Frogspawn, Sunshine and a Walk in the Garden

DSC08362Went for a walk down to the pond and made a video on the way, as the sun shone and the birds sang…what a beautiful day!

The lower pond is filled with Frogspawn…almost heaving really…I’ve never seen so much!

DSC08368Just recalling how a mere twelve years ago there was nothing here by wet, rushy ground that was impenetrable to the spade!

Now it’s packed with wildlife, young woodland, ponds, streams, orchards, soft fruits and vegetables!

DSC08374There is even a Spring Well, dug out from stone, deep within the Fairy Wood! DSC08357Bealtaine Cottage…from monoculture to permaculture in twelve short years!

Enjoy the video!

Those interested in the Fuchsia, Blackcurrant or Rubus cuttings need to hurry and order, as they are fast coming into leaf…another couple of weeks left to get them in the ground and growing…and they will grow very fast indeed! To place your order, click on the link below…





  1. What a beautiful spring day you have had,i loved watching your video and wish I could have jumped in and walked around with you and Jack in your lovely garden xx

  2. Holy frog spawn Batman! ………The pond is glorious! Do you have many turtles Colette?

  3. Thank you so much. I have begun reading the permit and regulations for being able to receive plants and related plant materials in the U.S. One of your followers posted the form for obtaining a proper permit in a previous blog. Life is busy right now with grand children and life things so it will take me some time. The documentation is quite a lot and it appears that there are separate forms for seeds as well. I haven’t completely given up on being able to order from you at some distant future time. Will be adding a small bit to the ‘cookie tin’ soon. Not a lot but every drop helps fill the ocean. Love and blessings.

  4. Lovely ,seeing your walk round the garden in sunshine, whilst watching snow falling through the windows here in sunny France !!

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