Permaculture Learning Opportunity

No Funding…Ever!


Bealtaine Cottage was conceived, designed, planted and worked by one woman, Colette O’Neill, over twelve years, on some of the poorest land in the North west of Ireland…all North-Facing!

d7ef191772b1618009dec8fb55602e75 Colette is now offering, for the first time, a series of week long, intensive learning programmes here at Bealtaine Cottage. 


A unique opportunity to stay for a full week at Bealtaine Cottage and experience life in Ireland’s oldest self-funded, financially independent Permaculture Smallholding.
cropped-dsc03650.jpgYou will learn:
Using Wool in Permaculture
Fertility without animals
Creating a Woodland
Building an easy compost toilet system
Using Willow
And more…


dsc03684This will be a unique opportunity to learn, first hand, and with one to one teaching, all the skills you will need to set up your own Permaculture smallholding.

dsc03811This 12 year old Permaculture Smallholding site is completely self-funding…no EU Grants, No Government Grants…No Diktats! 035Learn how to set up your own business in easy stages…independently and successfully!

dsc04008Your week’s stay includes all food…Vegan/Vegetarian based on choice.

342464e928d1ad152df82e0710d3d710Your accommodation is an independent Eco-Lodge with wood-burning stove and lots of room.

DSC02044This houses a double bed, so is perfect for a couple sharing.

dsc04426Each course is 7 full days, which means 9 nights, arriving the afternoon/evening before and leaving the morning after the completion of the course.


All the information about booking is at the end of this page…continue reading…


Sacred Earth

You will learn about tunnel management and upkeep…the tunnel at Bealtaine Cottage is hand-built, 12 years old and has the same plastic in use…12 years and tight as a drum!

may-2011-bealtaine-cottage-0102There will be one, seven day Immersive Course, per month, beginning in April…through to October 2017.

Pond in May at Bealtaine CottageEarly booking is essential! 

Trees at Bealtaine, June 2011 012

Learn about planting to create micro-climates and wind shields!

Bealtaine Cottage June 2012 006

Create a Potager Bed and plant it out!

This is total immersion Permaculture and Sustainable Living, in that you will be living on site and experiencing all aspects of daily life at Bealtaine Cottage.

Bealtaine Cottage July 2010

As well as making wine, you will have the opportunity to sample wines made at Bealtaine Cottage…

dsc03687…as well as home made liqueurs!

Pond in May at Bealtaine CottageDates are negotiable at this early stage. 

The course will be a full seven days…and at this stage, I can offer a certain flexibility on start/finish days.


April is now booked!

May is now booked!

June is now booked!

July is now booked!

September is now booked!

October is now booked!

August is now booked!


A deposit of 10% will confirm your booking.

Unlike other Permaculture Courses on offer, Bealtaine Cottage is uniquely immersive, with one-to-one / one-to-two teaching for an entire seven days!

(The total cost is fixed at 1100 Euros for one, or 1700 Euros for two people sharing).
(Please email me first to confirm that the week you want is still available!)
Blessings X



  1. Such a great idea! Would love to attend – is there a chance of going on some sort of waiting list in case of cancellation ?(outside of Jul/Aug in my case as I can’t take leave then)

  2. Woo hoo! Goddess inspired perma-culture teaching garden open for business! Next year is going to be so exciting. Congratulations Colette. I am thinking of the many students in years to come who will go out into the world and create new little paradise gardens modeled after Bealtaine. A huge measure of good has just been placed into the balance for 2017.

  3. Oh how I envy those who will get to participate!! I am not surprised you’re already booking up! Wish I weren’t so far away in the USA!!!! One thing for sure–those fortunate enough to participate will be learning from the best! Maybe you’ll let us peek in (via the internet) on some of your classes.

  4. This sounds brilliant! I am certified in Permaculture design, but not on my own land yet and there’s always more to learn. I love the specific topics mentioned. 2017 might be too soon for me, but my husband and I are planning an Ireland trip in the 3 years. I hope this does well for you and continues!

  5. Sounds really informative Colette – I would be interested in taking part but, as I live so close, would be happy to attend every day but sleep back at home. Would this arrange be something you would consider? Jude xx

    • Thanks Jude. I will organise some Immersive Learning Days for 2017, where food will be provided and specific aspects of Permaculture covered. These will be seasonally related and hands on learning, with workshops of four only. I will post these up soon. Blessings x Colette.

  6. This is a brilliant idea Colette, I hope it’s a big success for you. I’m working on sorting out my life to a place where it would be possible for me to visit on one of these programs, assuming you continue them!

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