Food in the Midwinter Garden


It’s surprising just how much food is growing in the gardens of Bealtaine at this time of year, the time of scarcity…but far from it! There’s the makings of a decent salad, with Fennel, Japanese salads like Mizuna and others as well as a lovely edible garnish in the form of Pansy flowers. In other […]

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Winter Work in the Permaculture Gardens


Saturday morning at Bealtaine Cottage and the cold winter has set in… The Goddess Gardens are in the midst of an early winter tidy-up. This is a way of preparing the earth for the Spring to follow, and, it’s not that far away either. As we descend towards Midwinter, those involved in caring for the […]

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Why Save Seed?

Lunaria seeds drying on the veranda of the Lodge

All seed-saving at Bealtaine Cottage helps to preserve heirloom seeds’ genetic diversity! This is Bealtaine Cottage Lunaria. This seed has adapted over twelve years to grow in difficult conditions, for as you know, it rains frequently here and the gardens are all on a north-facing slope. This is why the seed saved here, year after […]

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It Still Takes My Breath Away!


Each morning I arise and embark on a series of rituals, that culminate with a hot cup of tea in one hand, my camera in the other and faithful Jack by my side. It is then that I step out… This has been my ritual, though not always with Jack, for the past twelve years. […]

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Building an Ark…One Garden At ATime


As the thousand and more trees and thousands of plants of the Bealtaine Project grow taller and more dense, so it is the once barren land seems more and more as it is…an Ark for Earth, set into a monoculture landscape of Cash-Crop-Forestry and ¬†animal grazing fields. This summer witnessed the most Bees, Butterflies, Pollinators […]

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Bee and Butterfly Garden Plants


I visited Knockvicar Organic Garden today in search of flowering plants for the new Garden…and here’s what I got…

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Rustic and Free…Garden Ideas


Everybody loves gardens! One of the flourishing businesses of our time is that of Garden Centres. I love walking around a Garden Centre, but can rarely afford to buy more than one or two plants…if that! But…I continue to develop the gardens here at Bealtaine Cottage…on a budget that more often than not hovers around […]

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