List of Patrons

   I would like to sincerely thank the following people for supporting Bealtaine Cottage through Patreon, by becoming Patrons…and blessings to all those who have made direct donations through PayPal…Names are added to the top of the list.

 Bealtaine Cottage relies entirely on sale of books/maps from the website and donations.

There is NO Gov/EU or Welfare funding whatsoever!


Marilyn Kuczynski

Deborah Leipply

Marina Gellert

Diane Holcombe

Alison Wink

Heidi Vandiver

Milagros Tejeiro

Evelyn from the Netherlands

Christine Spencer

Dolores Goslin

Rosalie Mastropietro


Deena Watts

Sheila McGlothlin

Indiana Andrea

Scott Rundell

Michael Gill

Susan Merritt


Mandy Thompson

Therese Brown

Tricia Brown

Sandy Keefe

Sherry Shikles

Mandy Thompson

Lina Versace

Jerry and Barbara Kirkman

Susan Merritt

Judy Akers

Claudia Götz

Renee Zakia

Majbritt Dehli

Martha K Foster

Kristi Nicol

Martha Foster

Mandy Thompson

Marsha Teeling

Elizabeth Mednick

Dwayne Custer

Vanessa Phelps

Claudia Götz

Valerie Budacz

Heather and Con Ward

Andrea DeSimone

Desiree Kuri

Gail Irvine

Valerie Budacz

William Arssinous

Dom Beresford

Elizabeth Richens

Amanda Vyse

Linda Jarreau

Ramona Tubridy

Denise Machon

Kristi Nicol

Dylan Ratner

MALayhee 700

Diane Newman

Jennie Rae

Cathy Custren

Elizabeth Bewick

Andrea Zinkl

Harvest Home Hermitage


Jonathan O’Farrell

Danae Rice

Jennifer Rose Kleppe

Squire Fergus

The Rayhawk Clan

Elizabth Brady Maresco

Matthew Saretto

Robin Kirby

Sherry Clarkson

Carol Crumley

Mary Lee

Sonya Gerdzher

Carol Frierson

Simon Delaigue

Chloe Lewis

Edie Folta

Alexander Grimsmo

Lynne, from Lynnes Garden

Brenda Murphy

Robyn Sandri

Amanda Vyse

Gillian Pillai

Morgan Meredith

Markhns Johns

Charlotte M Leslie

Dwayne Custer

Vicky Wallington


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