Bealtaine Cottage…the Book!

Finally…on the home run as they say, working on the cover of my long-awaiting book,

“A Cottage and Three Acres”.

There’s a few bits on the cover (shown below), to be tweaked, such as the colour of the text and white stitching around the photo on the front (this is it laid out flat!)…but these are the tiny details. (See above for the final version, just updated!) The book will be printed in the next week or two, all going well!


The timeline should see books being posted off from Bealtaine Cottage by the middle to end of March. 14436-23-02-17-cover-a-cottage-and-three-acresNow that I have come this far, I feel confident enough to accept pre-orders!dsc06302

I am happy to inscribe your book and also happy to post it as a gift with a card attached. You can email me whatever message you want written on the card.dsc06296

I’m delighted to be able to include 71 colour photographs, although it has incurred a higher cost for me, but so many of you favoured the addition of colour photographs. dsc06298

Here’s the final book cover laid out flat…

14436 07.03.17 COVER A Cottage and Three Acres (1)


  1. I will order a copy when my next payday comes along. I already do container gardening but want to do more when I am finally in the position to buy a house. You are an inspiration!

  2. I’m so excited! I watched your newest YouTube video this morning, heard about the book and rushed over to make sure to pre-order a copy. I’m so happy to support this for you and your cottage, for all the joy you have brought me the past five years! Thank you! <3

  3. Have pre-ordered your book, and so looking forward to reading it!
    Thank you, Pauline 🙂

  4. Fantastic news Collette we are both so thrilled for you and can’t wait for the book to pop through our letterbox! You are bound to have a very busy year and Terri and I send you all our love and blessings for huge success with your publication XXX from Ballyconneely

  5. Just ordered the book and am very much looking forward to reading it. Your website is like a little sanctuary I can visit when the world gets to be too overwhelming and negative. Your inspire me with every writing as I am a gardener and beekeeper and try to live simply. Congratulations on the book and blessings of peace and all good to you!

  6. I just ordered your book and forgot to ask for you to sign it, inscribe it, for me. Please do sign it if you will. I am looking forward to receiving it. I love your videos. Thanks for all. Merle Gandy

  7. I am jumping for joy as I am sure the Cottage is as well that it’s story, and your journey, is officially being told. I can just imagine all the trees, flowers, bees, birds and fae celebrating!!! Thank you Colette for giving them all a voice. Can’t wait for my copy <3

  8. So much joy for you Colette having just watched your video on YouTube to see that your book is ready have just ordered my copy soo excited, to a wonderful perma goddess
    Gail Irvine
    P.S you are an amazing person 🤗

  9. Dear Colette, SO SO thrilled to be finally getting the book. We cannot wait. Just about to order one now for ourselves and will count up who else we would like one for. i love the cover, i love the photo being placed on the cover with the stitching – it looks home-made and cottagey so so suitable. This inspires me to do more and i am so thrilled for you. Love and congrats

    • Thanks so much Terri…I am able to finally get around to having more contact…and your most welcome visit! I got your last email, but had no time to answer it along with countless others in the email box…even switched off the phone most days!

  10. Oh happy day!!! Congratulations and blessings to you Colette. I want to order many copies to give to my friends to give to our local libraries and so on but I have ordered one copy for now just to make sure you’ll have enough to provide for your many followers. I am not sure how many you’ll have on hand for this first printing so please let me know when its okay to order more copies. I am so over joyed for you and for Bealtaine Cottage. This book will be a classic and Bealtaine Cottage will soon be as well known as Findhorn. I am so very very happy for you Colette.

  11. Have sent payment for your book, had a little trouble with the payment system but am sure it went through though. Let me know if you dont receive.


  12. Ordering one this weekend.
    Great work.
    Will you keep the yellow lettering?
    I hope you don’t mind me saying but I would like to see more of a contrast on the green background-black would really impact.

  13. I am SO happy to have just ordered my 1st copy of the book! I plan or ordering another for a friend when I get her mailing address. How wonderful it must feel to finally see this dream fulfilled. If all goes according to plan the book should arrive here with the coming of spring. How appropriate is that? Blessings and thanks to you.

  14. Just ordered my copy, really excited ! Thank you so much for your inspirational blog, it’s kept my head above water on many occasions xx

  15. I wish I could give you a big hug! It’s a beautiful book, your own baby, I think I would cry good tears 🙂 I just made my donation and would love you to inscribe and sign it….. for Heather (me) something Magical about Ireland folklore or fairies, surprise me! no pressure (heehee) or a pressed flower……. Have a splendid day Colette <3

  16. congratulations colette on your book. Indeed the frill bit around the side of photo not the best. perhaps black writing for name etc.
    I will purchase it for sure.
    Will it be available local to buy? like reading room etc.
    all the very best with it such an amount of work, but all worth it for sure.
    best wishes,
    maura williamson.

  17. Just placed my order too! So excited for you and I can’t wait to get my copy!
    Congratulations on getting it finished, it’s a huge accomplishment.
    Julie x

  18. Wow what a beautiful cover Colette, now I cannot wait to read it. I bet you are so pleased you have finished it and now it’s already to go on sale. I’m sure you will get fabulous feedback on it. Good luck you are such a clever and lovely lady ( I’m going to order mine this weekend) Blessings to you xxxx

  19. Hello Collette, I am very thrilled about your book. I have sent $55 euros for 2 books please. One for Erin Stratton and one for Gail Stratton. Very excited. I have a deep inner response to you reclaiming and healing your spot of land. So wonderful Thank you Gail Stratton

  20. Very excited for your new book. You are an inspiration dear lady. Thank you and blessings on all your endeavors.

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