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The Pursuit of Happiness

Geraniums on the windowsill at Bealtaine Cottage

There’s a high wind in the skies above the cottage. Stanley stove at Bealtaine Cottage

Wind-chimes are clashing in discordant harmony all over the gardens.

The fire in the stove roars up the chimney, heating up the oven that beckons a cake or a loaf of bread to bake…
Celtic design on the backdoor of Bealtaine Cottage

The sun shines in a baby-blue sky and the cats are spread out on the warm earth.

The back door to the cottage lies open to admit the warmth of the April sun…

Potager bed at Bealtaine CottageI went into town this morning to post off seeds and herbs across the world…little bits of Bealtaine Cottage will soon be air-bound, in planes that will disperse them to many different countries, most of which I have never visited and probably never will.

Nursery bed at Bealtaine CottageThe urge to sow and plant, create gardens and smallholdings and grow, has never been stronger in people all over the world.

Contemplation Courtyard at Bealtaine CottageThere is a magic in the air that is leading us back to the Earth.

The Fairy Wood at Bealtaine CottageThose who encounter this are smitten with the desire to create a garden of abundance, colour, food…a garden of Eden.

Irusan the cat at Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture catsIn a world of apparent mayhem and uncertainty, one truth holds true…we have the ability to create a happier place called home.

lettuce in a hanging basket at  Bealtaine Cottage This is the message I am getting from all who write to me, converse on social media and visit Bealtaine Cottage in person.

Bealtaine Cottage Willow CatkinsThere is no need to pursue happiness, for we have the ability to create happiness all around us…today.