you will love as much as l do. You are a wise Soul, and l find great comfort in all you do. Blessings, and much love, Sandie xxx

  23. Today’s podcast is excellent. You have hit the nail on the head. I have been echoing your thoughts for years. Somehow I have not been able to teach these things to my children, though God knows I have tried. Thank you for reinforcing these truths.

  24. Brilliant podcast Collette… so true. Unfortunately so much of our history has been kept from us and even what we’ve been told has been manipulated according to what “they” want us to believe. Just like MSM. But yes we are at an end time but also we are in the midst of our ascension and at the doorway of an enlightened and miraculous “time”… the darkness being brought to the light and being released. All corrupt institutions are collapsing to make way for a “service to others” society instead of “service to self”. At this time, though mortgage rates have been low, the cost of housing has been off the charts (I’m in canada), and so many young people can’t afford to buy because of that. It all needs to go. History repeats itself if we don’t learn from it, personally and globally. As you said .. it all needs to be picked apart .. then woven back together in an amazingly beautiful tapestry.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  25. Good morning Colette. I just finished listening to your podcast about collapsing of Roman Empire and its relevance to our time. I taught Social Studies/Ancient Western Civilization for many years, to both understand how we arrived at where we are and to prevent similar mistakes by other civilizations.
    You are spot on about the importance of self sufficiency and reliance on oneself as an individual and as Nations, in order for a civilization to survive and prosper(especially when it comes to food ).
    Rome was not the only Empire that fell apart, Egypt and Mesopotamia also were destroyed from within for many similar reasons. Our world is not heeding the warnings of the past. I have faith in humankind, because the alternative is too frightening.
    So enjoyed your thoughts as I had my cuppa coffee. It is, indeed, a time of turmoil in the world….thank goodness for Nature, our gardens and our woodlands. It is where I go to escape and reflect on the craziness of the world I live in.

    • Yes indeed Patricia! These are not times in which to be frightened, but instead, we need to power up with knowledge, awareness and nurture our critical analysis!

  26. Very much enjoyed these thoughts and 1st Podcast., I have always said and believe that “Knowledge is Empowerment”… looking forward to your next one. Take care and keep safe, have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  27. So interesting to hear you speak on this subject. I look forward to hearing more!
    Love your podcasts. Blessings to you x

  28. Pure common sense !!! I am looking forward to
    the continuation of these thoughts, insights and inspiration . Thank you 🙏🏼 sending blessings of gratitude ✨🙏🏼❣️

  29. I am very happy to hear you talk about this Collette. I agree whole heartedly about the situation we find ourselves in. I am not afraid but it am preparing and learning lots of skills.

  30. Dear Colette……thank you foe your podcast….it was very intersting to listen……………….Blessings and Greetings from Daggy,Kiel,Germany

  31. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this, Collette. A year ago I gave up Facebook, and last week I gave up Instagram. Having no social media at all, I find, has given me a great peace and clarity of mind. Your thoughts today are really in line with what I have been coming to realize as I’ve unplugged from the constant noise of other people’s soundbites, thoughts and reactions. For the first time in many years I feel truly present and alive in my own body, in my own space. I check the news once a day, then go about the business of living. People have survived societal collapses many times in the past. We will too. All we can do on an individual level is live a good life while we’re here. There’s a great peace that comes from realizing this, and taking responsibility for how one lives one’s own life.

      • Hello Colette, thank you for your email ,great photos I agree, it’s all changing and not for the good, I think we can only hope for the best outcome. When high street banks are closing, all over the country a certain age group is being left behind because of technology. Hugs and Blessings to you Colette. 🌹💚

          • Hallo Colette O’Neill
            Thanky for your email and podcast
            Your photos are woderful. I enjoy to see your woodland.
            I agree. The future is very unsure.
            Are we going to have one big EU union that provide european with crops or are europeans going to provide food to their own country? Is it possible or is it not. I think on climate change. The water dries out this summer. Iin Holland, Italy have water shortage and they had huge heat wave this summer. I also think Spain and Portugal don’t have a lot of drinking water aswell.
            And another thing: It only took 77 years to polute the earth. The air, the water with pestice and PFAS and the oceans with trash.
            In Denmark, the bad sitiation about PFAS in our drinking water all over Denmark. It have been hidden for along time until now. PFAS is not biologically degradable.
            What kind of future do we make to our children?

            • All this leads me to conclude that there is a deep hatred of the Mother…to bomb her, pollute her, extract from her, spray her with poisons…all this and more I have written about on this website for over 12 years.

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