Seeds for Sale


Are you inspired to sow, grow and plant some of the wonderful flowers and vegetables you’ve seen growing here at Bealtaine Cottage?

Then have a look at the list below…


All the seeds are saved right here in the Permaculture Gardens of Bealtaine Cottage.


As you already know, there has never been any chemicals used here in the sacred gardens and all seeds are at least third generation, with some tenth generation Permaculture seeds.

Supply is limited, so plan and buy early.

DSC00242All seeds are 2 Euro per pack…this includes FREE postage and packing to anywhere in the world!

Email me with your choice of seeds, using the DONATE button to pay.


Simply choose the seeds you want, email me your list, add up the amount and pay through the Donate button, which you will find located at the bottom of this page…
I will reply ASAP
All seeds are beautifully packaged AND posted in a personalised GIFT CARD…like this…

This makes a wonderful gift for those you love…simply email the address you would like me to post it to and a message of your choice…


Simply order below at the bottom of this page!



download-14    download-15  lupin

The seeds of the Russell Lupin, (limited amount available!) Mixed colours only… now available from Bealtaine Cottage…took quite a long time to dry these!


Chamomile…very easy to grow and harvest…beautifully scented!

One of the easiest Herbs to grow…withstanding even the rough and tumble play by children, so ideal for gardens and lawns! Makes wonderfully calming tea too!


 Bronze Fennel

Green fennel at Bealtaine Cottage DSC09873Bronze Fennel    Seen here on the right…grows tall and strong. Seeds are edible, leaves are great in salads and flowers are sweetly scented!   The leaves are brilliant for juicing! Bee-Loved


Catnip…very potent!

Nepeta cataria, commonly known as catnip, catswort, or catmint, is a species of the genus Nepeta in the family Lamiaceae.


You can’t get a better judge than a cat…this is potent as Sammy-Bear can testify to!


Yes…it gets the “Paws Up!” from himself!

dsc01784Easy to grow…looks like Nettle but no sting obviously and has Bee-Loved white flowers. dsc01785Easy to dry and store.


Garden permaculture at 101

Ox-Eye Daisy

Ox-Eye Daisy…scatter into poor ground or gravel and watch them grow…stunning! Bee-Loved!


Pink Poppy

28 June 2014 004  DSC09642Pink Poppy…Bee-loved…the seedheads can be dried for winter arrangements and the seeds can be used in baking…wow!



July 2011 permaculture cottage 001

10 July 2014 010 Feverfew… a beautiful herb, much treasured in the Herb Garden. Bee-Loved!



permaculture at 011

Aquilegia…an early flower for the Bees…essential to feed the Bees as soon as they emerge from hibernation.


Jacob’s Ladder

28 June 2014 005

Jacob’s Ladder

The tall and beautiful Jacob’s Ladder…a great flower for the bees and as a cut flower for the cottage!


Evening Primrose



The beautiful and magical Evening Primrose…at last, I have managed to save this seed. Bee-Loved and wonderful for all the pollinators!



Rowan Tree


Seeds saved from this ancient and magical tree here at Bealtaine Cottage…the Rowan tree fell over in a mighty storm back in 2004 and has regrown and regenerated into multi stems.

rowanA rare tree indeed! Here it is in blossom…

rowan-2and fruit.


Russian Kale


Grows strong and very abundant and will grow throughout the winter!


All seeds are 2 Euro per pack…this includes FREE postage and packing to anywhere in the world!

Simply choose the seeds you want, email me your list, add up the amount and pay through the Donate button.
I will reply ASAP.
Once again, my email is as follows…
There is also a space when you use the donate button to write your order too…

Click on button below to make your purchase.

Watch how I save seed at Bealtaine Cottage…

This is a very useful video on seed sowing…good for all the seeds on this page…

Important Notice To U.S. Subscribers

Over recent months it has become apparent, that U.S. Customs are confiscating envelopes and small packages of seeds, posted from Bealtaine Cottage to subscribers in the United States.

As I endeavour to replace all that fail to arrive, the cost has now spiralled beyond reasonable losses to me.

In total I have lost almost 200 Euros in replacements…and some of these have not arrived at destination!

I’m happy to post, but take no responsibility for delivery, as US Customs may intercept. Replacement seeds will not be posted.

All other goods from Bealtaine Cottage appear to get through…though many are delayed by 3 weeks or more. 

58 thoughts on “Seeds for Sale

  1. do you still have seeds? or maybe from next seed harvest? would like chamomile, feverfew, rowan tree and bronze fennel to start. your gardens are lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your gardens are absolutely stunning!! I live in a zone 8-9…California. I would love to order some seeds…I have three cats too….:) They would love the catnip!! I will go through and look up what is good for my zone! ❤


  3. Hi Colette, hope you are enjoying Midwinter. I have re-visited your site and wondered if you still have the following seeds for sale, please.?
    Red Valerian, nasturtium, honesty, ox eye daisy, Jacob’s ladder and feverfew.
    As soon as I hear from you I will make an immediate payment.
    I am following your site regularly again, with hope that I can follow your example and lead a more simple, fulfilling life.
    Like many others, I feel as though I’ve been dragged through the Christmas “celebration” and feel totally depleted – physically, mentally and financially.
    With best wishes
    Kayte x


  4. Hello from the US, Colette…
    Could you explain or give me a definition of what you mean by “shreddings”?… My daughter is going to Ireland in August… she is so excited… and I am jealous… wish I could come and get some seeds..
    Myra Dotson


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  6. Hi Colette, I received my seeds and willow today. Thanks so much. I love how you bundled the willow. It makes me smile. I wanted to ask if you knew what type of ash seeds they are. I am reading about stratification and it is different for each variety. Or can you give me instructions on how to be successful with the seeds? Thanks once again. Hope you are having a lovely day! xxxx

    Liked by 2 people

    • This is Irish Ash grown here at Bealtaine Cottage. They germinate with ease in this climate and do so in all types of soil except too acidic. The seeds are again, easily grown and can germinate in gravel with ease. I advise following the general germination methods used in your particular climate, not sowing all together, but in as many different aspects as there are available in your garden. Record what does well and where…for this is a great way of getting to build wisdom and understanding of the seed.
      Blessings X

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  9. Hi Colette,
    It’s lovely to be in touch again. I mentioned a while back we were moving over to Ireland but things have been delayed and so, many months later we are now on the home straight. 🙂
    The cottage is near Elphin, in Roscommon, which is a fair distance from you and beautiful Bealtaine, but I would love to visit sometime in the future once we’ve settled – it would be such a beautiful experience if you wouldn’t mind the intrusion. 🙂
    Just for now we would love to order some seeds Colette…to get our adventure off to a flying start!
    Could you let me know roughy how much the following seeds would be and if all are still available at all?
    We are wanting: coriander, chilli, lettuce, cabbage, basil, rocket, parsley, calendula, Valerian, peas, wheatgrass, tomato, astrantia, leeks, crocosomia, poppy, Aquilegia, Jacobs Ladder, chives, spinach, broccoli, Ash tree.
    Hmmm…thinking it would have been easier to say which ones we didn’t want! Haha…! 🙂
    Thanks for your time Colette and for all that you do to preserve the beauty of our Mother are such an inspiration!
    Deb x

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Debs…great to hear you have made the move and hope all is well with you.
      The seeds are all listed on the site as you have seen and updated regularly. There’s no Spinach or Broccoli left unfortunately! All are 2 Euros a pack including P&P. You can state the names of what you want on the Paypal button, as there’s space for that. Just double check the list before you pay as it is updated daily.
      Blessings X and hope to see you sometime soon!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Colette,
        We haven’t quite made it over, maybe 3 weeks, just waiting for confirmation of a completion date but all else now in hand.
        The process has been somewhat agonising haha…very long and drawn out. Just had to hold on and ride the rollercoaster until we got through it. 🙂
        Is it possible you could put the seeds to one side for us until we arrive Colette as we may as well wait until we move which will also keep postage costs down too, rather than sending them to the UK. We can maybe pay upfront and then message you when we’ve arrived? Let me know what you thinks best anyways. 🙂
        Take care now…
        Debs x

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Colette,
        The cottage has finally completed! What a long haul it turned out to be, but no complaints as we are finally at the beginning of our beautiful adventure.
        If you could send over the seeds when you have time, that would be fab. 🙂
        Shall I email you separately with our address Colette?
        Debbie x


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  14. Happy Birthday Colette!! It is today, Oct 1st isn’t it? I’ve been thinking of you and hope that it is as beautiful a day for you in Ireland is it is for us here in East Sussex.

    Would love to have some seeds: Valerian, Ox-Eye Daisy, Pink Poppy and the two cabbages..

    I’m sending you the dosh now. Sarah B xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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  18. Wow ,that was quick!!

    Please may I have Red Crocosmia,purple sprouting broccoli,Swiss chard and Valerian ,ready for our new garden ,we move Friday next



  19. Hi Colette,
    We are moving over to Ireland later this year and will definitely be interested in buying some seeds from you for our permaculture adventure. I heard that you were possibly considering selling Bealtaine..??? I was so sad when I heard. Have you now decided to remain at your beautiful Eden Colette? Love and light. Deb x


    • Hi Deb! What great news on your move to Ireland! As for Bealtaine Cottage, well, I’ve no intention of selling or moving…that was something I considered for a time, but the land won’t let me go! 🙂
      Blessings XXX
      PS: This is the longest time I’ve ever lived in any place!

      Liked by 1 person

  20. Hi Colette, I have sent you a donation for some seeds. Please send me Chives, Red Crocosmia, Jacob’s Ladder, Spinach and Ash Tree. thanks. xxx


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