Enchantment on the Last Day of November


There was always understood to be a contract between the people and the land. 

IMG_0810This reminder formed the words as I walked the woodland sanctuary, on this last day of November.

IMG_0813The leaf-covered earth I walked upon reminded me of that sacred contract, one long since forgotten by humankind.

IMG_0814From the sacred well flows the life-giving force of the Otherworld.

IMG_0817All the ancient races of the Earth understood this.

IMG_0821The contract was broken by those who nurtured a greed for more and more wealth.

IMG_0824This continues today and is the reason why Mother Earth has been brought to the edge of destruction all across Her land and seas.

IMG_0826The native pre-Christian mythology of Celtic Ireland is highly Goddess-centered.

IMG_0806This is in recognition of the understanding that the Earth is female and the force is that of the Creatrix.

IMG_0804Irish mythology, in particular, is filled with stories of powerful women.

IMG_0795These women, often revered and greatly honoured, were seen as incarnations of the ‘Sovereignty’ goddess.


On these mornings near Midwinter, the moon continues to move across the sky as the sun rises.

IMG_0716The land speaks.

The Goddess is imbued in the chalice and has become the sacred quest of folklore, that of the Holy Grail.

Here at Bealtaine Cottage she is the land Herself.

IMG_0724It is a most blessed time of the day, when the energy is rising.

IMG_0723My morning ritual is the same…I walk the land and listen, not just with my ears but with my whole being.

IMG_0720The energy of the Goddess flows out from the spring well and across the woodland…I listen.

IMG_0682I walk always in awareness of the Otherworld  which influences my own.

IMG_0686I walk in service to the land.

IMG_0684This Goddess-centred land feels a part of me and I a part of Her.

IMG_0690The Otherworld is inextricably linked to the land I walk.

IMG_0783The Otherworld is not about the dead.

IMG_0727The Otherworld is referred to as the ‘land of the living’ in ancient lore.

IMG_0746The Goddess has a great propensity for shape-shifting…so as I walk the land it is oftentimes I am followed by birds.

IMG_0816Tomorrow marks the first day of December and the descent towards the Midwinter Solstice.

IMG_0679This will herald the return of the rise of the light, as we move towards Imbolc.

IMG_0764Yule begins on the Midwinter Solstice and continues until the first day of January.

IMG_0772The sacred walks of Winter continue…



  1. Beautiful post. Most poetic and heartfelt. The last of November is the anniversary day of my birth so the gifts I am given as I walk through this time of season are very sacred to me also.

  2. Thank you for sharing your sacred love that comes across in words and images. I keep your map above my bed as a reminder to me of personal and ecological transformation. That it’s never too late for a woman of little financial means to live the mantra I keep hearing, “care for Earth and she will care for you.”

  3. Even without the wonderful words of wisdom, the photographs say it all and much more. It brings me calm and peace. Long may it continue in this crazy world.💕

  4. Thank you for the inspiring prose and photographs, Colette. My land is still covered with several inches of early snow, but I am trying to get out and walk some of it daily. It’s exciting to see all the animal tracks in the snow and how peaceful everything is. The colors in your landscapes make me excited for the start of the next growing season. Happy December to you and Jack!

  5. Your property is always an inspiration, as are you, Colette. I have this nagging question…we have a lot of deer here, and a limited amount of land for our trees, bushes and food crops. I want to feed the deer, birds, squirrels, and other neighbors, but I also want to protect our veggies from the deer. We will be growing for food security, and to share. We have arranged to have a large fence put up to exclude deer from the production gardens, with plants they are welcome to outside of it. How do you manage deer? Do you have many of them? How do you feel about fencing, or alternatives to fencing? Thank you for your welcome advice!

  6. Hello Colette loving your pictures I see you do not have snow as yet? We have had some all gone very much like British weather over here at the moment. Blessings to you miss you on face book <3

  7. A heartfelt thank you! I have MS and cannot always get outside, so your films, photos and beautiful words mean a lot to me. You remind me of what I am about and what really matters to me.

  8. This was so beautiful and. and again I felt so much a part of Bealtaine and her spectacular abundance and her response to your loving care. We are all so blessed! Blessings to you and Jack this last day of November!

  9. Lovely are the pictures of such autumnal beauty. The rose hips and the Lunaria seed pods are so beautiful. Loved the words concerning the Otherworld, its clear the ancients fully understood that life is more than the outwardly observable… but like the mushrooms, all the visible beauty of Mother Earth has another sacred side just beyond our limited vision..

  10. Love this, Colette. When I walk my abundant land, albeit only a quarter acre, I have the same feelings that you’ve voiced so well xx

  11. Thank you for your post this morning. I am headed to an MRI for back pain and your description of Mother Earth and the calmness she brings has helped me greatly. Wishing you a most blessed and gentle day


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