Thanksgiving Blessings from Ireland

IMG_0557Fourteen years ago at the beginning of the Bealtaine Project, I had no contact with anyone in the US.

IMG_0559My perception of American people was very much decided by all things Hollywood and the news broadcasts that informed me of all that was negative.

It’s shocking how our view of the world lies in the power of so few!

IMG_0561As the years here at Bealtaine Cottage have passed and the great work of planting so many hundreds of trees has changed the land and fortified the future, I have blogged and vlogged the journey to anyone who was interested.

In this way, through interaction with so many subscribers, friendships have formed and many have made the journey to Bealtaine Cottage to visit for themselves…in fact many summers have been filled with regular visitors from all over the world!

IMG_0564It is difficult to keep up at times!

The kindness of strangers has overwhelmed me on countless occasions, as I received gifts…some arriving on the darkest of days for me!

(Living alone can have its downside now and then).

IMG_0568I have come to value the sincerity and genuine kindness of people, many of whom live in the United States.

IMG_0569I am amazed at the spirit of the real American women I have got to know, so hardworking and stoic, so resilient and kind…a force to be admired!

IMG_0570This morning I have stepped out to take these photographs for you as a sharing gift on your Thanksgiving Day.

IMG_0571The men of America who have found their way to Bealtaine Cottage proved surprisingly wonderful too…unlike the Hollywood macho nonsense so often portrayed as representative and so, so wrong!

IMG_0575From my perspective it takes a fully formed human being to show kindness, compassion and respect…qualities displayed again and again in those men who have made the journey.

IMG_0572I’m rambling, I know, but this little blog is simply to say, “I feel honoured to have met so many of you here and on YouTube, for you have opened my world and my mind!”

IMG_0574Blessings to each one of you for your love and support.

IMG_0576May your Thanksgiving be filled with love and laughter.

IMG_0577May the days to follow be filled with hope, for your optimism in the face of hardship is the true Spirit of America!

IMG_0578Blessings to you all XXX

IMG_0591Colette and Jack and all the life-force that is Bealtaine Cottage XXXIMG_0556

Enjoy the rest of this morning’s photos…


(Bealtaine Cottage books, map and 2019 calendar are available using the link at the top of this page).


  1. Love the pictures for Thanksgiving and the words. My daughter Shannon (yes there is a lot of Irish ancestors in our past) is in the Peace Corps. in Ukraine and she was quite an eye opener for them. Nothing Hollywood about her. Just a down to Earth and caring person. And she is learning so much there from their ways of life and history. Some similar and some not. Anyway, I only discovered your site back in September and I am just loving it. I was lucky enough to visit southern Ireland back in 1980. And I so look forward to your future posts and pictures. From the “thumb” of Michigan. We are shaped like a mitten from the surrounding Great Lakes.

  2. Thank you so very much for your absolutely gorgeous blog for Thanksgiving. My tablet won’t let me leave a comment so I’m answering the post since I get this on email. (My tablet has some glitches.) I am thankful for YOU, Colette, and all that your sharing your life and project has meant to MY life! Abundant blessings to you in every area of your life!

    Annette Fields

  3. Hi Colette
    Greetings from down under …..just discovered your You Tube channel and blog. Love them. Sending best wishes. ❤️

  4. I have enjoyed your morning sharing on my Thanksgiving Day. Thank you for your sentiments. I am thankful that I discovered your beautiful home on YouTube. Blessings to you -Mary USA

  5. Hello, Thank you for your words regarding America. We are a great country, a Christian country regardless of what you hear. There are ups and downs, but these are from a few, not the People who love and respect our country. I have been alive in America for 75 years, also lived in other countries, We are blessed. I feel blessed!

  6. Dear Colette, This is yet another beautiful and inspiring piece…both your words and photos! I am thankful for finding you, you helped me get through a very bleak early 2018 and have inspired me to new tackle new garden projects. Your motivating blogs and videos are treasures! Sending you a big hug of thanks from New Hampshire USA, Mikel

  7. That was such a lovely post. Thank you for the kindness in your heart. You are the stuff of my ancestors. Strong and kind with the love of the Goddess in your heart. Many blessings to you this day and all ways.

  8. Oh Colette, what an absolutely beautiful message to see and read at the end of this delightful day. You are my favorite Thanksgiving Day blessing. The photos are so beautiful… I want to print and frame them!
    Love and hugs to you and Jack…. Barbara and Jerry, Tucson, Arizona

  9. What a kind message Colette! I’m thankful for your beautiful piece of the world that you share with us here in the USA. I’m a typical American in one respect, we just had our annual
    decadent turkey dinner.

  10. Hello Colette, Greetings from Australia. Just a word or three to say how much I appreciate what you do. Also, especially, blessings to you, Jack & all “beings” who reside at Bealtaine. – Wendy-

  11. Thank you Colette! People all over the world have more in common than we may understand. I am thankful for having found you and seen your spirit and your sense of beauty.

  12. Happy Thanksgiving Colette. Every day is the day to give thanks for all of life’s blessings. Bealtaine is high on my gratitude list. Thank you for these beautiful photos and loving words. May your day be filled with joy and light. Love and blessings always.

  13. Thank you Colette! Your words and images are inspiration and virtual havens. Here on the Northern Oregon Coast our climate is very similar. I love looking across the sea to a place that looks a lot like home, without the castles and lovely architecture. We do have our own magical mystical spots, if you know how to look! As another whole-foods, plant based person, I will be feasting on the bounty of my garden and community today. I will lift a glass in your direction and send thanks, love, and blessings to you and yours.


  14. Thank you for your comments. My perception of Europe and Ireland was based on my grandparents pictures and their stories. After extensive trip to Ireland and Europe…wow, they are just like us. There are a few differences but for the most part, they are us. This has changed my writings, perceptions, and view. I believe travel is the best way to bring people together. I have followed you for several years and enjoy your postings. I missed your blogs for a while when you tried out facebook. Thanks for coming back. I am wishing you and the cottage only the best for the new year.
    Dorajane, Irish girl in Sacramento

  15. On this Thanksgiving Day, I am grateful for the beauty you have brought into my life through your blog and your photos, and the blessings of abundance and renewal that you have brought to your little corner of Ireland! Many thanks for all that you do! Edith F., Connecticut, USA

  16. Thank you, Colette, for this kind and heartfelt post. I have a small permaculture garden in the far northwest corner of the U.S. Our climates are quite similar, and it has been wonderful to see how you have transformed your corner of the world and in so doing, have been such an example to so many. I can appreciate the hard work that goes into this and then also finding time to share it! It is hard for many of us in the U.S. to see how others must see us in these difficult times, so it is good to read how you have looked deeper into the hearts of people here. I am thankful for blogs like yours who spread the power of peace and understanding. Namaste.

  17. Thank you dear Collette and Jack. Here in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the mountains are indeed white. One local mountain has opened their ski trails the earliest date ever. We are covered in snow and is was -1 F, when I got up to start the turkey. We are thankful for our families and friends. My mom passed away a month ago. This will be the first Thanksgiving without her, but her spirt will always be with us.

  18. Thank you for the wonderful words and pictures, Colette! They are all so beautiful, as are you!

  19. I give many thanks for you as well Colette. Without you people would not see the potential to restore the Earth, to love our fellow Earthlings and to have compassion towards the unknown. Love to you and Jack this day!

  20. Thank you and blessings return to you and dear Jack. Thank you for sharing your life, struggles, and triumphs with all whose lives you touch even distantly. Kathy DavenportShiloh, IL

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad

  21. Thank you for the inspiration you give and the hope you help me keep alive for what is possible with love, knowledge and (a lot of) work.

  22. Thank you Colette, for the extraordinarily beautiful Bealtaine beginning to my Thanksgiving Day in the United States! I feel blessed to know a place like Bealtaine really exists in this world.

  23. Thank you, Colette. I’m so happy to have found such beauty and inspiration here at Bealtaine Cottage. Many well wishes to you.

  24. Colette, lovely photos I am enjoying on this chilly thanksgiving morning in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Thank you for sharing and for your thanksgiving blessing.

    And continued blessings to you. Nancy

    Nancy A. Armstrong


  25. Thank you Colette from snowy, cold, Vermont! This is a day of reflection, a day when we take stock of what we’re thankful for and I, like tens of thousands of others, am thankful for your willingness to share Bealtaine, your wisdom and your life with us. Blessings to you and Jack!

  26. Colette, thank you for all you do of the Earth and for all of us. You are such an inspiration and teacher.

    Tina Larkin M.F.A. Musician/Visual Artist/ Visual-Audial Synesthete/ Dog Whisperer/Herbalist Hear Music/See Art at


  27. Thank you for the wonderful words, photos and sounds sent directly from your sanctuary. They are such a treasure for so many of us here in the USA. I am positive we all are giving thanks for finding you!

  28. Thank you Colette…I live in a one human household with four cats, Cyrano, Orion, Douglas and Algernon. I’m thankful to have you in my daily interaction with the world beyond my garden. I’ve always been a solitary person more comfortable with Mother Nature than with people. Knowing you and sharing the journey is a true blessing! Lots of love…..Heather

  29. Blessings back to you, Colette. And bless the internet (even with its shortcomings) for bringing us you, and the message of hope from Bealtine Cottage and Woodland Sanctuary!

  30. From all who love and admire you and your work here in the U.S., we are truly grateful!! We are grateful for someone who loves and cares for our Mother Earth so much, and spreads her teachings across the globe. Thank you Colette, for all you do and fight for, and may you be blessed for all eternity because of it. We are thankful for you! Have a beautiful day!

  31. Thank you Colette. As an American who has had dual Irish citizenship for a few decades, I seomtimes feel the very strong pull of staying in Ireland for longer than just a visit. The American political climate, the greed, racism, misogyny, the self-importance of many here can be really hard to take at times. I have so many patients who are wanting to move away. However, I remind them of the words I attritube to Gandhi: “be the change you want to see in the world.” I try to do that as well but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to run away sometimes too. Blessing to you and I am very grateful for what you share.

  32. Thank you for all the beautiful pictures. Helps to cheer me up. My husband passed away October 1st and I watch for your videos every day just to see some positive things in the world. So pretty and green there. I live in North Alabama. I am 69 years old. You just keep positive and continue to plant trees. The earth needs the trees. Thank you again, Linda Wilkerson

  33. Beautiful words and so true Colette. I have many truly wonderful American friends who are a blessing in my life.
    Much love to you, Jack and all who live in body and spirit at Bealtaine

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