February in the Goddess Permaculture Gardens of Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland.


Work has continued unabated all this week. I managed to get a load of cardboard to begin mulching the problem bed over by the Lughnasadh Garden.


Here I have laid the aboard and mulched with chipping from the garden shredder and laid another layer of cardboard.


The progress is fairly rapid, with the exception that all the chipping come from the gardens, so pruning and shredding has to happen in conjunction with the mulching…and that takes quite some time!


These are the magnificent red dogwoods that I am pruning at the moment…providing lots of mulch.


The shredder is electric, second hand and the cheapest one on the market. It serves me well, but capacity is limited!



The Robin keeps me and Jack company as I work.


All the Laurel pruned last week is now laid as weed-suppressant mulch, as well as small mammal habitat. Goddess permaculture is about ALL LIFE!


This week has been both cold and wet, so the occasional sunshine is worth photographing…I keep my camera with me as much as possible.


The days are getting longer, with dark drawing down around 5.30pm.


The sap is rising in the plants, developing a depth of lovely colour!


Work in the tunnel continues, as I move from task to task in order to remain enthused with energy…small results are energising!


I walked down through the gardens this morning and took these photographs.

IMG_1541It was delightful to see the first catkins on the willow.

IMG_1547IMG_1552Heavy rain fell last night, so the pond was gushing!

IMG_1554IMG_1556IMG_1557Back up to the cottage to write this blog and upload some of the photographs. I have heaps more that I may put on a slideshow on YouTube.

Thank you for your continuing support…I will continue to happily share freely.

Blessings X Colette


  1. Thank you for the beautiful photographs of early spring. We were blessed with several days of warm weather here in Virginia and were able to open the windows and listen to the frogs all night. Why was that area a problem bed? What do you store in the many large black trash cans ? My usual gardening questions. have a wonderful week!

  2. The gardens look very beautiful washed in spring sunlight, just waiting for the surge of growth that heralds spring. It’s wet, grey and windy here in the New Forest today, so it was lovely to join you and Jack for a walk around your gardens., they are always an inspiration, and a testament to what one woman can achieve with vision and much hard work. I have visited many gardens but I don’t think I have ever found anywhere as distinctly beautiful and original as the Bealtaine gardens. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing them and your kindness and willingness give advice. Much love to you and Jack and looking forward to a magical 2019 in the gardens . Blessings. XX

  3. There you are. 😀 … I hope you’re enjoying your interwebz break. Nice to see the pond all full up and ready for the froggies, and all sorts of froggy goings-ons. 😀

  4. Beautiful beautiful Pictures full of light and energy. I especially love the shot of the moss on the side of the Buddha. I ordered your calendar, who cares if it is February! Love you and Jacky boy!! Stacey C.

  5. Brilliant timing when here in Minnesota, USA, wechave about 6 inches of new snow. You are an inspiration!

    On Thursday, February 7, 2019, Bealtaine Cottage wrote:

    > Colette O’Neill posted: ” Work has continued unabated all this week. I > managed to get a load of cardboard to begin mulching the problem bed over > by the Lughnasadh Garden. Here I have laid the aboard and mulched with > chipping from the garden shredder and laid another layer of ” >

  6. Oh, envy, envy, envy — here in Central Ontario, even though the groundhog came out early this year, we are still expecting at least 6-8 weeks of winter; still struggling through several feet of snow… sigh

  7. Thank you so much, Colette. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Seeing your work and love for the land and Goddess gives me so much hope and inspiration in this life of struggle.

    I’m truly blessed to have found your YouTube channel and your blog and website. I will be certainly purchasing your books and cannot wait to read them!

  8. I’d like to suggest that you have a payment button right at the top of this blog so that people like me, who can’t afford a book but would like to support Bealtaine with little bits and pieces of cash now and then, can just click on and do it easily.

  9. Mother Nature and Colette have been working hard at Bealtaine! Thank you for sharing the beauty and magic (and the sweet robin). Peace to you and Mr. Jack.

  10. Such wonderful signs of Spring and of Mother Nature revitalized. I am hoping to find a small wood chipper, second hand would be great because they are super expensive. My early daffodils are all blooming and the peepers are singing. (Peepers are frogs) Still about 4-6 weeks till our last frost but we’ve had temps in the high 60’s. Love seeing all the beauty of Bealtaine! Blessings Colette )O(

  11. Since less recycling plants are processing cardboard (USA – Florida), we too are laying out cardboard under the beds (or guilds) we are creating this year. We also lay it down in walkways where it can get “seasoned’ for later use in other areas if necessary. I will look for your new post on Youtube; an inspirational ‘after work’ break. In joy!

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