Days of Hibernation


Snow fell today.

As I stood by the front of the cottage, the mountain of Sliabh an Iarainn appeared to suddenly rise up in a shroud of white.


More often than not it merges into the sky in shades of grey and sometimes blue, but today it stood out proud, gleaming white.

This mighty mountain, where once the ancients mined iron ore and ushered in the Iron Age, rises from the shores of Lough Allen to the North East, as Kilronan Mountain faces the cottage, sentinel-like, to the North.


It too was dusted with a covering of light snow.


I retreated to the warmth of the cottage and watched the snow fall.


By the time I went into the bedroom to make the bed, Sammy-Bear had made a nest and curled up for the day…I exited the messy room and closed the door!


Sammy-Bear often sleeps in my bedroom to escape Charlie, who often makes great sport from terrorizing his betters!


Charlie and Jack are quite good friends now.

It’s a hierarchical relationship…Charlie’s the boss!


The evening has drawn in fast…there is not much to notice yet in the stretch of the day…it slowly manifests when we are busy getting used to the new year.


Now is the time to make the most of the days of hibernation left to us, for they are few in number…the Spring moves in faster than we realise.

Charlie knows this…in fact, looking into his eyes, I’d say that Charlie knows an awful lot!


  1. Loved meeting your four legged friends and enjoyed seeing the images of your countryside. Made nice comforting reading by my own fireside 🙂

  2. what beautiful pictures of your companions Colette, such depth in their eyes :-). I wish you a peaceful, productive and happy year ahead. I too was just thinking about the diminishing days of hibernation which I love more with each year as I learn to accept and enjoy them instead of fighting against the seasons as I did when younger lol! My hens have started laying again albeit fitfully these last few days since the winter solstice but they can sense a slight lengthening in the day – we are yet to have any snow up here in north east England so maybe I can hibernate for longer than i think, as it will come…. oh and then the joy of the turning of the year and knowing the spring is all to come ….joyous. much love and thanks for all your beautiful posts xxx

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