Podcast from the Cottage~May 17 2023

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  1. I’ve seen some of your older videos going back to 2011, I love every single one, it will take me years to explore your inspiring life at Bealtaine Cottage. Maybe it just a glitch?
    So agree with you about monetizing. My YouTube is tiny, but if it ever got to a size where YouTube offered me advert, I would say “no”, too.
    I think it’s important for older women to share wisdom, and appearing in our videos is one way to do it, if only to counteract the cult of youth!
    You are much appreciated on the feminist platform spinster!

  2. Re: a crappy truth about humans. I guess it goes back to our insatiable “need” to consume without thought to how we are affecting the world and people around us.

    The real implication of that “crappy truth about humans” is that humans are soulless:
    http://www.CovidTruthBeKnown.com (or https://www.rolf-hefti.com/covid-19-coronavirus.html)

    “… normal and healthy discontent .. is being termed extremist.” — Martin Luther King, Jr, 1929-1968, Civil Rights Activist

  3. Such a tragedy. Your videos are paintings, pros, poems, truth, culture, teachings, and pure joy. They are who you are and what Bealtaine has become. For me the three of you are the same. The cottage, the land, and you. All the same, as one.
    I can imagine the sweetness of the laundry. Yum! Hopefully “the tube” will not come and steal that away as well. Blessings to you.

  4. Oh Colette! Thank you!! I needed a reminder of that time out!! before responding!! I can not understand what happened to your video’s!! I am hoping and praying that you are able to retrieve them!! I love your washing on the hedges!!! BIG HUG COLETTE!! Keep us posted!!

  5. Love yr talks and videos. Been so great to find you on the other side of the world.
    I have a huge garden, orchard on a hill in Welllington.Aotearoa. love Mother Earth. I am 75 fit as a fiddle.

  6. I was counting and lost count during 5 yrs ago at 801 or 901🤣 (counting from newest to oldest). I am determined! I WILL get the number of videos I can see on my 0hone. I actually have a very difficult time navigating some websites, including yours, on my phone. We are headed out 9f town but I’ll do it. Joanne, USA

    • I love you so much for so many reasons, but especially because you are so funny ,even though you are totally pissed off with YouTube ( & rightfully so ) . I know I am for you & selfishly for me as I love watching your earliest videos 😩.
      Your podcasts are ace ! ❤️✨

  7. I love your videos! I would like to to see you in your videos, but you need to do what is comfortable for you. Perhaps just when you start or end the video, just to make eye contact, so to speak. I am sorry to hear you’re having this issue. Do not feel alone, other YT’ers have complained of being told by subscribers they were mysteriously unsubscribed. Each time I get on YT I refresh the screen. Countless countless times with YT there is nothing new from anyone. I will check again during coffee or when I stop to catch my breath and a new video will have loaded… hours and hours before – they should have shown the first time I looked I would think. I will count your videos that I am able to see and get back with you. I did check to see how far back they went. The oldest video is from 11 years ago about permaculture. I have obtained from Twitter. But alas, I may have to break down so I can follow you. I do strongly draw the line with Snap chat and tic-toc, ha!

  8. I admire and appreciate your ethics about advertising on your channel. Integrity and independence is everything! You are very wise! Thank you for sharing Colette. I love seeing you washing on the hedges!

  9. Dearest Colette – If I were only allowed to pick one YouTube channel, one “content provider,” one web site to be able to access it would be yours. I don’t have television, I don’t Tweet, I don’t use Tick Tock, but I do have an internet connection, so I can see your web site and access YouTube. While my financial situation is such that I need to consider everything I buy and who I support, I choose to continue to support the great work you do. Please don’t ever give up. There are SO many people who need and want to year your wisdom. Your work, your message has a much bigger impact on this planet than you may realize. Thank you for not giving up!

  10. I’m so torn about all this advertising. I was just thinking about this yesterday, as I was trying to look at some crochet blogs, and they were all filled with really, REALLY obtrusive ads, with pop ups and videos, and flashing thingies. I had to leave, it made the experience so unenjoyable. I was fondly remembering the early days of blogs, when people blogged out of love for a topic or activity. You got some really wonderful, thoughtful content in those days. There were usually very small sidebar ads that didn’t affect the reading experience. Now it seems most blogs are just focused on creating click bait to boost ad revenue. I’m torn because I absolutely believe people should be fairly paid for their work, but at the same time I know that the vast majority of people consuming the content will not be willing (or perhaps able) to pay, making advertising almost a necessary evil. It’s a crappy truth about humans. I guess it goes back to our insatiable “need” to consume without thought to how we are affecting the world and people around us.

    I am so glad you are here in this little corner of the web. It’s very disheartening what YouTube has done, and I’m glad you’re able to keep your chin up. You matter, Colette. ❤️

  11. In my personal experience on YouTube, you are the only person who doesn’t have advertisements and I appreciate that. Thank you for all you do Colette. We all love you and all you do for us.

  12. I think this may have been the first time I heard you curse, Colette. It tickled me pink! So glad you can laugh it off, and thank you for the reminder to take my problems a little less seriously. I will be off to lose myself in nature and forget all about the issues of man. Thanks for all you do xx

  13. Hang in there! Hopefully it’s just a glitch. I saw videos back to October 2011 and over 1.4k videos. I appreciate everything you do. I often turn on a playlist of yours when I’m stressed and just listen. Thank you and Blessings.

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