1. I saved this beautiful video til I had some quiet time to watch it. I’m so glad I did because it is a wonderful tour round a beautiful garden and also because it gave me a little more insight into how a permaculture garden works. I may have mentioned that we are selling our house and plan to move to Wales. We received details of a house yesterday which had a garden that looked very similar to yours and, when I read the description fully I saw that the current owner has designed the garden along permaculture principles. That really resonated with me and I wonder if this is the house that is meant to be for me. It’s such early days yet but I can but hope.

  2. Such an exquisite and inspiring trip around your garden, Colette….Thank You! I wish I could have inhaled the Honeysuckle fragrance, and almost did, in my imagination! I appreciate this good lesson in accepting the bounty of Nature, and in letting go of our need to control her.

  3. Thank you so much, Colette, for the wonderful walk around your green green garden yesterday, so inspiring. I have looked at the before and after photographs and read your book extract, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I’m finding it hard to image the early days/years, did you start by planting trees and shrubs close to the cottage for shelter?. I am not at all surprised that wild plants, like the woodbine, arrive to add to the beauty, who/what wouldn’t want to live in such an oasis. I just stumbled on an interview you did with The Green Diary blog, posted in January 2016, where you described your place when you started “The land was bereft” So much of our beautiful country is like that, non productive and a green desert, so much knowledge has been lost. Would you please post a few pictures of perhaps, after 3 or 5 years. Jack is a lovely dog, with a friendly face, you obviously adore each other. I am humbled and inspired by what you have achieved. Sally

    • Thanks Sally, the land was indeed in need of planting…and that’s just what I did…no plan on paper, I just worked out from the cottage. I am aware that many people get tied into plans and maybe get a little phased by them. I prefer to work and plant with intuition and co-creation. As for the pics…I will embark on a search at sometime this year to find the few I snapped along the way.

  4. Love the walk today around your wonderful, lush, bountiful garden. You make it look so easy!!

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