Envisioning the “Impossible”

DSC00742Envisioning the end is enough to put the means in motion.  ~Dorothea Brande

DSC00745Many people ask me, time and again,

“Where did you begin planting, Colette?”

“Did you have a plan?”

DSC00747The answer is simple, as is much of what I do and how I live my life…no plans, just a vision!

DSC00746The power of envisioning is just beginning to be understood.

DSC00748Much has been said about this process and, as yet, we have only a small level of understanding how it works, but the process of manifestation is a powerful one indeed. 

DSC00749Dreaming is the first step to becoming. 

To dream of the time ahead is to welcome an inner fold of reality we long for but have not yet realized. 

It is an act not just of hope but of inspiration. 

~Paul H. Ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson

DSC00750At a time when hope seems to be marginalized, almost cast aside, as the grim reality of the world today pervades our lives, creating a vision of a better world can be a powerful beginning.

DSC00751I don’t have a television in my home…that leaves a wonderful void to be filled, and I fill it with imagination and creativity. 

DSC00752Simply unleashing our imaginations can be empowering. 

~Paul Rogat Loeb

DSC00753We really have such little understanding of the power of our imaginations.

DSC00754Yet most of us are aware of the ways in which a troubled mind can manifest and create chaos and unhappiness!

DSC00755If one, then the other (opposite), is equally possible! 

DSC00756If we cannot envision the world we would like to live in, we cannot work towards its creation.  If we cannot place ourselves in it in our imagination, we will not believe it is possible. 

~Chellis Glendinning

DSC00757My vision was always one of co-creating with the Goddess, a Garden of Eden.

DSC00758One of abundance and beauty.

DSC00759A tribute to Mother Earth.

DSC00760I veered away from straight lines, squares, harshness that implied dominance.

DSC00761I wanted to coax Her into life, reassure Her that this would be Her garden.

DSC00763Everything seems to indicate that we must not be afraid of dreaming the seemingly impossible if we want the seemingly impossible to become a reality. 

~Václav Havel

DSC00762And so it is…

The Bealtaine Project is a full-time labour of love for Colette O’Neill, aiming to encourage and support those wishing to live more sustainably “with” rather than “on”” Mother Earth.

To this end, Colette writes, photographs, films and podcasts regularly every day in multi media form.

Your support is appreciated

Blessings X

Colette at Bealtaine Cottage





  1. Beautifully expressed and illustrated. A how to for living a beautiful life of creativity.

  2. Colette, I can’t tell you how much joy and inspiration your garden, and your writing, has given me, (and continues to as well). Your work is not only a delight to behold, but it’s also incredibly heartening to have in the world. Thankyou for your beautiful work Colette. It makes a real difference to me, and my tiny corner of the world, as I puddle along trying to transform my own garden into a sanctuary for Mother Earth. Blessings to you. x

  3. If we each take our little corner of the world and increase the health of the soil and the diversity of life imagine what would be possible.

  4. I too believe a troubled mind can make the body ill, so essence a healthy mind can help improve the health of the body – and mother nature is a healer of the mind 🙂 Jill

  5. Thanks to all the inspiration you provide, I have dedicated my garden to Danu, one of our sovereign Goddesses and within this garden is another little circle dedicated to Brigid. Every time I go out to work in the garden I tell them what I am doing and why and ask for help and I can honestly say that things are going with the flow, are getting easier to do and I am becoming more inspired. Life is wonderful. xxx

    • oak/ash/hawthorn/blackthorn/green beech/purple beech/birch/poplar/lime/apple/pear/cherry/plum/…just some of the trees. hypericum/ribes/forsythia/fuschia/rose/rosa canina/box/privet…just some of the shrubs

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