Frogspawn, Sunshine and a Walk in the Garden


Went for a walk down to the pond and made a video on the way, as the sun shone and the birds sang…what a beautiful day! The lower pond is filled with Frogspawn…almost heaving really…I’ve never seen so much! Just recalling how a mere twelve years ago there was nothing here by wet, rushy ground […]

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The Shining Ones


To understand Celtic Spirituality we must suspend the normal way of looking at the world and ‘sense’ the other worlds around us.” – Donald McKinney, Celtic Spirituality for the 21st Century Looking North East towards Slieve Anieirin Mountain… Slieve Anierin, known as the Iron Mountain, is a magical landscape, where Iron Age people once mined […]

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Days of Hibernation

Snow fell today. As I stood by the front of the cottage, the mountain of Sliabh an Iarainn appeared to suddenly rise up in a shroud of white. More often than not it merges into the sky in shades of grey and sometimes blue, but today it stood out proud, gleaming white. This mighty mountain, […]

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As the Sun Sets on Bealtaine

The Open Permaculture Gardens Weekend has been a great success. Visitors have come and walked the gardens, shared the spirit of this little home and talked with others, gathered around the ancient and rather rickety table in this small kitchen. People, from all walks of life, have shown tremendous generosity, in donating to the Leitrim […]

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Saint Patrick’s Day Parade Prize awarded to “NO FRACKING IRELAND!”

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all! If you are planning on visiting the “Land of Saints and Scholars,” to see the “Forty Shades of Green,” make sure you come before the Fracking Starts! This was the message today from the Saint Patrick’s Day Float which won the “Most Entertaining Float,” in the Saint Patrick’s Day […]

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Pictures of a Frack Too Far in Ireland…Every Picture Tells a Fracking Story!

These photographs you are about to see were taken in the area of North West Ireland where prospecting for Gas was carried out in recent years. The site was purchased by the company who test-drilled. Local people remember what happened and have spoken to me about it. In some photographs I am standing right on […]

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