1. Try again – Just wondering where the parts 4 and 5 of ‘End … ‘ were posted?

    Also, resilient interdependent community – have you a good example that’s works for you in your county?

  2. I enjoyed hearing your podcast… many many important ideas within it. Definately food for thought! Thankyou for sharing it! I used to discuss lots of things with my son as he was growing, encouraging him to open up to life and be aware and stay connected with what’s happening. ‘People come first… and People are precious’, I always said to him. But the way society is now set up, it disregards that. Property, money, business ( politics/military national interest) have all pushed forward with a lot of power and might and are now standing in the first place. This is supported and reinforced strongly by internet, media, advertising. Its too much. Peoples lives are fragile. I personally always try to release this pressure by spending time in nature, keeping learning etc, doing things I love. But I find that all the negative things are continually lined up and are encroaching on me and my life daily anyway. Its extremely difficult. Im a good person, but that doesnt protect me. Im living in hugely difficult circumstances, poor health, awful environment, low income because my health doesnt allow me to work. But my mind heart soul is always on fire with love, creativity, awareness, knowledge, information, ideas, ambition etc… And yes I access food bank. I have so much to give, and I have talents galore, I care deeply about people and what is happening for people around the world, but still I cant get up off my knees. And I live in western society. Societies are so incredibly big now, they’ve become impersonal, and de-sensitized to peoples struggles .. and its contributing to crime and lack of connections and a coldness and indifference. Many people do what they can get away with. But I do still think the majority of people are good. My heart and concern goes out to families and children and young people at this time. It Would be wonderful if we could all regain a sense of community and help each other and start putting peoples welfare and children and families firmly back into the first place again, where they belong. And We need to get the joy back! And help get it back for everyone too. Life is beautiful . I hope we can find more ways to live it to the fullest in more healthy happy sustainable ways. We all deserve that and need that.

    • Good comment. I think that we who don’t have wealth (also called money), have the most natural and beautiful wealth that can’t be bought for money.

  3. Another great podcast. Your memories and providing good, nutrious meals for your family brought back memories of me, as a single parent in the 80’s. I also kept hens to provide year round eggs. Grew a few vegetables myself but was provided most by my Dad from his allotment. I also would buy sacks of potatoes from a local farmer and milk came from the dairy farm next door in glass bottles

  4. Hello Colette, I can relate to your comments I imagine worldwide there have been many who can also agree with you. Thank you for sharing. Hugs& Blessings💚🌹

  5. Great podcast! I agree wholeheartedly with all you say. The fight for social justice is real and ongoing.
    Thought provoking and encouraging words for everyone in this podcast.
    Thank you.

  6. I was listening to this podcast while sorting through my food cupboard rotating dates and taking stock of what I have and what I should be using first. Thinking of recipes off the top of my head as you were saying we should all be able to have 4 easy recipes it made me smile.

    You said when you first came to Bealtaine Cottage people thought you were crazy. No I think you were very wise. Over the past 3 years I find myself retreating from society I spend a lot of my time in the confines of my home and garden. I can’t cope with crowded places and hustle and bustle I don’t like the greed and selfishness out there.
    I find pleasure in nature in the home I have created in the plants I grow the food I prepare. I love the animals that know safety in my garden, the fox the squirrel and the jackdaw all come daily. I am very thankful that you chose to share your life with us you are a very special person with the kindest heart.
    Blessings my friend.

  7. Wonderful ideas Colette! History is the teacher. I started a food forest 10 years ago: it was a “new” idea. As I listen to you I’m sitting on my porch marvelling at the size of a rhubarb. There are bumblebees out today on the dandelions which have opened today in one of our rare sunny days. I keep the dandelions for teas and salads. Perennial arugula has emerged, lemon balm and mints are following, chives and “walking” onions. There ARE small things that each of us can do and if we’re all doing small things, we’ll, that’s a big thing. Thank you for your stories/oral histories. And I love the plant based substitutions lists. 💕🌷🐇

  8. 🍷Salute! Delicious food for thought! My brain and spirit feel very happy and full. I have been very hungry for a podcast like this. Thank you!

  9. Very thoughtful podcast Colette, I was born in the fifties as well and we were poor however there was always food on the table and a warm home, my mother knitted most of our clothes and all home cooking, I’ve followed the same pattern, home cooked meals, knitting sewing baking reusing and living within my means, how things have changed, basic amenities have gone through the roof if this was happening in my day we’d be out on the streets, look what happened to Thatchers poll tax, doesn’t matter who’s in government nothing changes, we have to be resilient, creative and community spirited, that’s how things change for the better, from the bottom, this continued need for growth above everything is damaging to mother earth and society

  10. Thank you Colette for the lovely recipes! And also for all your lovely blogs.you are a inspiration to us all!and your beautiful cottage and the woodland you did are amazing.🥰

  11. Dear Colette, Thanks so much for all the great ideas. I just started eating plant based and I feel so much better. Looking forward to making the hummus and the chickpea muffins. All the best. Suzanne

  12. Thank you so much dear Colette for the wonderful recipes…. I make my buttermilk same as you
    And you podcast is very interesting
    Blessings and greetings from Daggy,Kiel Germany

  13. What a wonderful blog. Colette you are a very wise woman. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. It has lifted my spirits today. And I shall share it. Many blessings to you.

  14. Everything looks so delicious! Recently, we harvested our Pigeon Peas in Florida and made the most delicious Bahamian “Conch” style Peas and Rice. It’s so enjoyable and empowering to grow a bit of your own food!
    We are from Florida, but are visiting my husband’s family in Sicily. Almost all of their own food is grown on this island. Right now, the strawberries, citrus (including blood oranges), artichokes, peas, broad beans (fava), different broccolis, and loquats (nespoli) are in season. People all over the world are growing more of their own food.
    We are looking forward to mango season this year in Florida. The cooler, dry weather has been great for the trees.
    Keep up the great and inspiring work!
    Susan and Sergio Casamento

  15. Many thanks for the wonderful recipes! Am going to try the roasted beet hummus first.

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