1. Colette, I grew up in a home where my Grandmother ” a Hellfire and Brimstone Ministers daughter’ , didn’t preach to others, yet her distain for others beliefs was in our home on full display. I’ve never understood the intolerance of “some” religious people.

    Historically we know religions have been the core of many wars. Here in the States we unfortunately hear and see these fanatic’s going after everyone and anyone who doesn’t practice life as they do,
    These fundi preachers fuel their congregations up, with hate, intolerance, and some preach discord. It’s unsettling and scary.

    On a brighter note. I hear others folks saying there not watching the news or any media of what’s taking place in the world. They simply take small bites of world news, to be somewhat informed.

    I have hope for better because of people like you. You and your YT subscribers are the kindred souls of Mother Earth Love.
    It’s only natural that you feel as deeply as you do right now about the distasteful words of others.
    Yet, it is their blacked heart, that feels superior, above, and ready to condemn. If they were really a God loving disciple, they would turn there chin and move forward with love and grace.
    Isn’t it funny how in “my opinion” most “Pagans’ walk with tolerance, love and light, and most of all “We Let Others Be” . I’m lighting a candle with thoughts of you having a wonderful day in nature with your sweet girl.

  2. Hello Collette Re: Sadly this is what happens
    No doubt what I am about to say is ‘teaching granny to suck eggs’ However, just in case…
    A computer has quite a large electro-magnetic field, it is detrimental to your mental health, just as is without visiting social media sites.
    I always place a piece of raw, that is unpolished black tourmaline on mine. I also have Shungite gravel in my water filter jug. Shungite gravel is used in nanosurgery as it has good anti microbial properties but it also clears the nasty electro magnetic field build up from your body.
    I have read tarot cards for 40+ years, (where have they gone), and I was given a good tip years ago that I have used ever since. To avoid taking on the agnst of others, have a piece of rose quartz to hand amd if you have a stressful querent, you can unobtrusively circle your index finger over it in clockwise circles.
    Of coure your lovely land has instant curative properties. I have often heard you say that you dowse, So, find a Hartmann line, stand on a node for about 10 minutes. If you have what is called a negative Hartmann cross, which can be caused by stress and also by sitting at a computer all day, like in an office, you will have a diagonal cross, like a St Andrew flag. You should have a horizontal/vertical cross. ten minutes standing on a node will restore it.
    The worldwide Hartmann Grid resonates very closely to the Shumann resonance, As we walk over the earth, we ‘connect’ to the grid every time we pass over a line, through our solar plexus.
    I used the technical bits here as you are a fellow dowser and probably already know this anyway.
    None of the above will stop the nasty comments, but they will protect your psyche from their negative energy. I expect you already know all of this anyway.
    I hope it helps.

  3. Bless you Collette, sending so many prayers of love and healing to you 🙏💚🙏💚🙏💚🙏 you are an absolute inspiration to so many and your gift to your followers and our earth mother is miraculous. There are those who are indocrinated in dark agendas of division and misunderstanding. They can not comprehend the purity and ethical nature of your beleifs and instead have to attack. I think the darkness of the world is reacting to the increase of light so as easy as it is for me to say try not to take it to heart. Those of us who see you for who you are love and appreciate you 🙏💖🙏💖🙏💖🙏

  4. Colette, I love your videos and your commentary. I am sorry if you felt the slings and arrows sent by some intolerant comments. The jar broke. This world is scary at times. Much love and healing energy come your way! 💕

  5. I think it’s a good thing that you have “family” looking out for your well being there. It’s good that the table was placed there to “catch” you even though you ended up on the ground. Go hug one of your trees. They are very good at absorbing energy, good and bad, and disbursing it into the ground where it is put to good use. I don’t know how they do that but there you go. Don’t have to know everything about something to know that it works, right? I hope you heal quickly. Keep on keeping on.

  6. My Dear Colette. There’s no understanding the why and although I try to ignore or avoid, I absorb negativity too. I continue to plant trees, shrubs and perennials to our half acre. I have been following you for years, I listen to your podcasts, read your books, and enjoy your calendars. Continue to spark joy and inspire us to tend our gardens and enjoy the magic of Mother Nature. Bright blessings Collette.

  7. Sending you love and light. Praying for healing and peace. You just keep doing YOU because there are so many of us that love it. 🤗😁🌞🙏❤️🌻

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