1. 🙏🙋🏻‍♀️Thank you Colette for sharing and developing these important conversations. Wonderful comments from this community as well. Blessings Everyone!❤️

  2. It seems that being gay is a spectrum. There are gay men who are super macho, and now there is a rise of gay men who are extremely effeminate to the point of wanting to present themselves in society as women. I personally don’t care if a gay man wants to dress up in women’s clothes and wear makeup. In a free society we have personal freedoms so knock yourself out.

    What gets me is when the transgender think that wearing a sheath dress, eye liner, having a French twist and teetering around in stilettos is being a “woman”. That is a FANTASY of what being a woman is, served up by movies and magazines. You wanna be a woman? Ok let’s dock your pay, deny your equal rights, categorize you as worthy or not by body shape, make it unsafe to walk down the street alone, shift the majority of domestic work on you, and shame you for any emotional difficulties you might experience after all that. Go ahead and be abused, maimed or murdered for making a man angry, or be born in a country where girls are denied an education. The transgender have no idea of the struggles that women and girls have faced for thousands of years.

    However, I wonder if in some way this is the Divine Feminine presence struggling to get through the masculine domination of this planet. These men are not women, but they are seeking to be Feminine. That’s different. It’s just completely out of balance at the present time.

    Lastly I agree with you about transgender competing in women’s sports. I’m proud of the women athletes who are taking a stand.

    • I agree mostly with what you say and indeed I have more than proved my own tolerance on this website and other platforms. However, i feel and note that there is a growing hatred of women in all its dreadful manifestations, to the point where we are being shut down again and again. This greatly disturbs me as I am the mother of two daughters and grandmother of two grandaughters. I will not tolerate misogyny on any level towards those i love and care for! End of!

  3. Thanks, Colette, for speaking about this. As a brave intelligent woman with an adult daughter, all of it is deeply concerning and especially for those who have young children. A new movie about a popular toy is pure propaganda.

  4. Well said, Colette. You are spot-on, as usual.

    When a U.S. Supreme Court nominee can’t answer the question, “What is a woman?”, despite being one herself, something is very wrong. Her answer? “I’m not a biologist.” A fine rebuttal to this came from another setting: “I’m not a veterinarian, but I know what a cat is.”

    The rise of this societal attention on gender has all the earmarks of a top-down gaslighting operation of epic proportions, like 2+2=5 from the book 1984 (manipulation of truth by the ruling powers). It is an attack on womanhood, to be sure, but it is an attack on manhood as well. Groom little boys to think they can become women, and they won’t grow up with the masculinity needed to fight for their rights or protect their families. Groom little girls to think they can become men, and womanhood itself is thrown into chaos. Allow men to compete in women’s sports or come into women’s restrooms, and women are deprived of their rights and their very sovereignty as women.

    People at mid-level, physicians and teachers and suchlike, get entrained from the barrage of propaganda and squeezed by pressure from all sides. If 2+2=5 is pounded into you long enough with hammer and tongs, objective reality begins to crack. This is the very hallmark of gaslighting.

    If you scale out to the 10,000-foot view, and note that “gender-affirming care” routinely results in sterilization, then it begins to look like what is underway is an effort to undermine human reproduction itself. It is speculation, of course, to ponder on the motives of those running the planet, but given what I’ve seen in the last three years, I’d say the chances of their motives being benign are slim to none.

  5. Collette, Can you post uncensored videos on here? I would love to watch them and hear all of your thoughts on everything. I am a faithful viewer and love your channel. Denise

  6. Over the years of watching/listening to you Colette, I’ve often wondered what your thoughts are on this topic of female erasure. I am glad to see we are in alignment again. I’ve brought my sons up to be kind and respectful of others, and that truth is so very important. I am very concerned for the children whose parents are unaware of what is going on, or who only have a very surface level understanding of it.

    Patsy is just gorgeous and I’m so happy for you both!

  7. Yep. Feel those things too. Feel like women’s feelings and rights are being erased. V depressing. Most ridiculous thing I heard was women’s vagina being called a ‘bonus hole’. How utterly repulsive and ridiculous. It is a v concerning world. I feel glad I don’t have children in that respect and it puts me off having them. What a world. Let us women stick togetheron this and thank you for sharing. Us free speakers and the ones that still have our own minds need to keep this to the forefront so thank you Collette. Much love and blessings xx

  8. Thank you, Colette. Really enjoyed the podcast. Have a lovely day. Hugs and love

  9. Thank you for saying this, Colette. Misogyny is alive and well and masquerading as acceptance. It seems like real, biological women are being erased. I am a proud woman and will not bow to this insanity that’s putting women’s rights in peril. It all feels surreal.

    • Its gone totally mad Colette! One cannot say anything anymore literally. If we carry on like this we wont have a speaking language anymore; because we will all be afraid to utter a single word! Congrats on Patsy; a female is better tempered than a male. Shell tells she is delightful. <3

  10. Colette, you give us beauty and truth. We are thankful for you. Congratulations on reaching your daily goal of 10, 000 steps with the help of sweet Patsy.

  11. I value women, men, trans woman and trans men. Let’s not get caught up in labels, women are women as defined by Collette, men are men and trans women are just that etc.
    I can see the issues when it comes to sport and so we need to work through that but let’s accept all people for how they identify. Compassion and care for those who are transitioning or who dress Differently. I don’t believe this is a conspiracy but do agree being hung up on words is ridiculous and hijacking more important discussions that should be able to be had freely. The age at which children can start the transition process for example is so important and I do worry about children starting this too soo and maybe not with the right supports.

  12. Well said, Colette.
    I have a 21 year old daughter who is a college athlete. So that is one issue. I want her to be safe.
    I have a cousin who is a 20 year old woman who now identifies as a man and is undergoing treatments. She doesn’t look like a man. She will never be a man. Her life will be spent in an in-between. It’s heartbreaking.
    I know this sounds like a “conspiracy theory”, but there are world leaders who feel the population needs to be decreased—so first a virus was unleashed on the world, and now they are sterilizing children. Double mastectomies and castrations and hormones that leave children sterile. And in California, if parents don’t allow “affirmative care,” their children will be taken away.
    It seems someone has an agenda, and things are going according to plan.
    I mean no disrespect to anyone. But someone needs to speak up for these children and stop the mutilations of young people.

  13. If you don’t accept that men can become women then that is hate speech apparently.

  14. Thank you for voicing the truth once again. Things have gone topsy-turvy and people have lost their bearings. This too shall pass. So many are afraid to speak up with honesty, strength and wisdom. You’re so right, showing kindness to all is the key.

  15. My eldest child identifies as a non-binary person (they were assigned-female-at-birth)…because of this, I have the utmost compassion for other transgendered people and firmly believe they deserve all the rights and privileges that non-trans people enjoy. That includes, having the right to identify themselves as they feel reflects their experience. So why can’t I, as a woman, do the same? How does my identifying as a woman, threaten anyone? It’s utterly ridiculous.

    I’m sad to watch this happen….though it’s a case of ‘disappointed-but-not-surprised’ that once again, it’s women who are the target of the patriarchal, white-supremacist, capitalist agenda. Misogyny is rife and is simply getting more and more insidious in its manifestations.

    So thank you for speaking out, Colette…your voice is, as always, the voice of common sense in a world increasingly populated by hateful propaganda.

    On a happier note — I’m so glad your Patsy is settling in well…what a blessing she is to add to the magic of Bealtaine.

  16. As a woman who has educated myself in the old ways and in close relationship with the Goddess, I feel this is another attempt to squash the female energy. There is an awakening of the feminine energy and those in control are fighting it to the end. They have successfully squashed the feminine or goddess energy for along time now and fear it. Resist as we watch this fall. Walk in love. Thank you so much for hold your space and sharing it with us.

  17. I am in the US and quite shocked/troubled by the lack of concern women are showing about in effect being erased. For example, a large, tall man walked into my vet’s waiting room this past week wearing full makeup, nail polish, and a visible bra; the receptionist (female) treated him better than other clients to prove, I suppose, that she harbors no “issue.” My female coworkers are more or less indifferent, unless the unfairness of men competing athletically against women is discussed. What has happened to us??

  18. I totally agree with your comments. While I am very open minded and support the LGBTQ+ community. I will not be defined as CIS woman. I am a woman… period. Transwomen, while undergoing hormone therapy, do lose some muscle mass, but they do not lose it to the point of a biological woman’s muscle mass, even the strongest of biological women. There may be the odd anomaly here and there but generally speaking we are physically weaker than men. I am not ashamed of that. I have other strengths men don’t have. We are here to compliment each other not compete with. Have sports competitions within the trans community. Competitions for women and competitions for men…separately. There is no shame in this. I am shocked women aren’t protesting this more but honestly women were the first to be all inclusive because we are compassionate beings but we didn’t think it would be weaponized against us so now it’s biting us in the arse. Maybe I’ll be banned off my platforms for this comment but I just don’t care anymore. Time to speak up and stand up for ourselves.

    I am a grey thinker, I also feel I am a moderate thinker. In a video I made I said I walk the threshold between left and right. Christian and pagan, straight and gay, therefore I have no conventional identity label, but, I am a woman. Even if I’m in menopause…I am still a woman. Even though I lost my daughter, I am still a mother. No one can take this away from me. I refuse.

    Only women have had the history of being a woman and what that all entails. I could rant for a long time. Sorry for that!

  19. Really well spoken! I think all the women and some men in my life would agree. I also think a lot of us are hesitant about speaking anything into public anymore. That is really sad. For all the beautiful souls who read this live and blessings 💖💜💚

  20. You speak such truth. I have NO social media accounts. I only use YouTube. I choose to stay away from any “news”, not sure it can be called that anymore. More like propaganda for their agenda. I only pay attention to what is absolutely necessary for awareness. My heart and prayers go out to all women. God bless you.

  21. It’s gone so extreme, just asking for protected spaces for biological women and girls you are attacked, called names, bullied, threatened and worse… I wish harm to no one. I live in peace with mother earth. Its the Emperors new clothes scenario. Im even picking my words carefully as I write this..

  22. I heartily agree! Absolute insanity some of these crazy things. Easy for older women but little girls must be so confused. We can continue to quietly and calmly speak and act with common sense and refuse to be silenced or cancelled.
    I prefer to focus on happy good kind things like the joyful addition of Patsy! 🌻🦋🐕🌈♥️

  23. Dear Colette…thanks so much for your Podcast…. Blessings and greetings from Daggy from Kiel, Germany ☘️☘️☘️

  24. Thank you for your comments and insights. I too am very worried about the direction the world is going and concerned for my daughters future. I am the same age as you Colette and I always thought I was able to do anything and everything. Our recent regression in human rights for women have been a realization that I am not living in the world I thought I was. I too am alone being a widow and have no desire to engage in a relationship again. I am having the best time of my life doing what I want with my life, as well as being a grandma. How dare these politicians make laws concerning my body or my ability to move about the globe as freely as the male population. I too am a big gardener and have enjoyed following you for the last 6 years or so. Some day I want to visit Ireland. I am in the US, a place becoming increasingly repressive. The loud politicians who are feeding the agendas of reversing woman’s rights are disgusting and make me sick.
    Anyway, keep up your wonderful work with all you do and I am envious of the world you have carved out for yourself at Bealtaine. Blessings to you.

  25. Here in the States, women are being set back 50 years by a male majority of politicians. I understand your frustration. The worst part of it is that they hide behind the cloak of “Christianity”. White national Christianity. It’s a joke. They forget that actions speak louder that words.

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