Consumption and Happiness 003

As more people come to the realisation that “stuff” doesn’t bring happiness, there is a mindset change happening across society. 026

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  1. Lol, I have a pile of old socks, tea towels, etc, all headed for the compost pile. I love to use natural old textiles for lasagna mulch, I have had great success using them to turn lawn into garden.

    Everyone I know is overwhelmed with the ‘stuff’ you refer to, myself included and I am not even a shopper or a pack rat. I love that, having a home filled with items that are biodegradable. Nice.

    • I love that term “lasagne mulch”…and good to hear the term “natural textiles” too…we are inventing a new communication…that of one with Mother Earth. Blessings to you Alana XXX

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