1. Dear Colette .
    I’ve been following you for a few years and with your inspiration and guidance, transformed my own garden.
    I have a couple of your books and always look forward to your YouTube videos and really enjoy the podcasts . A safe harbour indeed in an upside down world.
    Recently I made the decision to pretty much leave the garden maintenance to itself in order to care for my mother (since last November) .
    Despite living close by (and seeing her every day for most of my life) she needed to come live with our family to be properly cared for following a terminal diagnosis.
    I am so very glad and grateful for that time as she was a very emotionally independent woman who would not easily let you do things for her.
    The garden was very forgiving – I knew this.
    My beautiful devoted Mam passed away on April 1st after a hard couple of weeks struggling to breathe.
    I know I don’t need to explain the depth and breadth of the grief. Like no pain I’ve ever experienced before.
    Ive been drifting from one day to the next , “chopping the wood” to keep the family home ticking over but with no drive or enthusiasm for much else .
    Sleep has a kind of magnetic pull when it’s hard to face the world.
    But there are some things that bring solace . Like what a privilege it is to have had a mother like her- utterly devoted in service to her family.
    She’d laugh at me poking around in my wild garden.
    She’d tell people that she never knew which bush I’d pop out from behind when she arrived every day.
    In the summer I’d put a chair in the polytunnel for her so she could chat to me while I worked and feel the heat which she loved on her skin and bones.
    I could feel her relief and gladness at me finding contentment after many years of struggles similar to her own.
    For a mother like her there is little that matches the joy in seeing her children’s lives peaceful and content .
    Our family are grateful for many years of sacred ordinary times with her.
    And yesterday I began again in the garden . Gently, step by step and I felt the comfort of the garden welcoming me back. I cried while working but the garden didn’t mind one bit.
    Then last night I dreamed that I visited you . You were busying around your house but you made me a cup of tea and we sat at your kitchen table.
    I said that I came to see you because of my mother passing.
    Your response was to say nothing at all but when I looked at your face , you were crying because you were feeling my pain – knowing yourself what it feels like to lose one’s mother.
    There was no need for words because I felt your compassion. And we just sat there and drank the tea .
    I wanted to reach out to tell you this as I believe you were in my dream because you are a shining example of divine motherhood – mother to all, and in my grief I needed to be mothered .
    Not with fancy philosophical words but just with pure and honest presence and that’s what you gave me in that dream .
    So thank you.
    Know that the reach of your compassion stretches much further than our gardens – perhaps all the way in to the sacred garden within all of our hearts 🙏🏻❤️

    • Our innate human response is to comfort one another. This goes beyond the veil…your Mother will always respond to you, just as Mother Earth responds to us.
      Blessings dear one xxx Colette

  2. Colette, thank you! We have been trying to identify a weed & the plant apps I have were of no help. It’s ground elder of all things. When you mentioned it I looked it up & there it was. And it’s everywhere! I am definitely going to research it’s medicinal uses as obviously it is trying to tell me something as we have in a great over abundance. Oh! In an older video I recently viewed I asked what a plant was in a video & another viewer responded; fascia. I have bought 2 plants and am so excited. I hope it does as well as yours. Thank you so much. Blessings to you. Joanne, USA

  3. Thank you. Your voice…so relaxing and the photos also so relaxing. Just what I needed.

  4. I cant wait to see your new furr baby!So glad you are waiting for the given one.You have become a part of my morning ritual and I really appreciate you and all you do for us.Thank you so much.Tumeric is good for inflammation as I’m sure you know.Have a lovely mothers day in case I forget

  5. Another lovely podcast and images.
    The possible new “fur baby” is very exciting news.
    Blessings for all your endeavors.

  6. Hello Colette, tea of birch leaves has helped me fantastically with pain from a frozen shoulder. It made a huge difference already after a couple of days. After a month, my shoulder is almost completely healed, all thanks to the beautiful birch tree and Mother Earth. The plants are indeed our allies and I give many thanks when I walk in nature. A very big thanks to you too, you are a great inspiration to me, love your work and all your videos, they give great food for thought. Have a lovely weekend x

  7. Thank you Colette, very much enjoying your pod casts. Appreciate your time and your thoughts.
    Hope you have a good weekend

    Thank you much.

  8. Thank you Colette, very much enjoying your pod casts. Appreciate your time and your thoughts.
    Thank you much.

  9. Hi, Colette! Lovely day there and such beautiful foliage. I was grieving when I thought my cleavers weren’t coming back this year, but the very morning I mentioned to my son, they sprang up. When we tend the land, it does indeed tend us. Have a wonderful day!

  10. Gorgeous photos Colette. My chives and London pride are in bloom too and this is first time I’ve noticed our gardens blooming together! Enjoy your juice fast! I’m enjoying delicious foraged “teas” from my garden already. I love how you keep it real!🐇🇨🇦

  11. Perfect way to start my day. Ahhh…. Thank you, Colette. I wish you the best on your next juice fast. I followed your last one and darling, you looked marvelous. You glowed.

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