bealtaine cottage posterThese are the words I have worked with over the past 12 years.

cobwebs at bealtaine cottageThese words…

bealtaine cottage permaculture gardensand, keeping a vision of what it will all, one day, look like!

harvestFirst and foremost, I regard the Earth as sacred.

fracking posterWorking in harmony with Gaia has evolved this thinking, I have not come upon it by chance.

bealtaine cottage permaculture gardensFor me, now looking back over the time spent planting Bealtaine Cottage, from bare fields to this, the one most important and relevant aspect of it all was, and remains, to have a nursery garden…

Oak seedlings growing at Bealtainecontinually growing trees, shrubs and plants from seed.

planting the futureIt is within our grasp to live within Eden…

Bee on lavender at Bealtaine CottagePermaculture is the enabler to help one see and experience that!

Sammy-Bear passing BuddhaPermaculture combines the best of natural landscaping and edible landscaping.

Bealtaine flowers at LughnasaPermaculture is a philosophy of working with, rather than against, nature.

misty morning at Bealtaine CottagePermaculture is about ethical designing of human systems for a sustainable future. Tunnel at Bealtaine Cottage todayPermaculture is a way to have an organic food garden that’s also beautiful.

Ark for NaturePermaculture is a holistic system of design for human needs.

Garden stepsPermaculture enables one person to create and manage three acres in harmony with Nature.

Bealtaine, where Permaculture meets BuddhismHarmony with the land nurtures harmony with the mind and soul.

bealtaine Cottage this evening


  1. When I watch your videos on youtube, I get homesick. While I’ve never practiced permaculture.

  2. Colette, how did you learn about permaculture? Were you self-taught or did you take a permaculture design certification course? Had you ever farmed or gardened before purchasing Bealtaine Cottage? Were you familiar with the many plants that are now your food? Did you know how to preserve them? What do you produce on your land, and what do you have to buy or trade for? I am so curious about what skills you already had and which you had to acquire (and how!).

  3. Hello Colette, just found your blog, very inspirational. I have started something similar here in Croghan, Roscommon while at the same time home schooling my son. Looking at all that you have achieved will give me the motivation to continue when I get tired or overwhelmed with all the work! Best regards, Carol

  4. I have been following you Youtube clips for a while now, my wife and I love watching them! We have bought a house and a barn and a couple of acres in France, in the hope to live a simpler life and grow as much of our own food as we can. We find your Garden very beautiful and wanted to leave this note to say you are very inspirational. Thank you

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