Bealtaine Cottage…the Book!


  Finally…on the home run as they say, working on the cover of my long-awaiting book, “A Cottage and Three Acres”. There’s a few bits on the cover (shown below), to be tweaked, such as the colour of the text and white stitching around the photo on the front (this is it laid out flat!)…but […]

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Happy New Year from Bealtaine Cottage


        Seed from the sacred Rowan at Bealtaine Cottage now available.  The ancient peoples of Ireland considered their Earth to be sacred and experienced the natural world as Divine…many lessons to be learned from our ancestors of these islands of Britain. Mother Earth had a womb…that which lies beneath our feet…and […]

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Goddess Permaculture and what it looks like…


In between making soup and working in the gardens today, I’ve made this screen show for your enjoyment… The Bealtaine Project is a full-time labour of love for Colette O’Neill, aiming to encourage and support those wishing to live more sustainably “with” rather than “on”” Mother Earth. To this end, Colette writes, photographs, films and […]

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Goddess Permaculture…Here It Is!


This is a morning in early winter, at Bealtaine Cottage in the west of Ireland. On this Sunday, the twentieth day of November, I awoke to frost, clear skies and that bitter cold signalling immersion in Winter. Bealtaine Cottage didn’t always look like this…you can see how it once looked at the bottom of this […]

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Winter Work in the Permaculture Gardens


Saturday morning at Bealtaine Cottage and the cold winter has set in… The Goddess Gardens are in the midst of an early winter tidy-up. This is a way of preparing the earth for the Spring to follow, and, it’s not that far away either. As we descend towards Midwinter, those involved in caring for the […]

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Irfan, Darkness, Light and Healing


(Starting with the Podcast will allow you to listen as you look through the photographs) Channelling is a skill that takes practice, eventually becoming an intuitive director of energy, good or bad. Yesterday, angry energy was channelled into this creation. As we channel energy from one place to another, so we work as alchemists in […]

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The Living Earth in Early Winter…Goddess Permaculture Ireland


Thirty two photographs of the Goddess-inspired Permaculture Gardens of Bealtaine Cottage, taken on the morning of the 9th of November 2016. Every picture tells a story…enjoy! More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.  Lord Alfred Tennyson Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not […]

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Bealtaine Cottage Podcast and Slideshow…Moving Forward!


Welcome to the Cottage Podcast! This is Saturday morning at Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland. Beauty is here on the bed as you can see…she’ll be here all day! After some adjustments, I’ve managed to sort the Podcast in terms of volume.  Here it is, complete with the photos I promised to take this morning.  There’s an […]

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