The Great Descent Towards Samhain

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Walking Between Worlds

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The days of long shadows are with us once more. Evening descends more quickly, as the light disappears into the western skies. We have passed the equinox and are on the descent towards Samhain, the time of thin edges, where time itself loses meaning and relevance as the great change occurs and the Celtic year begins afresh.

Light is celebrated in the dying days as the journey towards Yule begins.

As the Earth prepares for Winter, closing down into itself, the scents of mushrooms and decay linger in the woodland around the cottage.

Jack and I enjoy the day that’s in it as we walk in the greater woodland nearby…this is Dereen Woods where we love to roam! This is the time when we truly appreciate the light, making the most of the hours that are illuminated.

Venus de Milo welcomes visitors to the Goddess Gardens, now thickly wooded and rich with life. A red squirrel recently took up residence, followed by another…then another today! Word is spreading that there is a sanctuary for life where all are protected…and welcomed!

Soon the leaves will fall and the light will find new pathways each day as the sun rises lower and lower until the three days of stillness over Solstice.

Blessings to you all X


  1. Hi Colette
    I want to order your books but not sure if you are posting to Australia yet? Thought I’d check before I order. I’m going to treat myself and order them all!
    With love

  2. Dear Colette,

    Thank you for all the information and inspiration! It helps me a lot to create my own little woodland garden.
    The following may interest you. Dutch men found a way to benefit nature as soon as our body is buried. To become a part of the full circle of life and death they created a coffin made of mycelium.
    This is their vision:
    The coffin has already been used in Holland for 10 times now.

    All the best, Annet
    (The Netherlands)

  3. I love reading your blog! I was so happy to see that you have red squirrels, how wonderful. I’ve just read about how they’re recovering in Ireland due to a rising population of pine martens. I wonder whether you have those too?
    There is hope!

  4. Hi Colette,
    I would love to create my own little paradise, but I am not sure how to do so on a budget.
    Would you mind sharing how you got such a large variety in your garden?
    Renee (from Australia)

  5. Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey and being such a peaceful spark of inspiration for ,hopefully,many others! As a side note,my son and I have a rescue pup that is working through noise anxiety and every time I watch your you tube videos, when he hears that one is playing he comes in and settles.

  6. Love your readings from “Walking Between Worlds” . Although I have read it, somehow your version is so much more meaningful.
    Would you ever consider doing “Books on Tape (aka CD”) now ?

    Blessed Be, Connie Henry, Albuquerque, NM USA

  7. So so beautiful Colette as usual , it fills my heart with joy and love for the Goddess . The days are getting colder , a wonderful time to go for walks in nature and connect with her .it makes me very emotional . Blessings dear Colette and Jack . Xxx❤️❤️❤️

  8. Really enjoyed your reading. Irish history is so rich and amazing. The home you share with Mother Nature brings such peace and joy to me, and I suspect to most of your followers. Blessings to you and Jack and thank you for sharing Bealtaine Cottage with us.

  9. Such a wonderful post Colette! The red squirrels must be the highlight of the year! I hope that they breed on your little patch of earth. Can’t wait to see what other creatures take up residence too. x

  10. Utterly beautiful. I just did “chop & drop” in my little garden yesterday.
    Absolutely loving “Walking Between Worlds”.
    Fingers crossed the other 2 books arrive. Immense gratitude to yourself, Jack & Bealtaine.💚🌱

  11. Thank you Colette! Happy day when I found your web-site. Beautiful post today. You keep us focused.

  12. I knew that there was an Avalon. I keep petitioning the Goddess so I can come visit. All hail you Goddess

  13. How lovely, thank you for reading. The squirrel is delightful and Venus a very nice touch 💖 My vehicle looks just wonderful with your bumper-stickers. I thank you for all you have done and continue to accomplish, create and share.
    Love and Blessings,

  14. Your videos and pictures are so enjoyable and always bring a smile when I read them. I really look forward to your posts and emails. So thankful you share your wonderful home with us. ❤

  15. How beautiful are your words mixed with the gentle lilt of your voice .
    Concepts to ponder are intertwined with images into which one is instantly transported.
    The writer and the listener are walking together in a seemingly effortlessly manifested liminal space – true magic.

    Thank you Collett.
    Many blessings

  16. As always Colette, beautiful words and images. There are a very few red squirrels not far from me but they are a very rare sight these days
    The wildlife instinctively know that Bealtaine is a sanctuary for them where they will not be harmed. The evidence of the Mother at work there gives them courage to trust Bealtaine and you.
    So much beauty and wonder. I love these days, all the smells and changing colours. There’s beauty to be found in every season. Blessings to you and Jack xXx

  17. Thank you for your gentle thoughts and heartwarming pictures. I watch grey squirrels here in Norwich in the trees. Years ago in the States they frolicked in the trees in my backyard, especially when we had deep snow. I can’t remember seeing a red squirrel ever. I’m 76 so it’s going on my bucket list!
    Blessings. Frances

  18. Beautiful words. I am building another large compost heap. The constant Robin song is my companion.x

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