1. Colette, perhaps the key is ‘like-minded’. Insomuch as I’m confident you’ll regain equilibrium. In all is balance, that we realise a supportive community consists of those we feel are alike – perhaps not identical, in view.

    Good rant! Loved your well-upholstered self comment!

    Stuff the politicians and religious extremists, a certain intolerance of their self righteousness is absolutely warranted, they are the ‘dark hell’.

  2. I’m so sorry that you fell but glad you are ok! It is so upsetting that folks posted such negativity and judgment….the religious right is everywhere…and it is very disturbing and scary. In the US it seems we have no parties to represent the people for the hold and control from the far right conservatives in the name of god is out of control. I so appreciate your knowledge and willingness to share and sending you healing and relief of pain. Blessings

  3. Hello Collette. I’m so sorry about your accident. I really hope you recover quickly. I know exactly what you’re talking about. I am the same. I’m very free and easy and I don’t really care what other people want to do or believe in as long as they leave me alone to do my own thing. I disagree with so much of what other people believe in but I keep it to myself. I HATE it when others preach at me because they think they know better or are better than me. We are all equal in my view. And it’s so true about negative energy being a poison that infiltrated our lives in the most bizarre ways. I see it more and more. And you’re right it festers and multiplies with disastrous results. Why can’t people just be nice to one another? Is it really so hard? You are very wise. Thank you for your insight. Sending you love and all good things.

  4. Dear Collette,
    I’ve been following your vlogs for years now. I’ve been able to turn my own 2 acres of earth into a wonderful haven for wildlife. So many red listed birds, stoats, weasels foxes and badgers. This year I finally got hedgehogs. Not to mention all the pollinators. During storms we watch birds fly in for shelter. My water butts all have branches in because I remember your vlog on the little bat. You never knew it but your videos and books have encouraged me so much. I’m quite sure if all these little creatures could speak they would say a big thank-you Collette. Not that you are looking for that, I know. I wonder how many other gardens are helping nature because of your encouragement and inspiration. I wonder how many people you have helped who maybe don’t have much space but get joy from watching yours. I’m not a religious person but I think Jesus said “By their fruits you shall know them” Sort of tells you what you need to know about people I think.

  5. While I want to see my channel grow, I do worry about not being able to manage the comment section. Right now it’s not a problem and I have the best subscribers so I guess I’ll cross that bridge if it ever comes to it. I have been with you since the beginning Colette. You inspire me and I have always related to what you say. We see and love the world similarly. It’s easier said than done to “ignore the haters” take the time you need to regain your positive outlook, to find your centre again. Much love Trish

  6. So glad that you came out reasonably ok Collette. I agree with all you say: especially about our disgusting politicians. Like you I am an older woman trying to push back against all the ugliness and evil in this country of ours. Continue to speak your truth Collette. Hope the bruses and soreness heal quickly. xx

  7. So sorry to hear of all the negativity you’ve had to experience, I don’t understand why people can’t just live & let live. Sending you positive & healing energies. Xxx

  8. So sorry! Please take care of yourself and ignore, if you can, the hateful energy our world has created🍀💐

  9. Much of what you described has a label: the paradox of tolerance, described by Karl Popper. Basically, that unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. Your solid moral compass has seen off their attempt to intimidate you by using magic (if they but realised it), if we describe magic as “the act of changing consciousness according to will”. They hoped to break your spirit. Ha! Fat chance of that! Of course, all magical intimidation will either rebound on them (not unlike karma) or will take a toll on their own spiritual lives. Sad, but inevitable.

    In the meantime, here’s to well-upholstered nether regions and I hope you and Patsy recover your equilibrium.

  10. Morning Colette
    I love your posts about magic so please don’t stop. The pleasure you give from your social media is very unique and precious. It’s a strange human foible that all the positive feelings we get can come undone by even one small dose of negativity, the fly in the ointment…I totally get it as I am the same even though we try to shrug it off. Take some time to recharge your positivity, cuddling a lovely dog helps 🥰

  11. Just delete bad comments with emotional detachment and remember that empty carts rattle the loudest. :-). Protect your happiness and peace of mind from irritations.
    I am sorry for the broken glass. You have lovely art and colorful whimsy as well as goddess icons to remind us of the sacred feminine.
    Thank you.

  12. Speedy recovery and energy restored. ❤️🙏❤️Blessings to you. Take the time you need to shake off what isn’t yours.

  13. Dear Colette,
    So glad that you are all right. At first when I saw the pictures I thought somebody had damaged your property. Just ignore all the nasty comments. You are a beautiful soul and do so much good, and your friends love you. Sending you hugs and love.

  14. Sending love and hugs Collete .swat these comments away like flies which is what they are.dont give them the power to hurt you they are not worth it ! You are a thousand times more loving towards Mother Earth than they will ever be with their negative comments.we know there is nothing but love in your heart sweet one xxxx

  15. Rant away. I couldn’t agree with you more about politicians. I live in the US and they don’t exist here at all. The swamp just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Blessings to you and hugs to Sweet Patsy.

  16. So glad you were not seriously injured and hope the bruising heals quickly. Shine on good woman!!

  17. The far right fundamentalist “Christians” are a very judgmental group, very much like a cult, only associate with others like them, and are highly critical of anyone with different beliefs. Ignore them, delete them, and keep your peace in your home, life including your social media areas. You, your home, land, way of life bring you joy and peace, and by extension, to all of us, and I thank you!

  18. I’m so sorry this happened to you. Sending you love and peace to help you regain your balance. These are hard times.

  19. I enjoy your postings very much; your positive outlook and sense of humor are so refreshing.
    Hoping your bruising ends and you are on the mend soon. I apologize for giggling when you described your padded bottom when you fell.
    I too always function under the assumption that negative energy ( thoughts and actions) creates bad results in my life. I try very hard to keep it at bay, and it usually works, however it does have a way of creeping in at times.
    Be strong; hug Patsy; give yourself credit for at least trying to avoid the inevitable people who try to spoil our lives with their madness.

  20. I haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but skimming through the comments, I just wanted to say I’m sending healing, supportive energy your way, too! Much love, Colette! Thank you for all you do and are.

  21. Don’t feel down Collette. You are the light & grace. Don’t absorb their evil darkness. Haters gonna hate but you just keep on being one we appreciate. Hope your derrière feels better soon! Many blessings & love to you!

  22. Greetings from The States, Colette! In case you’ve forgotten: You’re the BEST!! Rock on…

  23. Mistaking Kindness for weakness, and an inability to recognize, love, beauty, and spirit in all creation. If you are going to continue to put yourself out there for the benefit of all, we should send you love and Light to help protect you and ourselves from the negative. You have created a beautiful community of souls. Sending healing love and Light to you, and ‘The Bealtaine Cottage Project”. <3 Lois

  24. There will always be people who will try to bring you down. I write opinion pieces for Gannett Media. As an outspoken believer in the rule of law, I often receive nasty emails because I do not bow at the feet of a former president who is a felon. It takes a lot of courage & strength to do what you do. Your podcast and FB posts are inspiring. Sending you good karma from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

  25. Colette, your true followers know who you are. People who can’t take the time to get to know you are not worth your time. Sorry to hear you got hurt. Hope you feel better soon. Thankful you have sweet little Patsy to brighten your day.

  26. I’m sorry the unhappy, miserable yokels felt the need to give you their opinions. Misery love company and those miserable people spread their poo thick. Unfortunately, there are folks that will sway with the wind when they hear or read things and feed the misery in the world. I’m like you. I just give those kind a look and go about my happy way. They cannot win. Keep your happy! I love seeing your posts.

  27. Dearest Colette and Sweet Wee Patsy, sending you so much healing and a good dollop of Joy your way. As every one here in Your Loving caring passionate community has shared , We Love You and all that You do including a golly good rant when needed!!! I like to think of it as SACRED ANGER and it is powerful and best released (even if it means dragging out an old pot of paint LOL ) I find DOING something when I am vexed this way , tends to get things done quicker . So grateful You missed the glass , can You transform it into something beautiful? Or is there a glass blower in Your area? anywayyyyyy ,much love again form way down at the bottom of Mother Earth (New Zealand)xx

  28. I always appreciate your wisdom, openness, and kind hearted and sometimes frank approach (love) infused into your creative content, and understand the frustration that can come from narrow-minded comments. We all get to have out own truth, our own path that is not right or wrong, good or bad….it just is…us experiencing-how beautiful is that?! Thank goodness we’re not all cookie cutter versions of each other (snooooze). I send you healing energy and blessings!

  29. I’m saddened and disappointed to hear this has happened to you. Know you are loved & appreciated by myself and many others.🩷Kerry Australia

  30. Dear Collette,
    I am so sorry to hear this happened to you. (The hateful comments and the fall)
    I agree with you that the politicians have definitely set the standard of hateful speech and actions. Giving the green light to follow their heinous actions and words.
    Know you are admired and held in high regard by many many people.
    Light and love to you.
    Trudy of Wisconsin, Usa

  31. Hope you are soon feeling better Colette both physically and emotionally . Don’t let the haters get to you .There are are some called Christian people who feel threatened by Paganism and words like magic and are totally unable to appreciate nature because of it . All the best to you from Australia

  32. So very sorry you are hurting dear Colette; sending healing vibes and hope you have a restful week. You are so loved. Pat x

  33. Keep doing what you’re doing, Colette! There are so many of us who are inspired by your message. The world has always been plagued by these fundamentalist misanthropes. As my dear partner tells me whenever I am beset with doubt or worry brought about by others, “We don’t care what they think.” And I pick myself up, raise my chin, and say, “Indeed we don’t.” However, I do know that feeling of being unnerved and knocked askew by negativism, despite my best intentions to be my authentic self no matter what. I’m sorry that you were hurt physically and mentally by shallow, narrow-minded people. Carry on with your beautifully lived and greatly influential life. So many of us share your love of Mother Earth and stand with you. (I have been busy with work and haven’t watched “A Simple Guide to Magic,” but I can’t wait to sit down and relax with your heartening wisdom. It brightens my days and gives me hope!) ❤️

  34. Well, it’s such a curious thing that people who have all the wide world of the internet would even choose to watch a video they don’t approve of! Why? Surely they could go find videos that align with their own philosophy. It’s a sure sign of insecurity in their own choices and beliefs that they feel threatened by difference, not a testament to the rightness of their positions. Not worth your time to be bothered by such folk. Easier said than done, I know. Sorry for your mishap, take care and heal quickly!

  35. love and blessings Colette, take care. Remember what happened to the troll in the story of Three Billy Goats Gruff? Check the post office for a parcel while you are in town, Sandy.

  36. Dear Colette, I’m very sorry to hear that this happened to you. I wish you every blessing for a quick recovery. I’m grateful for the warmth and love that you give so freely. It truly lights the way in these dark times. Blessings, Kelly

  37. Dearest Colette – you are a brave one! I love your message and am inspired by your curiosity, integrity and creativity. There is so much dark energy at this time and I was particularly inspired by your video yesterday about magic and light and energy. I have been meditating on this ever since. Take care.

  38. Magic is a beautiful word. Folks who cast stones are the worst kind of our species. PAGAN on dear lady! I will be keeping you in happy and safe thoughts. Surround yourself with all you love and mend quickly. Blessings XXX

  39. Dear Colette, I’m so sorry that these people’s negativity and criticism has hurt and upset you. There is so much plain nastiness around at the moment, especially on social media, but out in the world too. I have followed you on Youtube for a long time and know you to be a person of goodness and integrity, and you most certainly don’t deserve any of this. I’m so sorry it led to you having a fall, too. Please rest up a bit and look after yourself (and darling Patsy). Sending you lots of love x

  40. Dear Colette! I am happy that negative energy is being worked out of your experience and I am very sorry you sustained injury and sorry it touched you. I suppose there’s a consequence of looking too deeply or feeling too deeply into negative comments and I am certainly not condoning attracting negative comments as a personal growth path. 😆 Perhaps there is a way to prepare yourself for the negative comments and a way to off-load negative comments when you are done reading them, give a little time to settle yourself before continuing with the next steps of the day…but then, I wonder if that is accommodating “them” too much? Perhaps not, if it spares you an injury and paves the way for some other ways to work with it. I feel you are on the right path addressing their negative comments. Sharing this dilemma in your wonderful style in the spirit of educating, with an open heart can reveal something of use. Your well-fixed and set moral compass will keep you on an even keel. 💖 Keep On!

  41. Colette, I’m sending positive healing energy your way ❤️❤️ ❤️ Well said my friend!!! Well said!!! 😉💫

  42. I have followed you for a few years now Collete. You help us see the magic in the world, the magic of nature and the magic of simple living. My eyes have been opened to the beauty of the world, and even though we live through the darkest times, you bring happiness and hope.

  43. Hello Collette, I am so sorry about your fall and the nasty comments. Hope you feel well soon. I am sending good thoughts your way.

  44. I’m so sorry your day has been clouded by people and their bile, I understand how it can make you feel. I hope your sore bits mend quickly. Thank you for your videos and podcasts, I find them so calming and relaxing, like visiting a little oasis of calm. Axx

  45. Colette, you are so correct in your analysis of the hateful comments-bad energy for you to deal with. Unleashed Hell unleashed on you.
    So sorry to hear about your fall. I am 79 and a fall can take us out. I have had a few.
    I experienced the loss of a 41 year friendship over an email that I sent her about the facts of the COVID shots. This person beat her Bible with heinous verses thrown at me and she was a fundamentally oriented person. Her husband is a fundamental minister. Her response was Hell personified. I never answered that email. They are all now vaxxed and boosted. You cannot save people from themselves!
    Colette, you just rant, I am right there with you. Who needs all this hateful negativity?
    Take good care of yourself. Epsom salt soaks will help your bruised bum. Thank goodness it was well padded, lol!
    Patsy is a beautiful doggy, my fur babies sleep with me. So much warm furry comfort. So glad you have Patsy. She looks like my rescue dog from 40 years ago. Pee Wee lived to be 20 years old!
    “Don’t let the bastards grind you down”
    Blessing to you Colette

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