My 100 Day Juice Fast


This was me last summer.

I weighed over sixteen stones and felt encumbered by all the excess weight I was carrying.

This year, on March 19, at the age of 62, I began a 100 day Juice Fast…for a great many reasons.

Today I am over half way through my 100 day journey, Day 63 to be exact.

I am feeling fantastic.

I am in the process of writing a book all about my journey.

In the meantime, here is a small selection of photos that have formed part of that journey so far.



  1. You look fantastic! I am 50 lbs overweight and starting to have health issues and feel oppressed by all that excess weight. Seeing your transformation is inspiring me to make a change.

  2. I love the lighter hair color as well. Good job, and giid luck on the rest of your journey. I keep saying I’m going to do it….

  3. Have received your two books, Colette, and Bealtaine in midwinter looks amazing. Am looking forward to reading the other one and immersing myself in our Australian winter with all the myths, folk lore and legends of Ireland. It’s so good that the Irish have retained and live and breathe the ancient ways. Truly a mystical island us Ireland.
    A word about your fast. Is there anything! that you have missed not being able to eat……even a biscuit or two?

  4. Dear Colette,
    You look amazing! I love your fashion style too! You are an inspiration to me in so many ways. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your influence has been a huge blessing in my life. Blessings to you dear Colette xxxxxx

  5. Looking fantastic, congratulations on this journey to health and wellness. Much love/

  6. I love your new hair! you look great, I need to do another juice fast. I did one a few years back, just 10 days, but I lost 12 pounds and I have kept that off, although I have lost and gained back other weight. At this point I need to lose 25 pounds to be at the weight my sleep doctor recommended.

  7. Oh my Colette, you look absolutely beautiful , it has taken years off of you and the new hair style is fantastic . You must feel so proud of yourself . I felt so much better when I lost 2 stone . You are one very lovely lady . Blessings to you xxxx

  8. Wow! You look absolutely fabulous Colette. I take my hat off to you, you are so inspirational. Vivian Westwood, eat your heart out! Love the new hair do as well. You are ageing backwards and will soon be a teenager! xxx

  9. You look utterly fabulous Colette. I take my hat off to you. You are so inspirational. Vivian Westwood, eat your heart out! xxx

  10. Beautiful. Years ago I had contact dermatitis on my hands so bad they looked like raw hamburger (and I’m a pianist). I then lived on raw juice and blended salads for months. My hands cleared up and I had never felt better. You’ve inspired me to do it again.

  11. But …. I did not know you are such a beautiful lady. Yeah, sure, of course, the goddess shining through you.

  12. Am so Proud of You!😅
    Look at The New You WOW.
    Don’t You fell Taller and Lady Like. And your style of clothing Love it! You have Changed Me also. Am Kinder Like You. Your Voice when your not on a Rant 😃is Fab.👍✌
    I Look forward to see a email is ready for me. Thank you Colette

  13. Wow! This is fantastic and congratulations! I have been hemming and hawing over beginning a juice fast. It appears someone else is doing what you are doing. I look forward to your book, but do you have resources now I could begin with?

  14. You look radiant with health. Your youthful self has emerged. It was always there. Just like Bealtaine. I am really happy to know that you are feeling well and strong. And I am so looking forward to your juice fast diary book, the story of this wonderful journey. Love and blessings to you always.

  15. You look absolutely beautiful and amazing! So glad you are feeling great as well…and being healthier is priceless. Keep up the great work.

  16. Dear Collette you look fabulous!! Congratulations!!! Thank you for all the ways you inspire us. I started watching you a year ago in early spring, since then I’ve got it in my head to plant “as though my life depends on it, cuz it duz!!” and to plant for the birds and the bees. Well, I have been doing just that. You have opened up a whole new world to me. God Bless you and Mother Earth

  17. Awesome Colette, you are an inspiration to me . I too am following your juice fast and have lost some weight . I feel great . Nice to see the two pictures of you to see how far you’ve come !

  18. Colette, this may be a dumb question – are you juicing in place of every meal? You do look amazing. Linda

      • Collette, you are so inspiring, Thank you for everything you do. We enjoy your videos so much! I am 61 and need the inspiration to do the juice fast. My husband wants to know what camera you use in capturing the moon. LOVE everything you do. Mimi

  19. Deep respect to you Colette – so pleased to see you happy and healthy
    Love following Bealtaine
    Have you heard of Sharon Blackie ?- she seems to be following a similar journey of a call to nurture the land in Connemara and is also a writer – I love her book If Women Rose Rooted

  20. WOW! Looking great! Admire your perseverance as well as the result. It must be so much easier to perform your gardening magic now. Ease of movement is a joyous thing.

    • Totally agree!And the weight is not just physical… go Colette. More inspiration

  21. Wow!!! You look like a different person! Congratulations, well done. You really are an inspiration. The book is a terrific idea, you give hope to all of us over 50!

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