Podcast ~ Mass Gaslighting

Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse in which a person or group causes someone to question their own sanity, memories, or perception …

The more I work the fitter I am…best reason for staying away from the screen!

Patsy keeps an eye…she has a little mouth deformity due to being run over by a car and losing part of her jaw, you can see a little of it here. This happened before she landed in the animal shelter.

My aim is to spend more time outdoors in Nature with Patsy. Good for us both!

A small part of today’s cutback…this is just the beginning!

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Blessings X Colette


  1. I totally agree Collette regarding the social media and the way this world is heading…. I am slowly trying to separate myself from it and turn to more natural ways.. Blessings to you and little Miss Patsy xxx

  2. Collette, I loved the part where you were talking about your dad giving the sick chicken some good ol Irish wisky! Cures a multitude of ills 😆 have a blessed day and patsy too

  3. You’re doing the right thing for your sanity…I have also begun on the same path and I feel so much better without all that negativity 😊

  4. Thank you so much for these podcasts! Your wisdom and integrity are appreciated more than you could ever know ❤️

  5. Hello Collette and everyone, such a refreshing change on your blog, Collette. Thank you for your writings and musings, and humour, yes this world certainly sucks at the moment, and like everything else, the best inventions always seem to end up with dark and nefarious intentions from the sinister so -called ‘elite’ controlling the world at the moment. So I am encouraged in blogs like yours, and reading all the like minded comments on here. I take heart though that the “Divine” has a purpose for His glorious mother earth, a truly wonderful creation, that soon will be brought back to the wondrous purpose it was designed for. So thank you, Collette for this lovely calming g blog of yours, I do enjoy reading it. Blessings to you and sweet little Patsy, and blessings to all on here. 🙏🍀🌻 🙂🦋

    • Hello everyone!! Thank you Colette I get it and feel the same.❤️ Thank you Wendy for your comment, ditto! Blessings Colette and all who are here together! Stand strong!!

  6. Ah….Yes!! I have been withdrawing my attention away…from a lot of it…My dog and I went “Earthing” yesterday, to get grounded. The energy of this Super Full Blue Moon is powerful! Then I spent the day outside with my cat and dog…working in my yard; with my plants. Thank you so much, again, Colette. What a Light you are…I appreciate that you are staying on this forum. Many blessings to you and sweet Patsy!

  7. Yes! I also am taking back control of my life. And rituals are so important. I hear you and completely understand. I did a batch of canning two nights ago with peppers I grew in my garden. And I’ve been stacking wood for the stove in my barn. These tasks don’t just feather my nest—they bring me peace and happiness. And it makes me feel that I am in charge here in my own life!

  8. Hi Colette, I couldn’t agree more with you about social media. I deleted my Facebook account just before the covid pandemic. So glad I did. I don’t miss it. I do have an Instagram account and I quite like that, but I’m very picky about which accounts I follow and keep my own private. I could let it go tomorrow. It’s not so important to me but I love to watch your YouTube videos and listen to your podcasts on here. Protecting one’s peace is vital. Setting boundaries and limits on what we allow ourselves to watch, listen to or engage with is just the beginning. Enjoying the simple pleasures such as brewing tea in a pot or watching the birds feed from a table are far more edifying than any amount of time spent scrolling on social media. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject. Interesting and invaluable as always!
    Abundant blessings to you ❤️

  9. Hi Colette. I am totally with you on the internet. I shall head to your website in the future. We are being gaslighted and if I pay attention to it, I am incredibly frustrated by those who cannot see. I have to remind myself I am responsible for me and this is a cycle. I can only change me. I have lost a son through this because I questioned human behaviour when it needed to bring out a Christ like consciousness instead of total self serving. He now hasn’t spoken to me for 2 years. Again I remind myself he is a soul living his life. I can be grateful he is still there somewhere.
    I spend time outside in the garden almost every day, pain permitting. I am now in Tasmania and the beautiful climate has allowed me a better fulfilling life. The cool agrees with me. I inherited a wonderful garden to put me into. I’ve just got to deal with rabbits and possums with young growth.
    I love the quiet of the garden bare feet on the earth even in Winter.
    Hope you are well and sending blessings for a rich life. Love Marilyn

  10. In October 2021 my Facebook account was blocked, they told me that someone else tried to hack it but I never believed that, I believe that my opinions were not aligned with the “rules” of those times; now I want to contact Mark Sugarberg to thank him the enormous favor he did to me, even though I miss wonderful pages like Bealtaine Cottage, I recovered my real life time, I don’t have to see those annoying ads and I don’t have to tell him what I like and what I don’t. I always find ways to follow you because you are great inspiration and an oasis of peace in this troubled world. You look great btw, and so does Miss Patsy ❤️

  11. Hi Collette, Denise from California here. I love that you are able to say what you are really thinking on this site. I don’t know a thing about websites, but would it be possible to post videos on here?

  12. I’ve dumped all but Facebook. I keep that so I can get pictures of my children, grand and gr. Grand children. I stick to Blogs and YouTube (very much tailored to just me). I was becoming very despondent due to the whole political thing at a time I was, and still am trying to recover from my daughter’s death. In 1997 my husband and I were discussing the new internet and how we were sure that it would be the end of civility and social interaction as we knew it. We were right…unfortunately.

    • Hello there Colette.Love hearing your mind wanderings, and you have inspired me on many occasions. As for changing the habit from tea bags,back to the tea pot,making slight alteration,like visiting your Web site,instead of youtube,are little tweaks that take us to healthier choices.Thank you for all your lovely chats and videos,which have been part of my health rituals,to get me through these times.Thanks, Love and Blessings to you.🩷🙏🙋🏼‍♀️

  13. You are so right Ms. Collette!
    And I don’t want to feel so low, as one of the younger ones…in our 50’s;) My husband and I absolutely adore you!! Leaving YouTube and Facebook will be refreshing to us as well. Following you on your website will be so much more intimate, special, homey….everything that Meta and YouTube are not!! You are quite right… rabbit hole after rabbit hole…
    We want to just be with YOU and Patsy and Bealtaine Cottage. You ARE our’s and Mother Earth’s Blessing!
    Love from~ A Crone, her handsome old crow and eight acres XX

  14. Colette, I am 100% in step with your choices and agree that we are forever losing bits and pieces of ourselves to media, politics and the increased oppressive environment we find ourselves in. When I had my practice ( Naturopath/Nurse) I initially thought I had to use Linked in, FB and others that were marketing me. Then as I progressed I found that it was really a people thing not a media thing, folks came to me for guidance as a result of people referring people. My website was my tairsech (threshold) and the reward was peace of mind. I applaud you, I support you. Here in the USA we are in a never ending search for some of that peace of mind these days. Thank you for your post, your honesty and your choices.
    Connie Henry ND
    Albuquerque, NM

  15. It almost seems (at times), that we are falling back into serfdom. I have a love hate relationship with social media and I’m limiting my time. I only use instagram and it’s a private account but the utter rot that is on my feed is mind boggling. I’ve taken to old school journaling in a book that no one but me is privy to and it’s a beautiful thing to do. Yes to the tea leaves & pot!!! I’ve done that forever really. My Pa was shocked at the thought of teabags and 50 years later I’m using his teapot.
    Im in Australia and your blog has given me joy & peace for many years. Even more so during these insane times – Thankyou

  16. My great uncle also left Ireland for the first time aged 19 to fight in WW1 and two weeks later was killed. He is buried at Ypres in Belgium.

  17. I am a long time follower and just signed up today. Just wanted to say hello 👋. I enjoyed this podcast , very much – Colette.

  18. Hi Colette. Your blog post and chat much enjoyed and most welcome today. Like yourself and so many who have commented above, I regularly “flirt” with cancelling my FB account and try to regulate my time spent on YouTube. Why haven’t I cancelled them? Fear of missing out I guess, but I do feel that the time is coming when I will JUST DO IT!!!!! Keep your blogs coming Colette, you are a voice of reason and a salve to our souls, wonderful that we can access your wisdom whether on social media or not. Blessings to you and the lovely Patsy.

  19. Hello Colette- I was expecting no less from you at this point in time my friend. Yes, take control of your life. Step back from the social media insanity of it all. We are indeed being manipulated to conform for the benefit of those competing for office and high places in family dynasties. I’m wary of being someone’s else’s version of myself..What is the cost of just being me? Who gives permission to set my soul free? I know! I’ll give MYSELF permission, to take flight. I’m on a mission! I’m not fleeing , but rather flying over a road I wish to travel. Finally, an answer that was always there. Be true to yourself or beware! There is always someone to take over your life, if your grant them permission , therin lies the strife!
    Sanctuary- Refuge- Restoration to you,

  20. Good for you, Collette! We all need to take better care of ourselves as others are purposefully attempting to bend our minds this way or that. It is insane. If we have future work to do which requires us to reengage, our discernment, and our actions will be clearer and coming from an authentic place of who we actually are, what we believe, and the world we wish to create. Always appreciative of your insights and shares regarding what your process is and how you plan to move forward. Such an inspiration to those who land here. Blessings to you, Patsy, and all who are engaged in this space you have so graciously created. <3 <3 <3 Lois

  21. I’m so glad to hear that you’ll be spending more time in this beautiful, peaceful space. I’m not on any social media anymore…it’s just too much of a raging dumpster fire most of the time and was degrading my mental health.

    I listened to this podcast as I was working in my garden — a much more preferable way to spend my time — in the company of bees and butterflies, grazing on cherry tomatoes and raspberries as I went about my work :). Thank you for never being afraid to tell it how it is…..and for all of the inspiration you offer, simply by living the example.

  22. Yes, it’s awful and you are doing the right thing in my humble opinion. I so identify and have made a similar move by getting into Nature even more. I want nothing to do with that “stuff” either. I turn my back on it. I look forward to your posts and to seeing photos of you, Patsy and Bealtaine. Peace and Calm all-ways.

  23. Dear Colette….first of all…..thank you that you Take your time for this great Podcast
    I am in your site…..I can,t speek so good in English,Hope you understand……
    Blessings and greetings from Daggy Kiel Germany ☘️☘️☘️ and pleased give Patsy a kiss

  24. I fell in love with your blog years ago and have always loved the privacy and quietness of a personal blog. It is a special place created just by you for us the reader. I’m so glad that you have returned here. I detest all social media, but we are trained to partake, aren’t we? Thank you, Colette, for your wise words.

  25. My son laughs at some of the adverts that come up on my blog, but that I don’t pay for my blog and it’s only written for the intrinsic value of writing it. I’m not an “Influencer” of anyone, but myself and not always then. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me / us. I won’t do social media. I do forest garden. I find I’m more hermit than the average and it suits me not to have to justify my existence upon t’Internet. Blessings wished your way

  26. Dear Colette, I agree with you and everyone. What is happening to this world. I can’t watch any thing. Its too sad and scary. I enjoy my little porch and my potted plants and look forward to hearing your comforting voice and seeing you beautiful wonderland. And Patsy of course. Be well Suzanne

  27. Thanks for your wise words sharing your journey. Invite Terry Conroy to tea. 🌷 I enjoy her wisdom also. Blessings to you. 💕

  28. Hi Colette, really nice pics. You definitely look very fit and lovely. Patsy looks sharp❤️ I am looking forward to going back to my garden next year. Right now in my SF apartment I tend to a few pots on the windowsill 😊You are my inspiration 🙏🏽

  29. I’m reading Alice through the looking glass, a few pages before sleep starts to set in.
    I just cannot do social media at all, so I don’t. Simple solutions always work for me.
    I prefer to blog on and off, emails for work and the like, phone texts and that’s about it.

  30. The longer I live, the more I am gobsmacked by how much we are controlled by the ‘Man’. I try to do my darnedest to rebel, but the control is so insidious that it affects us all in one way or another. I fully appreciate you speaking your mind, Colette, as it acts as a refreshing reminder to me. Thank you 🍀

  31. Dear Colette! You look wonderful and content. I am doing the same thing in terms of staying away from the media. It causes me so much distress every time I happen to even glance on the TV what is going on in the world. It seems like everything is burning, flooding, with destruction everywhere. Reports of such corruption and evil that it makes me feel physically ill. I choose to keep to myself most of the time, even finding that my ‘friends’ have been swept up in the mass ‘gaslighting’ and confusion. There is so much greed, so much selfishness…. Nevertheless, I look to my little patio garden has flourished, and I have spent many happy hours enjoying it. It’s not much, but it brings me joy. Last night I went to bed feeling despondent and lost, and in my prayers I asked for peace. Today is a beautiful day, and in it’s newness, I shall rejoice in hope. Always hope. Blessings to you, dear one. For without you and your message, so many of us would miss the beauty all around us! ~Louise

  32. Your decision to step back somewhat from social media seems a wise one to me. There are many good aspects to it, but as you say, you have to pick your way through with great care. It can cause low-level stress so easily. I’ve noticed it more and more of late, mostly because of a seeming growing inability to tolerate differences of opinion. It’s a worry.

  33. Yes to loose tea and a teapot! Being a Staffordshire Potteries girl I wouldn’t have it any other way ☕️😊 Dear Colette, this podcast was like sitting down with a good friend and and a cuppa and putting the world to rights. I totally agree with everything you say and thank you for saying it. Blessings to all the gentle souls who see what’s going on, and in our own dignified way stick two fingers up to it all. Much love to you and Miss Patsy … Jayne 💚

  34. Colette, you hit the nail on the head with your definition of gaslighting! I am 78, a retired licensed Independent MSW psychotherapist. I think I have heard it all and now our administration in the US is gaslighting all of us all the time. Too numerous to mention, but heinous none the less. I stay fit and contented working in my garden all the time. I need to pace myself more these days, but hey I can work circles around most 50 year old, if they worked in their yards.LOL
    I love Patsy. We had a rescue named Spike that lived to be 19 who shares some common genetics half a world away. A very wise vet told us many years ago, that dogs do not have the psychological issues about loss of limbs or other infirmities, the just enjoy each day. No truer words were ever spoken.
    YOU GO GIRl!

      • Hello Colette, and everyone! Yep. Totally get it. I fear the internet in general is ‘broken’. Something which was a ‘coloured brochure of the world’ with so much potential has been commandeered by many with lower purposes. Back to books! 🙂 X

  35. Gosh Colette – you look amazing and content! I love your photos and writing and you’ve been such an inspiration to me. I tend a wild loosely organized garden and feel so much support from your garden/woodland tending. Patsy look utterly content. 🐇🌳

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