Happy New Year from Bealtaine Cottage





Seed from the sacred Rowan at Bealtaine Cottage now available.

The ancient peoples of Ireland considered their Earth to be sacred and experienced the natural world as Divine…many lessons to be learned from our ancestors of these islands of Britain.

Mother Earth had a womb…that which lies beneath our feet…and into that was planted the sacred seed. The Mother Goddess nurtured the seed and from that grew all life. Trees, being the oldest living embodiment of the Great Mother, were considered to be a connection to the Otherworld and the very heart of the Goddess.

Plant a portal from Bealtaine…


Thanks to Ferris Jay and Nuada for the wonderful music. From the album: Court The Sun by Nuada.




  1. Thank you for a terrific year of posts and shared passions for Mother Earth. Have a wonderful 2017 and may each goal you set be realised in your journey. Blessings from the Land of Oz Colette. Janet x

  2. Dear Colette, may our sacred Gaia feel our collective blessings upon her as more people become aware of the need to respect, honor, snd work with her. Blessings for all as we go forward into the new year! Thank you for what you do and share with the world, I see it as a light in the world connccting other lights, creating a true worldwide web. May it shine brightly, thank you continuing to inspire me…

  3. Happy New Year to you. So pleased to have found your blog and learn that you are nurturing a bit of Ireland – your powerful photos of your home and land are beautiful and inspiring.

  4. Happy new year Colette , looking forward to reading the book . Wishing you and your loved ones health , happiness and peace. Blessingsxxx

  5. Just listened to your vocals and I want to wish you all the encouragement you need to get the book finished. I am so looking forward to seeing the finished article. So, raising a glass to your determination! Slainte

  6. Happy New Year Colette. Blessings and Best Wishes for myself and Lol. Hoping to see you again soon – we need our “fix”. Love to you and yours xx

  7. Happy New Year to you Colette! So lovely to hear you today and I wish you every success with your book which I am looking forward to very much!
    I’m off to view an allotment that’s become available near my home today so I am very excited….and maybe I can plant some seed from Bealtaine Cottage there!!
    Blessings for the coming year,
    Julie xx

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