Mid September at Bealtaine Cottage

Morning at Bealtaine Cottage and Jack awaits my company for a walk. This is now mid September and the air remains humid and warm from the end of Summer heat.

Kilronan Mountain appears baby blue in the early morning. Young Ash trees on the lane have dropped their meagre leaves as Chalara overtakes them. Lots of wood will come down over winter storms. All will go into the kindling pile in the barn.

As I work in the woodland, coppicing and clearing, the light breaks through in subtle ways, allowing secondary growth to happen. I have often spoken about the way in which I created this woodland, citing the importance of “pioneer trees”, as a way of preparing the earth for longer lasting secondary planting. It has worked beautifully! The way I have planted this woodland is set out in my first book, “A Cottage and Three Acres”.

Yesterday and today I am engaged with cutting back the Clematis that covers the front of the cottage. Winter storms may damage the heavy canopy it has formed, so thinning out will help protect the plant. My wheelbarrow is piled high! All cuttings are piled up into “habitat piles”. These will provide winter homes for small creatures.

This load will help create one to the side of the Sidhe Shed, behind where I am standing.

The early morning sun bestows its rays upon the Goddess.

She reminds me of my mother.

A Song Thrush joins me. She sits on the dead ash tree, now covered with Polygonum, Russian Vine, nicknames ‘Mile a Minute’, as it grows so fast!

Look at what has happened in the plant pot…the little violas have all seeded themselves from last winter and are now putting out flowers! Birds have already begun to feast on the petals, but lots more flowers will emerge.

I love the delicate silken webs that herald Autumn.

“No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face.”
― John Donne

“Listen! The wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves,
We have had our summer evenings, now for October eves!”
― Humbert Wolfe

Nasturtium…September flowers to feed the bees.

Figs…always one for the birds and wasps. Let them at one and they will stay off the rest!

The Stone Circle, willow removed to allow light to the Oak tree in the centre. The light ushers in the energy and magic!


  1. The leaves here in Pennsylvania fell far too soon and fast. It’s such a delight watching your videos with the bountiful colors in the woodland. Such a peaceful refuge from the craziness outside and beyond. Some think that staying in one’s home and land during this time is a curse..but people like us regard it as a blessing!

  2. Colette,
    Just finished reading “Walking Between Worlds” yesterday. Such a spiritually inspiring book! All that you speak about and show us through your videos about Bealtaine Cottage and Woodland has so much more meaning and significance after having the pleasure of reading your book! Thank you!

  3. Such beautiful photos, Colette. Can envision each of them framed as photos or posters to display or on the cover of note cards to share with friends and family.

    Hoping you are feeling better and that the RA has eased up. You ceratinly are a trooper!

    As you most likely know, we here in the U.S. are mourning the loss of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an icon for women’s dignity and rights. You and she would have had so much in common.

    Blessings to you and dear Jack!

    • Thank you Jim! Ruth was a mighty woman and will be missed, for we do indeed need more women like her. Her legacy is there though! My RA continues to be a nuisance, but I give it short shrift and just get on with everything…I forget about it after a while!
      Blessings X Colette

  4. Hi Colette and Darling Jack from Pennsylvania USA. Just checking in to make sure all is well with you and yours, including Jack? I usually watch on YouTube and have not seen you on for several days. I have started to go to your website more often. It is like I need you, Jack and the cottage every day to get through the times we are in now. Thank you so much for all you do!
    Graim Thu!

  5. Hello Colette. Hope you see this. I was wondering if you would be doing a new calendar for 2021 with the beginning of each Celtic season marked on it that you have told us about in your videos. Each month featuring your lovely photos of Bealtaine Cottage and woodland gardens. I am waiting in anticipation 💚

  6. Blessings to you Collette, i am so glad my neighbour led me to your videos and blog.You have such a calming voice and your little world at Bealtaine cottage is a delight to to be lost in. I find Autumn is a magical time of year, misty or sometimes frosty mornings highlighting beautiful orb webs on shrubs and hedgerows, fruits and berries in the hedgerows, waiting to pick the first apples from my dwarf apple tree which has a wonderful crop this year. I haven’t yet started to read the books, i have them waiting beside my bed but have been so busy i have been too tired to read at night..
    Iecyd Da from
    Cath in Wales

  7. Hi Colette and Jack,

    I am new to all this loveliness… such lovely people and stories. I found out recently that I am Irish, British and Scandinavian. My whole life I thought our family was German. But I have always been drawn to everything Irish and Norwegian! So during the pandemic your channel popped up and I felt at home .. thank you from Hollywood, Ca. I am home again. It is interesting here but has been extremely difficult these last 6 months . We are still on lock down . There have been so many terrible and frightening things here. But I believe we are to spread your ( and our ) kindred spirit throughout the world . Thank you for the inspiration and love to you and Jack … and the trees, plants, birds, insects and wildlife . Isn’t it marvelous.
    With love,

  8. Hi Colette and Jack, It seems surreal that I have figs begining to form and my nasturtiums are just regrowing. Here in Tasmania we are having a splendid warm spring weekend so many more flowering plants are blooming. Lots of birds mating and the mornings are full of songs and calls and lots of darting and flying between the branches of the wattles and eucalyptus. I await for my echidna to make its presence felt.
    The bandicoots are only noticed by their triangle shaped diggings undertaken over night, the wallabies, bettongs, paddy melons all visit as I sleep. Though sometimes I hear them hopping about. Possums are fighting for territory and mates. The odd tassie devil comes bye. My dogs Busby and Treacle bring me great delight in the garden and when we are out. My constant companions.

    I have been enjoying your readings of your new book.
    I have also been watching some of your older youtube videos, and am astounded at how much your garden has really taken off in the last five years as your trees mature moer.

    Here I have used a few varieties of wattles that have a short life span as primary trees. My two black woods stand over the house and are 30 years old planted by my partner when he built the house. They are home to so many critters.

    I enjoy your blog and videos they are passionate and enlightening. Along with inspiring. My two dogs lie on my lounge snoring after a long day ending with a swim at the beach. All is well here in the beautiful Huon Valley Tasmania. Contentment is my joy as long as I do not let the outside world get too me.
    blessings to You and Jack all the critters and plants at Beltaine Cottage.

  9. This is such a beautiful place, The signs of autumn slowly creeping into every corner of the garden. Each photo is like stepping into a magical space and finding myself there in my heart.

  10. Hello Colette 🧚‍♀️my first time on your blog..I came across Bealtaine last Samhain you appeared as if by magick 🧙‍♀️…I am so glad that I did.
    your videos have been so inspiring and the your wise words enlightening..my friends love your channel too..I look forward so much to hearing from you and watching Bealtaine ..please keep your spirits high and sending you love and support lovely lady truly an earth mother…🙏xx.

    Oh by the way I watched Cara today on you tube it was a real tear jerker and food for thought ..
    Blessings ….
    Angie xx

  11. When I first discovered your Beautiful place on earth I knew there was a kindred spirit holding onto all the wonderful creations her on this great earth thank you so much Colette you lifted my whole life and I am so very Grateful that you take the time and energy to share these beauties and take care of them and your wonderful Jack is such a handsome little man I’ve always wanted to See Ireland I’m not much for traveling I’m a real homebody but I do appreciate your landI live in Texas and I certainly want to get a couple of your books thank you sweet girl

  12. Thankyou again for seeing & sharing the beauty of Life. An oasis of calm.
    May you, Jack & Bealtaine always be safe & take care of each other. 💚🌱☘️

  13. I wish you the very best in life. What you’ve achieved is nothing short of miraculous. I wish I were capable of such spiritual grandeur. Maybe some day. .

  14. Beautiful words and pictures Colette! You are a True blessing to all of us! Thank you! Many blessings to you and Mr. Jack.☺️

  15. The bird songs made me reflective and happy. Thank you for your passion that you so graciously pass on. Blessings to you and dear Jack.

  16. Gosh, I think for the first time ever, we both have the same plants in flower – NASTURTIUMS! Here in NZ, mine are cascading all over the chook run in every colour imaginable. Such a beautiful burst of happiness on a grey day. Thanks for all you do, Colette 🙂 xx

      • Somehow the deer seem to sense when I’m planning a salad with nasturtiums and beating me to the blooms. Oh well, I share the bounty of my 2 1/2 acres here in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, including some apples and pears from my small orchard (and I have more blackberries than any one family can eat). A mama black bear and her cub discovered the orchard bounty last year, so I’m careful when I step out the door this time of year.

  17. Hi Colette,

    I’ve been watching your videos for a number of years now, and have your first book. I just wanted to thank you for all the inspiration you provide in these troubled times. As others have said it’s a breath of calming fresh air to visit Bealtaine Cottage…..I look in every day to bring me back to centre and my true path. Thank you so much. Carole X

  18. Dear Colette,
    I was thrilled to receive your new book in the mail yesterday. It arrived on the same day as “A Sand County Almanac” by Aldo Leopoldo, a kindred spirit of yours. It is a used copy that I ordered from BetterWorldBooks.com which has a partnership with librarians around the US to rescue their discarded books & keep them out of landfills. They use some of their profits to support literacy projects around the world. I never order anything from AMAZON!
    Thank you for the lovely photos in this blog. I assume you put that together after your morning walk with Jack and the rant you woke us all up with during that walk through your woodland in the early light of the day. I appreciate the indignant passion you shared with us all. There is SO much to rant about during these difficulty times…. So, to soothe your battered heart I am inspired to share a few words from another Jack, Jack Kornfield, my favorite Buddhist teacher from Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California.

    “If you can sit quietly after difficult news;
    If in financial downturns you remain calm;
    If you can see your neighbors travel to fantastic places
    without a twinge of jealousy;
    If you can happily eat whatever is put on your plate;
    If you can fall asleep after a day of running around without a drink or a pill;
    If you always find contentment just where you are:
    You are probably a dog.”

    I think your dear companion, Jack, would agree with this wisdom with a happy wag of his tail.

    Persisting with LOVE,

  19. YEAH! Your book just arrived today, Colette! Thanks so much!!! Tristan and I will start reading it today!!

    • I thought a lot about the Airship at Clonmacnoise and realised that the roof would have been removed under the Tudor Reformation…so that makes more sense now on reflection!

  20. The photos are so beautiful, as they always are. Early Fall is upon us in Pennsylvania and it is so invigerating..! Even Tristan our sheltie is energized by the weather as I am sure Jack is too! Happy Fall, Coletter and Jack!

  21. Autumn beauty , my favourite time of year , everything seems peaceful and still . Thank you Colette for always sharing your incredibly beautiful piece of paradise . I hope you and darling jack have had a wonderful day . Blessings to both of you xxx❤️❤️❤️

  22. Colette,
    You must not be discouraged. There are many of us out here spreading this message of doing no harm to the world, which includes all the creatures in it. I have happy memories of walking the Yorkshire Moors with my cousins and 2 daughters in 1989 and we were searching for Badger Potties! The kids were thrilled and they are still roaming the world with eyes wide open. Thank you for going quiet, it sent a message that we must reflect on the good land and its people who defend it. The still pictures made an impact on me this morning and the bird song…well say no more! hugs and blessings from Canada.

  23. I was so happy to wake up here in WA State USA and see and read your post. It’s always an inspiration especially in these hard days. Thank you. Patty K

  24. My eyes and head were sore, from several hours staring at my work’s PC. I came home, turned on the TV, but had to switch off when my eyes smarted in protest at the busy screen. Then, as I tiredly check my personal emails I find a treasure among them, a notification from Bealtaine Cottage. What wonders and beauty await my eyes! They glisten with pleasure not pain. I breathe a deep sigh, I am immersed in goodness. I’m home. This is ‘me’ completely. What would I do without you Colette? Your words and images work their magic. I am regenerated. Much Love and Blessings to you and Jack. xx

  25. Colette,
    I love coming to your blog and visiting the Bealtaine Cottage from Maryland, USA During these turbulent times it is so soothing to read you comments with the photos. I long to visit Ireland some day. Currently I am a fulltime nurse at busy inner city hospital.
    I hope some day to meet you in person. You have made a dramatic affect on me. I recently started a plant based diet . My blood pressure has reduced. Thank you for all you do for the earth.
    Kindest regards,
    friend in US
    Deb Lang

  26. So incredibly beautiful no matter the time of day or year. You could make a handsome bunch of meditative videos with stationary camera recordings of the nature sounds!
    ~Blessings to you and Jack xx

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