Easy Family Food Vegan Style


This is a photo blog of food…Vegan food made especially for my family, yesterday and today. The recipes are all simple and easy…like this Sweet Potato and Caramelised Red Onion Pate! The food in the first photo consists of a Green Salad with Olive Oil and Basil dressing; Spicy Roasted Veg., Bulgar Wheat and Ginger […]

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How To Plant A Woodland On A Monoculture Field!


It’s been one of those incredible Autumn days, when one’s heart sings to the rhythm of it all…bees, butterflies and birds all in sublime togetherness across the gardens and woodland. I say woodland, because, as you’ll appreciate from the video, that is what it now is. The transformation has happened and it is wonderful to behold! Many of […]

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This is Why You Should NEVER Use Chemicals in Your Garden!

Permaculture Cottage August 2011 032

In this video, Colette shows you the progress made in the Lughnasadh Garden, regards the Bees and shares the secret of the magnificent Geraniums! Despite the storm blowing along the west coast today, the gardens are fairly sheltered.      Please consider a subscription to Bealtaine Cottage Good Life…here’s the link… Bealtaine Cottage Good Life […]

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Thank You!

Cottage Sitting Room

I’m sharing these images of Bealtaine Cottage this evening and saying a massive “Thank You!” to you all! Many of you have been with me from the very beginning, when I first ventured into the world of blogging and began writing about my journey here at Bealtaine Cottage. I attempted in a small way, to […]

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Rustic and Free…Garden Ideas


Everybody loves gardens! One of the flourishing businesses of our time is that of Garden Centres. I love walking around a Garden Centre, but can rarely afford to buy more than one or two plants…if that! But…I continue to develop the gardens here at Bealtaine Cottage…on a budget that more often than not hovers around […]

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