Food in the Midwinter Garden


It’s surprising just how much food is growing in the gardens of Bealtaine at this time of year, the time of scarcity…but far from it!

dsc05673dsc05672dsc05671There’s the makings of a decent salad, with Fennel, Japanese salads like Mizuna and others as well as a lovely edible garnish in the form of Pansy flowers.

dsc05670dsc05675In other parts of the gardens, where little micro-climates exist in the form of stones and shed walls, there’s Flat-leaf Parsley and Thyme.

I used Thyme in roasted potatoes yesterday…delicious!

dsc05664Purple Sprouting Broccoli is giving lots of florets…delicious raw or cooked and full of goodness! dsc05663Then there’s Leeks…all grown from saved seed and the stronger for it!

dsc05662Elsewhere in the gardens I found stands of Kale…shred this in salads and roast as chip dips!

dsc05669dsc05668Here and there in the flower beds and in pots…lots of Sage and Rosemary…great herbs to add taste to root vegetables at this time of year!

dsc05666Bay is growing in abundance, quite acclimatised to the Irish climate.

dsc05674Golden Oregano continues to thrive past Midwinter.

All of this is growing outdoors, not in the tunnel and these pics were snapped today, 26th of December!

dsc05651Even the Rhubarb is beginning to produce!

dsc05642There’s lots of other food in the garden…for birds and small mammals, in the form of berries.

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  1. Lovely photos – thanks. It’s nice to see how many useful/edible plants you have growing right in the middle of winter. Do you do anything to protect these plants from frost? We have mild winters where I live, but the occasional hard frost is still pretty tough on many things. Thanks

  2. Lovely photos – thanks. Nice to see how many useful/edible plants you’ve got growing right in the middle of winter. Do you do anything to protect those plants from frost? We have mild winters where I live, but the occasional hard freeze is still pretty tough for some things… Thanks

  3. You are so blessed with the Irish weather! Here in New England USA, we are covered with over a foot of snow and ice. Luckily, we have a full pantry and freezer. Busy planning spring gardens here. My husband’s grandparents came here from County Tyrone, is that anywhere near you? Happy boxing day dear Collette.

  4. Such lovely abundance. Leek and potato soup with rosemary and oregano. Cooked kale mixed into mashed potato’s. Cooked kale and stinging nettle as a vege side dish. Wonderful green salads, Home made bread with some of your best current jam. Happy winter days. Looking forward to the returning light of longer days. Hope you had a lovely family gathering Colette. Happy New Year in 2017.

  5. It’s so glorious to see all the green growth in your garden! I noticed a little Holly coming up and your Rhubarb is wunderbar…… and the return of the sun will only stir them even more from slumber <3

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