I Wish You…

Today is Christmas Eve 2022. Another year almost at an end!

This morning as I was catching up with chores around the cottage, I thought about all the contact I’ve enjoyed with everyone on the social media platforms that Bealtaine Cottage inhabits and it occurred to me that my first love was not getting much attention from me…this website!

I started the website thirteen years ago and kept extending it up to the present day when it appears there are over 20,000 photographs on it and millions of views…I will go into the details on another post.

So, I’ve made a commitment to myself to endeavour to write, photograph and post here more regularly. However, in order to do that I have to organise my life a bit more. Those of you who know me realise how freely I move form one platform to another and allow my creativity and inspiration to take a free flowing path in whichever direction this entails!

My message to you for the year ahead…

The 2023 Bealtaine Cottage Calendar


Calendar 2023

Featuring the solar Celtic year and marking out the major Celtic Festivals, this unique calendar hosts over 60 images of the woodland sanctuary and cottage that is the Bealtaine Project, started in 2004. Months of the year and days of the week are all written in Gaelic and there is ample space on each day to make notes.



  1. From upstate of NY in USA, this brings such balance to our world. Merry Christmas and hopes for a wonderful new year full of peace, love and blessings. Although our world seems to edge towards chaos, people like you and those on your channel, bring the light to the darkness. Have a wonderful holiday season. Lets light a candle towards love and peace…Julie

  2. Dear Colette, thank you for all that you share with us. You inspire me in so many ways. I wish you a peaceful, happy holiday and many blessings for the coming new year. ❤

  3. Peace be to you also, Colette. I can’t thank you enough for your timely and spiritual message. My heart soul hears and is comforted. I love my calendar and your, so lovely, photos of your surroundings. Many thanks,Trisha

  4. It’s Christmas Day here in Melbourne, Australia. The sky is light blue with wispy clouds and 7:45. It’s going to be hot around 33 centigrade so we will be inside most of the day. We keep it simple and traditional but also have vegan guests so it is a bit different this year as well.
    Embracing these changes and enjoying whatever the days brings.
    Much love to all those who have posted here as we are a community, especially to those in our community who feel alone. I have and I’m sure many others have read your post and feel a connection in this space.
    A very special greeting for your Collette who is the keeper of this space. Love to all and May your Christmas be a time of reflection and love bringing forth joy as we connect in this space, in this community of hope and gratitude💜💜💜💜💜

  5. Dearest colette. From this warm christmas day in australia i send u love and thanks for accompanying me on our common journey through life. We are soulmates and my heart resonates with your messages of peace and kindness. I live very much like u in a little cottage surrounded by plants and animals and feel a deep connection to all. Your messages are always thankfully accepted and i look forward to receiving the items i ordered and have a daily reminder of our shared lives. Thank u for all u give to your many friends around the world. Helga

  6. Dear Colette, I listen to your beloved words of truth what resonate within my inner-world. As a Dutch women I live in a rented wooden Cabin in a Forest area in Belgium I feel blessed. Although it’s been a very emotional year and I’m on my own after a relation of 12 years this Christmas Eve is special. Special because I can still listen to you, I have to eat and drink, the Cabin is warm and cosy and last but not least I have no fear. Blessings to you and wish you a beautiful Christmas!

  7. Dear Colette,
    Merry Christmas to you and yours. Your photos of your frozen trees and garden are lovely. I have enjoyed your channel since I came upon it. Thank your for your words of wisdom and your lovely cottage that gives me peace. Blessing to you also With gratitude to you

    • Dear, Dear, Colette; Thank you so much – once again – for bringing me back home…to myself. It is so easy to get caught up in the chaos of this world, but your posts and video’s help to keep me grounded. I have no words to explain it. Just thank you for a being Light; for so many of us – in this ole world. Blessings, many continued Blessings to you.

  8. My dear Colette, Thank you so much for this beautiful post. You have been a mentor to me for many years now. This morning I was sitting in my Oak Forest Garden in my urban neighborhood, feeling the peace that you mention. You have been responsible for my having this beautiful place as a haven. As the year turns, and transformation continues, I wish you great joy, as well.

  9. Thank you for your lovely message and beautiful pictures. Wishing you all the best for the Christmas season, blessings to you to Colette

    I have said it many times, and I hope it NEVER gets redundant ,
    Your words.. ideas… way of life project SUCH a deep joy for me. Can I say,
    I do NOT have any close friends, or family..
    That’s share such deep insight . Like minded people ARE out there I’m sure, but are elusive to me. You bring me COMFORT as well, as my life has been going through the deepest of transformations. I’m 69, and my greatest wish is to find such peace of mind… body … and soul. It doesn’t have to be a big life… no. I live very on very little $$ and I would love to find a healthier alternative than living as a necessary obligation. You see…
    I live with my ex husband. And we have a very… very complicated and history. One that feels like it’s time to move on from now.
    Where that is for me remains a mystery at this time, and I have no where else to go live. I have to “ BELIEVE “ that there is a reason for everything and so I do my best at learning acceptance.. patience, forgiveness and strength. AND I truly light my Celtic wish Candel every day and make my intentions known, light it ti release the positive energies. This make my soul happy. Thank you for teaching me this. I do feel lonesome today. But it’s more of a longing to breath the clean clear air of freedom and peace in my life. Your friendship… even here through the tube helps me to stay in my heart. So grateful you did not contaminate this sacred safe place with the world and it’s ways. You ARE appreciated FOR ALL YOU ARE
    AND DO. I send back great blessings to you as well dear friend and a hug, or a hand hold as we carry on with our life. The world is just “ weird” … yes? But I don’t feel weird here at BC. 🌈🌈🌈🌈

  11. All of your u tube posts are such a blessing to me. They lift me up, keep me focused and fill my heart. Blessings from New Zealand.

  12. Blessings to you, Collette! You bring the world, and myself, such joy, hope, and comfort. Thank you.

  13. Thank you so much for all you do for us and Mother Earth. Your cookies look amazing. Looking forward to another year of your posts. I also wanted to tell you I just received my calendar and I love it. It is beautiful. Merry Christmas and blessings to you.

  14. Thank you for being that constant reminder of what is truly important in life: nature and loving, nurturing, appreciating nature of which we are a part of. You have inspired me and created change in my life. I committed myself to growing a butterfly garden last summer and witnessed at least 20 baby butterflies grow from egg to caterpillar, to taking their first flights! It was magical, and you helped me to continue working on that dream. I shared it with family and neighbors. Thank you for an inspiring, magical year!!

  15. Thank you for your insight and gentle wisbom that I wish would go viral. May you have a peaceful, warm and comfortable holiday. And let us all see a new year of simple solid love of life and the natural world that gives life to all of earth beings.

  16. Thanks for your wonderful post. As usual calm and thoughtful. I have so enjoyed coming to your YouTube channel and this site for almost a year now. You are so right about pulling away from all the confusion and distraction that abounds in our world today. Bringing our focus right down to where we are and what we can do in our own little patch of earth will help to quiet our minds and also make the world around us more inhabitable for all.

    Happy new year to you and hopes for an improved world, not like the “new and improved” products surrounding us but better designed to feed people’s souls.

  17. Such wisdom in your message Colette… thank you. Wishing you and all of us in this world an abundance of inner peace. We are so much more than we’ve been lead to believe. Blessings 🙏✨️💝

  18. Happy Christmas to you from Philadelphia. Thank you for bringing
    much needed peace and serenity to us. May the next year be the best
    ever for you.

  19. Greetings from Canada. Im so inspired by your beautiful setting. Looking forward to reading more in the coming year. Praying this year for peace in the Ukraine.🙏🏻

  20. Merry Christmas and the happiest of all years. Thank you for all your efforts to be a wonderful friend to our planet. May God keep you always.
    SW Ohio USA

  21. Happiest of holidays, Colette! I celebrate Christmas on January 6, or “Old Christmas” in Appalachia. Thank you for your steadfast, gracious, practical and hopeful presence online. I think 2023 holds wonderful potential. Deep inner peace and blessings to all ~~~ xoxo

  22. Dear Colette,the way of the world system is not for us,we live in the world but are not part of it.You are golden Colette, don’t be bowed down by them.Stay strong and peace and blessings to you dear lady.With heartfelt gratitude.Caroline.

  23. Dear Colette,bless you and thank you so much for the beauty you have shared.Also hope that you have received my cheque, can’t be sure with the post!Have a cool yule and stay strong🎄❤️😊 x

  24. Thank you for the beautiful pictures & postings throughout the years, Colette. We enjoy everything you post. Have a wonderful Yule Season. Continued blessings for many years to come. 🎄 ❤️
    Your friend from across the pond, Vicki Diane

  25. Peace to you too Colette! Thank you for taking the time to share so much with us. Rich, deep blessings of peace, joy and contentment to you always xx

    • Colette,
      Thankyou for the heartwarming Christmas eve. message and pics. May you continue to enjoy the holiday season…..and best wishes for the year ahead. I’m retired now and totally agree with staying clear of the chaos. My little village homestead provides for us …..and we are just clearing a path back to the studio to light the woodburner for a cozy Christmas eve. here in Ontario, Canada. Thanks for sharing your journey of peace , gratitude and self sufficiency to give us a haven in these troubled times. Leading by example gives us all hope that we as well can forge our own path to do the same…..and opt out of the chaos.

  26. Good morning to you my dearest friend,
    Far and between, Im sending holiday wishes to you and a happy new Year here in the states, it’s been a chilly one. Enjoy your weekend. Blessings from USA Virginia 🙏❣️

  27. You are far from useless Colette. You have touched and inspired minds, hearts and hands worldwide. You are an amazing being and I find, via the comments on your vlog, a very much appreciated being. You have such an enchantment about you that most of us long for and I personally find real peace in your teachings and direction. We share where we find our peace Colette and perhaps someday we will meet each other along that path. Until then, keep on keeping on and share your message of living with and loving the nature you live within. Your light shines around the globe. You and your little 3 acres we all know of as Bealtaine Cottage sparkles in a world which is continually darkening. Thank you Colette and Merry Christmas.

  28. Thank you for sharing your wonderful journey and home with us
    Loving wishes to you and yours this festive season xx

  29. You have kept us all up to date with your Bealtaine journey, for which I thank you so much.
    Your photos and comments and YouTubes are so very welcome.
    Let us hope you have good health and happiness in the coming year.
    Happy Holidays Colette.

  30. Dear Colette…….I wish you all the best..have a merry christmas and a happy new year……………blessings and Greetings from Daggy,Kiel,Germany………..I am glad,that I found you and learn a lot from you

  31. Merriest Yule to you! Have always enjoyed your posts and look forward to many more. Here’s to a New Year full of blessings! Teri

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