I Wish You…

Today is Christmas Eve 2022. Another year almost at an end!

This morning as I was catching up with chores around the cottage, I thought about all the contact I’ve enjoyed with everyone on the social media platforms that Bealtaine Cottage inhabits and it occurred to me that my first love was not getting much attention from me…this website!

I started the website thirteen years ago and kept extending it up to the present day when it appears there are over 20,000 photographs on it and millions of views…I will go into the details on another post.

So, I’ve made a commitment to myself to endeavour to write, photograph and post here more regularly. However, in order to do that I have to organise my life a bit more. Those of you who know me realise how freely I move form one platform to another and allow my creativity and inspiration to take a free flowing path in whichever direction this entails!

My message to you for the year ahead…

The 2023 Bealtaine Cottage Calendar


Calendar 2023

Featuring the solar Celtic year and marking out the major Celtic Festivals, this unique calendar hosts over 60 images of the woodland sanctuary and cottage that is the Bealtaine Project, started in 2004. Months of the year and days of the week are all written in Gaelic and there is ample space on each day to make notes.



  1. I think this anti government/ libertarian POV is not in the best interests of those who government serves. I see government as one of the four powers that maintain a state of balance in our world. As I see it, the powers are as follows: the power of religions, the power of merchants/corporations, and the power workers/unions and of course the power of government. These are creations of human kind which function to make life better at their best and exploit, oppress and destroy at their worst. I think those who truly care serve within these power structures and can and do broker peace between warring parties. They do make the world a more peaceful place.

  2. Dear Colette, your gentle voice speaks out of the profound hush at this time of year of deeper truths. I hope the blessings you send out return to you ten fold. Thank you, I am glad you are in the world. XX

  3. Oh my goodness…. your words touch my heart. I am in full agreement. May your holidays at this time be filled with true peace. May your heart bubble over with love from and for your friends and family. May the path you walk this coming year rise up to meet you with joy and celebration.

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