Under A Full Moon Between Days ~ In The Celtic New Year

PODCAST ~ Under A Full Moon Between Days

Cleaning up and sorting out is a very important aspect of drawing in new energy for a new year!

The path to the Stone Circle festooned with leaves.

Myself and my grandchildren pick up leaves to bring into the cottage…beauty to be admired!

The Stone Circle at Bealtaine Cottage, always a place of energy and focus.

A little Carder Bee still astray in the woodland…but always food available, no matter the time of year…the importance of food for the bees, always! Here I have planted Mahonia, which is a winter flowering shrub!

Blessings to you all and, as Van Morrison sang, I’ll see you in the Celtic New Year! Happy Celtic New Year!

Celtic New Year by Van Morrison


If I don’t see you through the week
See you through the window
See you next time that we’re talking on the telephone
And don’t see you in that Indian summer
Then I want to see you further on up the road

I said? Oh won’t you come back?
I have to see you, my dear
Won’t you come back in the Celtic New Year?
In the Celtic New Year?

If I don’t see you when I’m going down Louisiana
If I don’t see you when I’m down on Bourbon Street
If you don’t see me when I’m singing, ? Jack of diamonds?
If you don’t see me when I’m on my lucky streak

Whoa, I want you, want you to come on back
I’ve made it very clear
I want you to come back home in the Celtic New Year
Celtic New Year

If I don’t see you when the bonfires are burning, burning
If I don’t see you when we’re singing, ? The Gloriana tune?
If I’ve got to see you when it’s raining deep inside the forest
I got to see you at the waning of the moon

Said? Oh, won’t you come on back?
Want you to be of good cheer
Come back home on the Celtic New Year?

Celtic New Year
Celtic New Year
Celtic New Year

Come on home, come on home
Come on home, come on home
In the Celtic New Year
In the Celtic New Year

Come on home, come on home
Come on home, come on home
In the Celtic New Year


    • One of the best gifts ever is a picture made for you by your grandchildren. The gift they gave you is so precious. Collecting the beautiful leaves with them and talking is magical. Magic in a magical woodland💛💚🧡

  1. Happy Birthday Colette!! What a deep, personally moving podcast, for me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For sharing your Journey with us. Yes – what a lovely way to celebrate your birthday with your daughter. She is so blessed to still have you, as we are. Blessed Be, Dear Colette A big virtual hug to you and little Patsy!!!

  2. Happy Birthday 🎂 I like listening to your podcast but I really miss the walks in the garden. I received your book, that I sent for, yesterday! I love it. The pics are great.

  3. Happy Birthday, Colette. Love the podcasts. I sit at my computer writing, looking out the window at the brilliant colors of autumn, and listening to your podcast.

  4. Blessings and happy birthday dear Colette…Thank you so much for this beautiful post and podcast, I enjoyed it all Xx

  5. Colette, I feel like a little girl listening to her grandmother as you talk and teach…and I’m 61! You are such a gift. Blessings, Colette and all here. Just… beautiful. 🪶🕊️🔥♥️

  6. Just lovely. To hear the gravel under your feet reminds of your walk & talks, the photos are beautiful. Have a wonderful day 🩷Kerry Australia

  7. Bright blessings for another birthday!! You know, I didn’t celebrate the full moon/eclipse on Saturday in the traditional way, however, it was an ending all the same. The hubby and I finally watched the very last episode of Poirot by Agatha Christie on Britbox. (Been watching slowly for over a year) It was the ending of a series and the end of his life. Tomorrow I will honor my past ancestors with photos, candles and memories. 😌

  8. Your Birthday celebrated the old way, this auspicious day with fire and family! The ancestors are with you. Blessings on your birthday and the Celtic New Year! May good things come.

  9. Happy celebration of another trip around the sun! May this be your best birthday yet and best year coming! Brightest Blessings!

  10. Blessed New Year!
    Happy Birthday Dear Lady!!!

    The powerful energy that was created by the meeting up of the Full Moon and Jupiter kept drawing my eyes to them. Even in the early morning hours their tryst was so beautiful to see. I wonder what they talked about while dancing in the sky so high.
    My Foster Grandfather and I used to sing to the Full Moon, we sang loudly “The Man in the Moon, gonna marry him soon, go up in the clouds where no one is allowed and make love to the Man in the Moon!”.
    The Full Moon means a lot to me.

    BTW…. Beautiful Mahonia, such an amazing plant, the flowers are so yellow just like the inner bark of the roots and branches(good antimicrobial) and the berries are good tasting in my opinion, I have plans of making some jelly next year. I had hoped to do it this year but the gent that I take care of pruned them back before they could fruit (I’m talking about tall mahonia, Oregon has both the creeping and tall)

    Have A Happy!
    Terry in Oregon

  11. Hello and Happy Birthday Colette! Yes, a very lovely way to celebrate ~ a stroll on the beach followed by a late lunch!! Lovely indeed!! Blessings to you. Blessing to all.

  12. Another beautiful turn around the sun Colette, I hope you had a magical birthday.
    Samhain blessings to you and a happy Celtic New Year. 🙏

  13. Happy birthday Colette! And thank you for this positive and introspective message. “Hibernation” and bringing in new and sweeping out old energies is the time now. Enjoy the walk.🍂🍂

  14. Happy Birthday Colette. I hope you have had a wonderful celebration of YOU! You’re an amazing lady and I am so blessed to have stumbled across you. You have enriched my life. Thank you.

  15. Thank you so very much for sharing your lovely and soothing knowledge, Colette…
    may your year be one of many blessings.

  16. My Mam, who was born in 1928, used to clean everything in the house right out to the steps as everything had to be spotless on Hogmanay, it was a tradition. I’ve seen her jumping in a bath at 11:45 and getting her glad rags on for the bells. Now I think the having everything clean must have been based a Celtic tradition. Everybody celebrated Ne’erday in Scotland it was the main holiday everyone waited for their first foot it was thought that you would have a guid year if it was someone tall and dark, they had to have lump of coal and a bottle of Whiskey. My Mam used to send my brother out, hail rain or snow, to wait on the the bells to first foot us just in case we didn’t get anyone. Like everything it has all changed now. Not many bring in the bells now. In the cities there are Hogmanay street parties and the pubs have ticketed parties that are really about selling alcohol and making money, but I remember fondly the excitement of the Hogmanays and Ne,erdays of my childhood as it was the only time we got to stay up late. Thanks Colette for reminding me and have a wonderful Birthday xx

    • I remember the same thing with great fondness, from the north of England. And everyone having to have their “glass” before they left your house else it would bring bad luck!

  17. Happy belated birthday Colette and Happy New Year too!!! May this next year be the best one so far.

  18. Thank you for this post Colette, it has left me feeling light and refreshed.
    While in the opposite seasons and on the opposite side of the world, I have spent this day drawn to tidying, cleaning and doing those little jobs that are always put off in the garden. The garden trolly has been cleaned and neatly packed, ready to follow me as I head out to work in the garden, the garden shed has had the tidy up that I have wanted to do for a couple of years, with everything labeled and packed neatly on the shelves and in the old cupboard. I’ve even managed to plant seeds, potatoes, and pot up cuttings! I cannot believe how much I have achieved, and sitting here reading your beautiful post has finished my day perfectly.

  19. Thank you for that podcast,dear Colette……………..Blessings and Greetings from Daggy,Kiel,Germany……….I live here in Kiel also the celtic calender………….

  20. With great gratitude and appreciation for your company, kindness, inspiration and joy in all you’ve shared with us. Many Blessings for the Year ahead 🙏 🧡🍂✨️ xx

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