An Open Portal in Time…


SAMHAIN…The Celts believed that Oidhche Shamhna, Samhain, was an open portal in time. This weekend marks the prelude to Samhain. Monday is the day of and is marked as a holiday here in Ireland. It is a time of in-between…between worlds as the Celts believed it to be…  The Celts understood the […]

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The Great Awakening


With each day that passes, more aspects of the Awakening come to pass. Yesterday morning, as I walked in the early light in the Lughnasadh Garden, imagining how it would look and feel in the next Summer, something I yearned deeply for came to pass…and just as I had imagined it! A Flight of Swans […]

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Times of Insanity…Seeking Reality


I rarely dip into the outside world in terms of mainstream media, for it unnerves me! I keep myself occupied in the world as I know it…the one where I weave wreathes from Willow and Dogwood… The one where cruelty and chaos are not allowed entry! You’ll understand my terror, for that’s why you’re here…to […]

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Why Save Seed?

Lunaria seeds drying on the veranda of the Lodge

All seed-saving at Bealtaine Cottage helps to preserve heirloom seeds’ genetic diversity! This is Bealtaine Cottage Lunaria. This seed has adapted over twelve years to grow in difficult conditions, for as you know, it rains frequently here and the gardens are all on a north-facing slope. This is why the seed saved here, year after […]

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It Still Takes My Breath Away!


Each morning I arise and embark on a series of rituals, that culminate with a hot cup of tea in one hand, my camera in the other and faithful Jack by my side. It is then that I step out… This has been my ritual, though not always with Jack, for the past twelve years. […]

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Permaculture Learning Opportunity


Bealtaine Cottage was conceived, designed, planted and worked by one woman, Colette O’Neill, over twelve years, on some of the poorest land in the North west of Ireland…all North-Facing!  Colette is now offering, for the first time, a series of week long, intensive learning programmes here at Bealtaine Cottage.  ONE WEEK OF INTENSIVE PERMACULTURE A unique […]

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