Building an Ark…One Garden At ATime


As the thousand and more trees and thousands of plants of the Bealtaine Project grow taller and more dense, so it is the once barren land seems more and more as it is…an Ark for Earth, set into a monoculture landscape of Cash-Crop-Forestry and  animal grazing fields. This summer witnessed the most Bees, Butterflies, Pollinators […]

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Equinox and Early Shadows


Autumn is a time of early shadows as the season of summer passes over. And cobwebs everywhere! And here, in the Northern Hemisphere, one can easily notice the later dawns and earlier sunsets,as Spring is ushered in south of the Equator. Equinox is all about balance…the balance of equal day and night, of dark and light. […]

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Cottage Journal


Here’s just a brief note to let you all know that there is now a new page here on the website! Have a look at the top of the site and you’ll see listed at the very end: Cottage Journal. Click on and read the introduction. A daily insight, as promised to all my supporters […]

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Easy Family Food Vegan Style


This is a photo blog of food…Vegan food made especially for my family, yesterday and today. The recipes are all simple and easy…like this Sweet Potato and Caramelised Red Onion Pate! The food in the first photo consists of a Green Salad with Olive Oil and Basil dressing; Spicy Roasted Veg., Bulgar Wheat and Ginger […]

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Leaving FaceBook

permaculture @ 009

Today  I made the tough decision to cut my ties with FaceBook. It was a difficult choice to make. There comes a point when choices are forced upon one. The integrity of the original has to be preserved. The original being Bealtaine Cottage and this website. I began writing, photographing and sharing Bealtaine Cottage back […]

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Lunar Eclipse in Pisces Full Moon

stained glass wheel of life at bealtaine Cottage permaculture gardens

I walked out tonight into the bright light of the full moon. We have, over the past few days, experienced a wonderful full moon and lunar eclipse. During this time we have been getting connected with our intuitive energies. Our ability to connect the head with the heart. Pisces is a very emotional and intuitive […]

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