Leitrim Animal Welfare Fundraiser


This was the money raised through an “Open Day” at Bealtaine Cottage…and here’s Christine Coulson accepting the cheque!

Christine Coulson at


has enabled thousands of unwanted and neglected animals to find happiness and love…now THAT’S GOT to be worth caring about and doing a small act of kindness for…and the fabulous karma that resonates from such small kindnesses is incalculable.

14364868_10154563596663267_5044534613124375877_n-1You can have your own name added to this page when you donate, or, if you like, the name of someone close to you, or even a pet.
There’s a space once you click the donate button where you can leave a message too.
Email me with any special wishes or queries.

Click on button below to make your donation.


Now at 1022.00…on this wonderful Samhain Eve…I shall be contacting Christine this week to arrange a date to hand over this wonderful amount, all raised from Bealtaine Cottage supporters both here on the website and the FaceBook page!

Cathy Lawlor, Ireland…20.00

Sharon Hiltz, Fairmont, WV., USA…60.00

Mark Mcvittie, Rostrevor, Newry, Northern Ireland…50.00

Snapdragon Plants, Lampeter, Wales…30.00

Jane Potter, Manchester, UK…15.00

Cormac Breslin, Dublin, Ireland…50.00

Patti, Rossinver, Ireland and USA…25.00

Frances Brotzel, Stoke Newington, London…50.00

(To all past and present animal friends.)

Judith Gamble, Ireland…50.00

(Donation on behalf of our dog, Roxie, who was dumped on our Lane 7 years ago and has been with us ever since!)

Debbie Ledgard, Yorkshire, UK…50.00

Barbara Wingrove, UK…10.00

Anonymous, Ireland…50.00

Catherine McGuckin, Oughterad, Co Galway, Ireland…10.00

Beverley Little, Cornwall, UK…10.00

Linda Jarreau, Denham Springs, LA, USA…25.00

In memory of Karen, my mother who loved dogs so much!
Contributor: Marianne Burkhar…21.00

Margaret Quinn, Meath, Ireland…20.00

Lorna Lees, Moray, Scotland, UK…15.00

Anna Ballard, Bristol, UK…10.00

Willow Antiques, Leigh on Sea, Essex, UK…25.00

Karen Hillier, Herts., UK…20.00

Pamela Waterworth, Wigan, Lancs., UK…10.00

Fiona Fitzpatrick, Buncrana, Donegal, Ireland…20.00

Tina, West Wales…20.00

Jenny in Scotland…20.00

Sharon Hiltz, Fairmont, United States…30.00

Hanson design group dba HotPatterns, USA…20.00

Majella Callaghan, Lurgan, N. Ireland, UK…50.00

Denise Machon, Lampeter, Ceredigion, Wales, UK…30.00

Miss Susan K Wilson, UK…50.00

Cormac O’Neill, London, UK…50.00

Colette O’Neill, Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland…100.00

3 thoughts on “Leitrim Animal Welfare Fundraiser

  1. Let’s make that donation total 1,050. Euros! I’ve just donated 28. Been meaning to do this for a while and I just heard you say it’s going to be Monday. So it’s done. Maybe others (procrastinators) like my self will get moving and raise it even more! Blessings abound.


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