Herbs for Health…my everyday guide!

Podcast ~ Herbs for Health. An introduction to herbs I use in everyday life at Bealtaine Cottage.

Self Heal ~ prunella vulgaris

A special herb that grows freely in the woodland here at Bealtaine Cottage and one I will feature in future podcasts.

Parsley, Rosemary, Thyme, Sage and Chives, all growing at Bealtaine Cottage and in everyday use.

The very best Herb Book is one collated and compiled by oneself!

Nothing more needed for storage than glass jars and a Pestle and Mortar!


  1. Wow, this conversation is awesome. Tomorrow, I will take out my notebook and make lots of notes. Thank you.
    As far as me, I moved about two years ago to a 1/2 acre spot and did not move my herbs with me . Well, maybe a couple. Right now, I just have Lemon balm for tea. Cat nip for my organic garden. The catnip draws bugs away from my brassicas. So I have spots all around the edges and rotate my brassicas through each year. The last two years, I have focused on fruit trees and shrubs. I have planted 36 and have several more in pots from seed. I have blue berry, apple, pear, peach, plum, fig, elderberry, aronia berries, and a Myers lemon tree (it is not producing fruit yet. Some are producing fruit, but I am still picking it as tiny bud fruits. I do not let them bear until after the third season. So, no fruit this spring either. BUT NEXT YEAR. LOOK OUT. (I have you, Colette, to thank for encouraging this flurry of fruit tree planting in my yard. I have planted 36 so far in the last two years). Next time I post, I will try to remember to post about what I use the Elderberry, Aronia, and magnolia tree leaves and roots for. 🙂

  2. Ah, Yes! Water Mint! I grew up on a farm in Ohio and would spend hours down by the pond and streams picking watercress for salads, water mint for tea, and violets for making beautiful vivid colored jelly for toast. Foraging as a kid was one of my favorite ways to explore what was edible. Thank you for helping me remember.💖 Now, foraging in my yard this last summer I discovered some daikon radish had gone to seed. The pods were green and I thought I’d try them out. I recalled reading a blog in which the author stated they fermented “rat-tail” radish pods and they were delicious. So I thought perhaps the raw ones would be too, so, I picked two pods, chewed them, felt my mouth go numb but the flavor was pleasantly radishy and so I swallowed it. My throat tightened, my heart raced, I got very hot and nauseous, and immediately with force, retched out the offending masticated green-pod slurry! At the same time, I was laughing at myself for my foolishness! How silly I must look in the garden retching and laughing. What an odd sensation though, to be at the same time mortified, relieved, and happy in a goofy sort of way. The more I thought about it the funnier it got and it’s still funny and that’s the best part of learning, I suppose, to keep us humble. Blessings.

  3. Thank you for your insight on herbs for blood sugar control and Cholesterol.
    I put Cinnamon in my coffee every day! Delicious🍀

  4. Dear Colette….good to hear from you and Patsy.I have a little herb Garden one my ground and I dry it… Thanks for your Podcast… Blessings and greetings from Daggy Kiel Germany ☘️☘️☘️

  5. Colette, What a wonderful podcast to start my day with. I’m so happy that you didn’t allow negative comments to stop you keeping in touch with those of us who love your presence in our lives.
    Thank you for sharing your home and knowledge. Shirley.

  6. I have been watching you for years and this has to be one of my favorite podcasts to date! I am an herbalist too and love this! Thank you for taking the time to create this for us!

  7. So enjoyed your info on herbs, & so happy to know your alright. Being on this Web site is lovely just to listen & relax. Thank you 🩷Kerry Australia

  8. Colette, this is such a great idea for your podcasts and I am looking forward to more on this most interesting subject from you. Happy that you are on the mend after your fall and your wee Patsy is there for moral support. Perhaps a little fire cider thrown in for good measure. Happy Birthday wishes to you as well as we move into the coming festival and the wheel turns to the restful time. Blessings

  9. This was so pleasant and informative. Also, very nice to read how others in the Bealtaine community put their herbs to use. Thank you.

  10. Love this post. I bought a bay tree this spring and have it potted up on the patio. It’s too cold here in the winter to survive planted out so it lounge in the garage with other warmer zone things. I plan on clipping some leaves to dry. I always put a bay leaf in my soups, stews and the cooking liquid when I make chicken and dumplings and chicken pot pie. It really makes a difference in the flavor.

  11. Colette, I’m sitting here by the open window. The crickets are chirping. By Border Collie, Bear, is beside my chair, and my five cats have been sitting in the window while the sun has been going down. I just finished listening to your podcast and thinking about what herbs I want to add to my garden. In our climate, so many of them are only annual, and I do replace them every year. The lavender, sage and chamomile are perennial here. A cup of chamomile tea sounds like a good idea right now. I think I’ll go make myself a cup. 💚

  12. I love hurbs I hang and dry them glass jars they go for teas cooking, health. I always enjoy learning new things about herbs between you Colette and Terri I’ll be set thank you
    I rather have hurbs health through fresh not supplement.blessing to you and sweet little Patsy 💚

  13. Wonderful info. Can mixing many herbs in your diet cause harm? Meaning, if you don’t know what you’re doing you could take too many together? Maybe if you are using them fresh and not in a supplement form its not such a risk.

  14. I think this podcast on herbs is so informative. I am anxious to hear more. Glad to hear you are feeling much better.

  15. I am so excited you are going to do Podcasts on herbs. I grow sage for smudging. Once I gave a whole bunch of sage to a native American woman I knew and she was only accustomed to using wh ite sage for that pourpose. I wonder what your thought is on that. Is white sage better to use during ceremonies than regular sage? I am so glad your are doing better. One thing I know for sure. At 67 years old, when I fall in the garden, it takes so much longer to recuperate.🤣 you and patsy have a blessed day🧡

  16. This is fantastic!! And I sure am happy that your spirit is up and you are recovering surrounded by love❤️ Thank you for
    your gift of time, for all of us, who will really benefit from some natural approaches to enjoying and learning about herbs! Whew, do you have a lesson in mind to chill a girl with too much excitement down a notch? 😆
    Blessings, love, light and sincere thanks❤️ xx

  17. So good to hear you’re faring well after a difficult day, Colette! I really enjoy the podcasts as I can usually just listen to your talks (vs watching). Take care ❤️

  18. I totally agree with using herbs, they simply work, and naturally assist our bodies in healing on all levels. I use many herbs, and use Golden Seal instead of antibiotics when I need them. I use others as well, however love parsley, dill, lemon grass, coriander, rosemary, and basil. I have them growing in pots, and they enhance salads or soups. Love what you have achieved, you are an inspiration to all. Love from Australia.

  19. Wonderful. I always enjoy hearing about other peoples life using herbs. I grew up being given herbal knowledge, for medicine mainly, from my old Dad, rest his soul, and I grow many myself, wild and culinary, without any any chemicals. I do also forage for elderberrys etc. which I must do soon. Looking forward very much to your future podcasts.

  20. I dehydrate a lot of greens- carrot tops, beet tops, lettuces, kale, all the green herbs- and mix them together and make a supergreens mix. I add it to soups, dressings, smoothies, etc. I took a tea blending class and now make tea blends to help with sleeping and digestion. I’m a big proponent of using a little bit very frequently so you have it in your system regularly.

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