The Bealtaine Cottage Podcast

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Today marks the beginning of a new venture, as Bealtaine Cottage takes to the airwaves, in the form of a Podcast.

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It’s early days and I am just getting the hang of it all..

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I hope you enjoy it.

Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture

If you have any aspects of Bealtaine Cottage you’d like me to talk about then please let me know in a comment here…

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Click on the link…it’ll take you straight there…


  1. Lovely to hear your voice Colette. You give so much, and now – podcasts too – we are so lucky. Thank you so much. Love hearing about – your current work in your garden, household tips and your wise words about sustainability and life in general. Its all good Colette. Margaret.

  2. Hello Colette, I’m new to your blogs and am enjoying them immensely! The podcast was an absolute pleasure and I’m looking forward to hearing more. Your sweet cottage and permaculture gardens are what I aspire to. I love your Jack – I have a Jack too, he’s almost 14 years old now 🙂 Vicki xx

  3. Hi Colette, your podcast was absolutely lovely! You have a wonderfully soothing, melodic voice! I live in the heart of Atlanta Georgia in the US and am a Registered Nurse in a Neonatal ICU. Most days I come home wired, wound up and fidgety from the massive amount of stress that comes with my job. Tonight I fixed myself a cup of sleepytime tea and was instantly calmed while listening to your podcast. I felt as if we were friends sitting down for a cuppa in your kitchen. Even though I am born and raised Amurikan, my mother swears that I have preferred a hot cup of tea over any other beverage since I was a small child. I guess some things are just instinctual 🙂

    I would love to hear more about permaculture and different versions of it. I am an urban gardener as I live in a 700 square foot condo with only a 12 ft X 6 ft balcony for container plants. This was my second year doing the container garden and my first experimenting with companion planting. I think it was a huge success. The basil seemed to really help my tomatoes and I think the rosemary helped tremendously with the mosquitoes. I wasn’t aware that was a benefit of rosemary bushes but it’s the only thing new this year and I haven’t seen a single mosquito all summer. I’m currently researching living walls and vertical gardening for next season and would love to know if you have any information on small scale permaculture such as in living walls and/or containers.and/or small scale garden designs. Thanks so much and I’m looking forward to listening to your next podcast!!

    Have a blessed day 🙂

    • Bless your healing and caring work, Kim and wonderful to hear about your garden. I have just returned indoors from my tea and garden walk and was thinking about vertical gardening, so will be happy to address this tonight in my little talk. I’m delighted to receive such positive feedback. XXX

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