1. Hello, I am absolutely loving the podcast. I listen to it on the website and also on Podcast Addict if I am out and about working in the yard. Thank you for doing them.

    • This is interesting as I only post these podcasts on my website and no other platforms. You may be listening to older podcasts from several years ago?

  2. Just lovely, like a symphony of nature. Thank you for these lovely podcasts. 🌹🙏🌹

  3. Good evening Collette, this is so calming just in bed here in Winnipeg listening to this lullaby of mother nature from Bealtaime Cottage, Thankyou and Blessings to you. 💚

    • Thank you for passing the peace of Bealtaine Cottage to all of us. Peace in every sound. Step out in joy, your generosity is appreciated. Hugs.

  4. Good morning, Colette, from a cold start in Australia, next to the Blue Mountains. Like always, i am always happy when a new message from u arrives on my email. I like the peaceful sounds and your calming voice. I ordered a few books again recently and another calendar to give to a special friend. Your insights and life r always on my mind. Love Helga.

  5. So peaceful. Thank you, the birds, the bees the breeze …
    Blessings to you and every aspect and creature of Bealtaine Cottage.

  6. This is lovely! Thank you, Colette. An amusing thing – my little dog likes to chase and eat flies. He kept looking around after the buzzing noise (fly or bee makes no difference to him!). 🐝🪰

  7. Thank you for this, Collette. I facilitate a guided meditation on zoom on Sundays, so I always look forward to listening to the peacefulness of nature instead of talking. That is my meditation.

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